Eurekan Petrel (Mount)

Eurekan Petrel (Mount) Icon.pngEurekan Petrel (Mount)Flying Mount 
Of all the species of petrels known to man, the Eurekan petrel is the only one which is not actually a petrel, but, in fact, an oversized carnivorous sea slug. Admittedly, unlike most sea slugs, this unique variety possesses the capacity for extended flight, hence the understandable misnomer.
Eurekan Petrel (Mount) Patch.png

I know you love me, little swallow, but sometimes you just have to let go!
- Karasu

Acquisition: Chance to receive from a Gold Coffer found with the help of a Happy Bunny in The Forbidden Land, Eureka Hydatos.
Requires: Eurekan Petrel Horn
Movement: Airborne (Flying)
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