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FFXIV:Item template tutorial


add an item

The Gamer Escape templates are constructed to be as user-friendly as possible, but because of some software limitations there are sometimes some unintuitive fields.

The quest template is used for all item (equipment, consumables, ingredients, etc.).

We've placed the entire item template below and explain each line, explaining what it's for and what data you can enter for it. The template lines are located in the boxes surrounded by the dashed line with the description for it underneath.

Unless otherwise indicated, you do not need to use any wiki coding (i.e. brackets).

{{ARR Infobox Item
| Patch = 

Number only.

| Name = 
The name of the item you are adding. 
| Subheading       = 

The item type. This is shown under the name of the item in-game.

| Description      =

The in-game description of the item. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

| Slots            = 

Number only for number of materia slots available.

| Stack            = 

Number only.

| Requires         = 
| Fits             = 
| Suits            = 
| Favors           = 

Equipment or item class/job/gender/raqce limitations. Fill in as shown in-game. For multiple classes/jobs, enter them here as a 3-letter abbreviation, separated by commas

| Gender           = 

"Male" or "Female", if required.

| Required Level   = 

Number only.

| Item Level       = 

Number only.

| Other Conditions = 

Other conditions for use of the item, such as grand company uniform. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

| Untradable       = 
| Unique           = 
| Convertible      = 

Add "Yes" or "X", if applicable.

| Dye Allowed =
| Crest Allowed = 

Defaults to Yes, so just add "No", if needed.

| Sells            = 

Number only. The NPC sale price for the NQ item.

| Repair Class     = 

The class who can repair the item, if applicable.

| Repair Level     = 

The required level of the who can repair the item, if applicable.

| Dark Matter      = 

This is automatically calculated by the system based off of the item's item level. If you need to override that, use this field. Number only (i.e. 1 to 5). The required level of dark matter needed to repair the item, if applicable.

| Physical Damage    = 
| Physical Damage HQ = 
| Magic Damage    = 
| Magic Damage HQ = 
| Auto-attack     = 
| Auto-attack HQ  = 
| Delay           = 
| DPS             = 

Weapons only. Number only. The listed values for weapons. Physical damage is required even for magic based weapons. DPS field is calculated automatically, but is listed here if it needs to be overridden.

| Defense    = 
| Defense HQ = 
| Magic Defense    = 
| Magic Defense HQ = 

Armor only. Number only. The listed values for armor.

| Block Strength  = 
| Block Rate      = 

Shields only. Number only. The listed values for shields.

| Bonus <!--_______-->  = 

These are the fields for the bonuses granted by weapons, armor or shields. Add the bonus effect granted after the word "Bonus" and the place the value of the bonus after the = (i.e. |Bonus Vitality = +5). Value supports negative numbers or ranges. Bonuses with multiple words, such as Skill Speed must have an underscore. i.e. Skill_Speed.

| Bonus <!--_______--> Latent = 
| Bonus <!--_______--> Conditions = 

If any above defined bonus is only conditionally applied, add a new row and put "Yes" after the = (i.e. |Bonus Vitality Latent = Yes), and define the conditions in the next row (i.e. |Bonus Vitality Condition = Under sanction effect).

| Consumable <!--_______--> = 
| Consumable <!--_______--> Cap = 

Same as above, but for consumables (i.e. food or medicine).

| Duration = 
| Recast =         

For consumables only. The duration and recast times.

| Set             = 
| Set Requirement = 
| Set Bonus       = 

If the item is part of a define gear set, add the set name, the requirement (i.e. Equip 3), and the bonus if the set requirements are met.

| Miscellaneous Use = 

Miscellaneous uses of the item. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

| Gear Commands = 

Add any gear commands related to the item, such as /visor.

| Recipes = <!-- need example Recipe Template here.  ARR Recipe -->
{{ARR Infobox Recipe
|Result              = 
|Primary Skill       = 
|Primary Skill Level = 
|Durability          = 
|Difficulty          = 
|Quality             = 
|Craftsmanship Required = 
|Control Required       = 
|Quick Synthesis        = 
|Ingredient 1        = 
|Ingredient 1 Amount = 
|Ingredient 2        = 
|Ingredient 2 Amount = 

Add recipe templates as needed. For each, fill in fields where applicable. Add ingredients as needed. No wiki coding is required, just add plain text class names, item names and numbers.

| Gallery = 

NOTE: The Gallery parameter no longer exists.
Add any images related to item, separated by commas. Just add the file name and extension as uploaded to the wiki ("File:" is not needed).

| Notes = 

NOTE: The Notes parameter no longer exists.
Add any notes that don't fit anywhere else here. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.

| Etymology = 

Add any information about how the origins of the name of quest. This field accepts wiki mark-ups.