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FFXIV:NPC screenshot tutorial

Screenshot Tutorial

Taking a screenshot of an NPC for the Gamer Escape Wiki is incredibly easy. We do have a few guidelines, however:

  • There should be no UI elements blocking the model of the NPC. (No health bars, no damage or healing numbers on screen, no cast bars, etc. Nothing of your UI should be there!)
  • There should be no visible players or other enemies in the picture.
  • The name of the NPC should be clearly visible, which means you should take a picture with your UI not hidden.
    • (You can hide the UI with the Scroll Lock button on PC. Make sure you don't do that!)
  • The entire NPC's model should be visible in the picture, from their head (or horns) to their feet (or claws)!
  • Lastly, it is preferred if your picture's resolution is a multiple of of 220x400 pixels. (Meaning that it can be resized down to 220x400 easily. Such as if your picture is 440x800, the site can evenly resize that down to 220x400 pixels.)
    • This last guideline is strongly preferred, but definitely not a requirement. The other guidelines should be adhered to if possible, but if not then any picture of the NPC is fine. Getting a picture of the NPC up is the most important part! But.. do try to get as close to a multiple of 220x400 as you can. You'll see why if your picture is massively off from those numbers!


Here are some example pictures of what to do, and what not to do. Let's use Hancock as the example.

Picture Explanation
Idle Cam picture of Hancock
Good looking picture for random viewing, or for posting to reddit, but there's no name showing! Major downside of using /icam.
Hancock with UI elements in the way
Here's a picture with the UI showing. The red box clearly shows there are UI elements blocking the model of the NPC! This is no good either. (The blue box shows roughly what the 200x400 resolution would be.)
Hancock with no UI blocking
Finally, a picture with no UI blocking his model, and with his name showing. However, it's a little small.. this is acceptable if you are in a hurry or don't want to take the time to get a perfect picture. Let's scoot a little closer to the NPC so they take up more of our field of view.
(Note, that if you're taking a screenshot of a very WIDE NPC, such as a dragon or a Roegadyn, you may need to take some step backwards to ensure they'll be the proper size once cropped down.)
Hancock with modified UI
What do you do when you want a long term option of taking NPC pictures? Change your HUD options around to give you the best possible size for taking pictures of course! Here's mine. The middle of the screen is completely free of clutter, allowing me to get a large picture of Hancock. This picture will do nicely as our final picture to use. Hit that screenshot button, and open up your preferred image editor!

I will include little tutorials for two options that I use: Paint (from Windows 7), and GIMP (my preferred editor. You'll see why below)

Image Editing


Hancock opened in Paint
Here, I have the Hancock picture opened in Paint. Click this rectangle icon with the word 'Select' underneath it, to use the selection tool.
Outline showing rough selection
With the selection tool... selected, go ahead drag a rectangle around Hancock approximately this size, then hit the 'Crop' button to remove everything outside of the rectangle you just made.
Hancock cropped showing Resize
Voila, a cropped picture! Next hit the 'Resize' button to see how close to 220x400 you are.
Hancock picture showing 220x411 size
220x411, pretty close! This would be a perfectly acceptable picture to submit to the wiki. If your selection box was slightly wider or taller, you may want to CTRL+Z (undo) your crop and try making another rectangle closer to a size that would resize to 220x400. Let's look at another option for making it really easy to find the perfect size...


Hancock file opened in GIMP
Here, I've opened up the Hancock picture in GIMP. This is some free software available for download from The red box shows the Crop tool that you'll want to select. If the Toolbox (the box on the left showing all of the different icons) does not open when you open GIMP, go to 'Windows' up in the menu bar, and hit 'Toolbox'. Then go back to 'Windows', go into the 'Dockable Dialogues' submenu, and select 'Tool Options'. Then grab the 'Tool Options' header and drag it into the Toolbox to make a combined box!
GIMP crop options
Here is the reason I prefer GIMP. In the Tool options, you can force the selection tool to be constrained to a certain width and height. Click the 'Fixed' checkbox as shown in the picture, make sure 'Aspect Ratio' is selected, then type "220:400" in the 3rd box, and make sure you hit the 'Portrait' button to select Portrait mode (it creates a vertical rectangle instead of a horizontal one.)
Showing the different diagonal anchor points for resizing the crop selection
With 'Crop' selected, drag a selection box around Hancock. You'll notice as you move your mouse upwards, that the selection box will be forced to the ratio that we selected! This makes it incredibly easy to make sure that whatever size you wind up selecting, that it will be a multiple of the wanted 220x400 resolution. You can use these different anchor points to change the diagonal shape of your selection. Doing so will move both the horizontal (left-to-right), and the vertical (up-and-down) selection on the side that you've chosen to move. If you don't want to resize both sides at once, move your mouse to the side you want to resize (next picture...)
Showing the different vertical and horizontal resizing options
The left red box in this picture has a faint orange outline showing up inside of it, that is where you will want to grab with your mouse to resize the picture. Because we forced GIMP to keep the same aspect ratio, the entire selection box will resize if you use this, making it easier to fine tune the selection. If you have it set to the right height and width but the NPC is not centered, simply left click (AND HOLD! If you left click and release without moving the box, you will crop the picture instead possibly requiring you to CTRL+Z to undo the action) anywhere inside the box and drag the entire selection to a new place.
A perfectly sized selection box around Hancock
Here is a perfectly sized selection box around Hancock! He's centered in the middle of it, we can see the entirety of his model and see his name as well. Time to crop! Simply left click (click and release) anywhere inside the box.
Hancock, perfectly cropped
Voila! A perfectly cropped picture of Hancock. The cropped resolution is 614x1116, which can be resized down to 220x399. 1 pixel away from perfect, and that's good enough for us! Time to export the picture! (Note I didn't say save...)
Where to find the Export
Simply go to 'File' (in the menu bar where you may have selected 'Windows' earlier), and Export As... You can also hit CTRL+E or CTRL+SHIFT+E. Doing so will pop up the Export Image page, give it a file name and hit 'Export'. You can also overwrite the picture using its current file name (which was assigned from your FFXIV user folder) which is the default behavior. Easier to give it a new name though. On the next window that pops up (Export Image as PNG), just hit 'Export' again to get your final picture! If you were to try to save this image instead of Exporting it, GIMP would try to save it as a GIMP specific .xcf file, which is absolutely not what you want to do.

Uploading Your Picture

The GE Wiki's page for Hancock
Next, we browse to Hancock's page on the wiki. (Remember I chose Hancock as an example, definitely don't try to visit his page to upload your picture!) Click the '220px' red text on the right side of the black/gray Infobox to automatically be taken to the Upload page with the correct file name already filled out.
The Upload page
Here's the standard Wiki upload page. If you'll notice in the middle, the "Destination filename:" is already set to 'Hancock.png'. That means whatever picture you upload by hitting the "Browse..." button (outlined in red) will be saved to the Wiki with the name 'Hancock.png'. Best make sure you Exported your image (or Saved, if you used Paint) with a .png extension!
Time to upload
Once you've navigated to where you Exported/Saved the file to and selected it, hit that 'Upload file' button and wait a few moments for it to upload to the site! There's no need to place any text into the 'Summary' field.
Success! Hancock.png uploaded
Once the image uploads, you'll automatically be taken to this page showing the picture. It will show a smaller, resized version of the picture (with an option to view the original size,) the date/time of your upload, as well as your username showing that you've been given credit for contributing to the Wiki! Let's click back to the Hancock page, which should show up as 'File usage' underneath the history for the file. That section shows what pages are already linking to the Hancock file.

The Finished Product

Finally, the Hancock picture
Clicking that 'Hancock' link from the File usage section on the previous page will take you to the Hancock page, where you can see your finished product! It shows up smaller on the actual NPC page than it does on the File page, because we have the NPC Template automatically forces all images to be displayed as 220x400. That's why you stuck as close to a multiple of that resolution as you could! (You DID stick to it.. right?) Otherwise, once you upload a picture with the wrong resolution it would appear stretched out, or squished, and might be completely illegible. Your 300x300px image might look a little funny when it's forced to display as 220x400px...