Feltsmox Tackles the Morbols

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 58   Feltsmox Tackles the Morbols
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png40,800 Gil Icon.png507
Optional Rewards
Serpentskin Ringbelt of Aiming Icon.png Chimerical Felt Corset of Healing Icon.png Chimerical Felt Corset of Casting Icon.png Allagan Silver Piece Icon.png x5 
Informationicon.png Description
The salvaging goblin is at a complete loss as to how to handle the great morbols.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Salvaging Goblin
The Dravanian Hinterlands -The Answering Quarter  (11-21)
Type: Sidequest
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngFeltsmox Can't Bear It
NPCs Involved: Feltsmox
Mobs Involved: Great Morbol Seedling
NPC Locations
Salvaging Goblin in The Dravanian Hinterlands at (12-21.9)
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Feltsmox in The Dravanian Hinterlands at (9.5-31)
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Feltsmox in The Dravanian Hinterlands at (10-22.8)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Salvaging Goblin in The Dravanian Hinterlands at (12-21.9)
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  • A salvaging goblin has asked for your help in dealing with the great morbols that interfere with his work. Preventing them from breeding seems to be the best idea, so he asks you to slay three great morbol seedlings. Unfortunately, these slippery little creatures rarely come out of hiding. However, they love fish, and can be lured from hiding by using fish as bait. Feltsmox also loves fish─she is always fishing. Perhaps she can provide some to use as bait. Find her and ask her.
  • You find Feltsmox and she agrees to cooperate. Unfortunately, she still has had no luck in catching any fish whatsoever. But hope is not lost. She assures you that morbol seedlings are not discerning eaters. They can be just as easily lured from hiding with fishing bait as they can with the fish themselves. Meet with her at the Saint Mocianne Arboretum and put her plan to the test.
  • Just as Feltsmox promised, the great morbol seedlings are quick to emerge when she throws a handful of fishing bait into the water. You make quick work of the seedlings, slaying three of them as requested by the salvaging goblin. Thank Feltsmox for her assistance.
  • Feltsmox is happy to be of help, but has mixed feelings about how well her plan worked. After all the trouble she has had in trying to catch fish, she is unsure what to make of the ease with which she caught the morbol seedlings. In any case, the plan was a success. Report back to the salvaging goblin with the good news.
  • The salvaging goblin is glad that the great morbol seedlings have been thoroughly dealt with. He thanks you for your help, and sets off to thank Feltsmox, too.
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