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Farewell, and Thanks for the Fish

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 70   Farewell, and Thanks for the Fish

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Wawalago: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - Fisherman's Bottom (x:8.1, y:15.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks → Fishermen's Guild

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png68Always a Bigger FishFeaturequest1 Icon.png Always a Bigger Fish (Level 68)

Fisher Icon 3.png Fisher (Level 70)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Gatherer's Guerdon Materia V
Gatherer's Guile Materia V
Gatherer's Grasp Materia V
Enhanced GP Regeneration (Fisher)
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Wawalago's eyes exude elation and excitement.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Giant Plesiosaur
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved

  • Wawalago's eyes exude elation and excitement.
  • An ecstatic Wawalago explains that he has unearthed a wealth of wisdom on the Wadatsumi festivities, and is ready to make the journey east and lead the revival of this time-honored tradition. Ready for the most intense fishing challenge of your career, you make your way to Kugane to rendezvous with Reyna.
  • You arrive in Kugane to find that Reyna's fellow fishing enthusiast Ansaulme has also taken time away from his struggle for succession to join you and your companions in this grand fishing festival─one that, if all goes according to plan, will also result in the return to the seas of the harutsuge, the shooting stars treasured by the Sahagin. Join Master Wawalago in Isari, and let the festivities begin!
  • In Isari, Wawalago elaborates on the nature of the festival. At its essence a celebration of the spirit of the cooperation between man and Kojin, the ritual will unfold as follows: the Kojin, joined by Govv, will pursue the plesiosaurs from beneath the waves, chasing them to the surface, where the anglers lying in wait will lure them in. As the guildmaster's most proven protégé, you are tasked by Wawalago with hauling in the lion's share of your prized prey. Make for the waters of Onokoro, and do battle with these ferocious fiends of the deep!
  • Together with your companions, you haul in heaping pile of plesiosaurs, pleasing the kami of the deep and restoring peace to the oceans and balance to the natural order of things. Govv grows concerned, however, when he can spy no sign of his precious shooting stars despite the removal of their most puissant predator, and dives into the depths in pursuit. At Wawalago's behest, you join him, and after a brief moment of concern, are treated to the stunning sight of a massive school of young harutsuge swimming all around you. Breathing a sigh of relief, you return to the surface with Govv, taking solace that your efforts were not for naught, and these delightful denizens of the sea will survive and prosper. Back in Isari, Wawalago begins to pontificate on the potential repercussions of your actions today, when he is interrupted by an irate Sisipu, who he neglected to inform of his intent to make the journey east. As the two run off, you turn to your companions with a smile, happy to see man and beastman alike united by a deep love of the sea.

Ho there, Forename! How are you holding up? For my part, I'm happy to say that I've housed in my head a wide wealth of wisdom regarding this Wadatsumi festival!

Are you ready to fish as if the future depended on it? 'Cause if it's the future of the harutsuge we're discussing, I daresay it most definitely does!

And with Sisipu being sympathetic for once and sanctioning my sabbatical, there's nothing stopping me from journeying east to join in the festivities! Now if you'll pardon me, I do believe there's a certain lovely lass awaiting our arrival in Kugane.
Quest Accepted

We've been waiting for you, friend! Master Wawalago's already gone on ahead to Isari─he couldn't quite contain his excitement. And just look what we have here─Ansaulme's joined us as well.

Even with his terrible brother wreaking havoc back in the Holy See, he said he couldn't bear to miss it. Truly, the man's ardor for angling knows no bounds─not that I'm one to talk, of course.

Anyhow, we'd best not keep the guildmaster waiting any longer. Shall we be off to Isari, then?
The greatest fishing festival in the Far East? Hah! Let my brother do his worst─I wouldn't have missed this for the world!
My heart's beating so fast it's like to burst out of my body! To Isari, Forename! It's up to us to see that this festival is a sensational success!
As usual, Wawalago is too busy running about to give me the time of day. I trust everything's going swimmingly with whatever it was that you two were working on?

I assume we're all accounted for? Excellent! It's time we got the gaieties off the ground, as it were. Obviously, I'll be overseeing the operation.

Our prize and prey is the giant plesiosaur, a massive monstrosity of a fish as fierce and ferocious as any you'll find. Go after one without a precise plan of attack, and you're like as not to get swallowed and spit out a skeleton.

So it is that the fishermen of Isari have traditionally enlisted the trusty talents of the Kojin in a testament to the power of teamwork.

Here's how it will happen: the Kojin will pursue the prey underwater, pressing them ever closer to the water's crest. From there, us landlubbers will lower our lures and hook them, hauling them to shore in one swift swoop.

The consummate celebration of cooperation and camaraderie between beastman and beach-dweller─this is the true essence of this time-honored tradition.

Govv! Ukimono! Join the Kojin beneath the billowing waves! When I give the signal, swim after the plesiosaurs and push them in close proximity to Onokoro!

My friends and fellow fishers! When the stragglers stray near the surface, lower your lures and reel them in with reckless abandon!

...A moment, Forename, if you don't mightily mind. Speaking with all sincerity, I'm skeptical that even the most accomplished among us will be able to angle in even one of those primordial piscine predators.

With the extraordinary exception of you, that is. Yes, if any of us has the aptitude and acumen to face this fearsome foe in the eye and emerge exultant, it's you.

I'm counting on you, Forename, to prove Wawalago prescient and procure a healthy haul of those plesiosaurs. This will test your talents as a fisher as nothing before. Step forth, and may the seas smile on you!
So this is Isari! So quiet and peaceful, it certainly has all the makings of a fisher's paradise. Anyhow, shall we get the festivities started?
Ah, how long has it been since I took fishing rod in hand and truly left my worries behind? Mark my words, I will make the most of this day!
Pssshhh! Finally, the day has come! We will ssspear these plesssiosaur fiends, and the shooting ssstars will grace the ssseas once more!
We meet again, friend. Know that my fellow Kojin are just off the shore, ready to swim to our aid at a moment's notice.
How many years has it been since our Kojin friends graced us with their presence? The sight alone warms this old man's heart. Speaking of which, who─or what─is that talking fish that stands on two legs?
My heart's beating so fast it's like to burst out of my body! To Isari, Forename! It's up to us to see that this festival is a sensational success!
As usual, Wawalago is too busy running about to give me the time of day. I trust everything's going swimmingly with whatever it was that you two were working on?
The survival of the shooting stars depends on your success, friend. How fare you in the most formidable fishing challenge you've faced?
Fabulous fishing, friend! But good gods, the tales had it true─these things are more fiend than fish, but you have felled five of them nonetheless!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Pshhh... The shooting stars have sssurvived, and in numbersss beyond my wildest dreams. And with the ranks of their predators culled, they are free to make the journey acrosss the Ruby Sssea!

And yet, in time, the plesssiosaurs will return, and the shooting starsss will once again be threatened with extinction. There must be sssomething we can do!
Fear not, my fretful fellow! We need only see to it that the festival is held frequently enough to keep the population of plesiosaurs carefully in check, as it was before the Garleans barged in and bungled everything up.
Ah hah hah! I, for one, would be honored to partake in the festivities any time. Both to reaffirm the bonds we share with our Isari friends, and to ensure the survival of the harutsuge, whose beauty I have now witnessed with my own eyes.

Pshhh...! You have my thanksss, friend! You need only sssay the word─I and my fellow Sssahagin will ssswim here to join you!

I may not possess your ssspearfishing skills, Forename, but my passion to protect the shooting ssstars is sssecond to none! I will do everything in my power to sssee that the legacy you have helped to create livesss on!

Man and beastman, united by an undying devotion to the denizens of the depths─is that water in my eye, or am I welling up? In any event, we've effected a change on the oceans today, a change that will, in turn, come to have consequences for generations to come.

But that's a story best not told sober. What say we send for some spirits and sample some of this “sashimi” that the East is famed for?
(- Sisipu -)
I fear you're going to be facing more immediate consequences for your actions today, Wawalago!
S-Sisipu! I'm well aware how you worry for me so, but you didn't have to sail straight across─hm? Why the frightful frown on that fetching face of yours?

Do you not remember my words the other day, Wawalago? I thought I made myself quite clear.

I said that if you wanted to take a leave of absence to join your friends on some adventure, all you had to do was say the word. Then I hear nothing from you for days, and when I went to your usual perch in Fisherman's Bottom─do you have any idea how worried I was for you!?

Pardon? I swear that I said─or could it be that I was so absorbed with anticipation that I was remiss in apprising you of my intent to embark on this adventure?

But Sisipu, my sweet, wasn't it you who always told me never to, ah, Er, till next time, Forename!
Get back here, I say, you good-for-nothing─gah!
Quest Completed
In testing new waters as a fisher, you have learned “Enhanced GP Regeneration”!
They say a band of pirates calling themselves the Confederacy prowls the seas beyond this point? I don't feel like walking any planks, so I'll set up right here, thank you very much.
For this day, I could not care less what my brother is up to at home. Today I live to fish, and only to fish!
Pssshhh! To sssee the shooting ssstars return to these seasss, I will ssspare no effort!
How fare you, friend? Have any of those great beasts found your hooks?
I pray that the kami of the deep smile on you and reward you with a bountiful catch, my friends.
My heart's beating so fast it's like to burst out of my body! To Isari, Forename! It's up to us to see that this festival is a sensational success!
As usual, Wawalago is too busy running about to give me the time of day. I trust everything's going swimmingly with whatever it was that you two were working on?
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  • Reyna and Ansaulme will be fishing at X:13.4 Y:11.6 during this quest.
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