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< Euphrosyne
Duty Commenced
At last the time has come!
That the Matron should welcome us herself!
Such overwhelming aether!
Prove to me life's resolve!

Know true abundance!

Feel you the heartbeat of the land?

Take your ease among the trees.
Nourish the soil!

Reap the harvest!

Let life flower and flourish!
'Tis time for revelry!
Mine is the breath of the earth...
My heart rejoices for our union!
Let the forest be lush!
Bow down like the willow.

Beyond adversity lies strength!

Good children... Be strong for what awaits...
Impressive as always, my friend!
The aetheric analyzer works as it should. Let us press on.
By my authority, let the land be remade.
The data collection proceeds apace.
Of course... It would be Althyk who could so manipulate space!
Forgive me, but I couldn't stay away.
Hm, it seems my sister shall be joining us.
Althyk & Nymeia
'Tis only fitting that we face you together!
I will spin your fates.
Have you the strength to defy fate?
The sands of time are mind to command!

I shall measure your worth.

Surrender to my power!
Drown in waters divine!
Pray to the stars on high!
Time marches to my whim!

Bear witness to the Keeper's might!

Long have I awaited this moment...
This, too, is fate...
That Nymeia should also descend...
Upon the most exalted of battlefields you shall stand.
We are come to a frozen domain. Which means...
None the worse for the wear, I hope?
Summon your courage and press on!
The same voice from before.
'Tis but certain that Halone awaits.
I, the Fury, shall test your strength of spirit!
O spears innumerable rain down upon mine enemy!
All-piercing spear, drink deep of raging blizzards!
For glory, you must be prepared to render your all!
No quarter!
You must do better that that against me!
O spears innumerable, leave naught unpierced!
There is no retreat, only victory or defeat!

Victory must be seized by one's own hands!

In ice unyielding now rest.

Mine is the aegis!

Ah, would that our clash could continue forever...

Yes, lose yourself in the joy of battle!
Ahhh, such thrilling battle!
Well fought, mortals! Your next test awaits!
Such a grueling trial that was.
The light... It seems to beckon us to yonder palace.
Come bathe in the moon's tender glow!

Behold my power.

Lest you worry, 'tis naught I cannot handle.
Is it too much for you mortals, I wonder...
Prepare yourselves.
O ring of ice, have mercy upon them!
All our love, we give unto you. Pray accept it, my darlings!

Love moves me to act!

Let's delight in the simple things!

Go on and play!

You're always in my heart, my loves...
Pray accept this, my darlings.
How do you like this?
Our dreams may yet become reality. Thank you.
Duty Complete