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First Impressions (Sidequest)

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 52   First Impressions (Sidequest)

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Loupard: The Dravanian Forelands - Chocobo Forest - Tailfeather (x:31.7, y:22.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Tailfeather

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png52A Natural InstinctSidequest1 Icon.png A Natural Instinct (Level 52)
071201.png52The Trine TowersMainquest1 Icon.png The Trine Towers (Level 52)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 52)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Wyvernskin Boots of Aiming
Wyvernskin Boots of Healing
Wyvernskin Boots of Casting
Allagan Silver Piece
Allagan Silver Piece
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Loupard has finally found a potential partner for Q'yantaa.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071221.png52The Man Who Slew Too MuchSidequest1 Icon.png The Man Who Slew Too Much (Level 52)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
LoupardQ'yantaaGysolChocobo Hatchling
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved

  • Loupard has finally found a potential partner for Q'yantaa.
  • Thanks to Q'yantaa's rising reputation in Tailfeather, Loupard finally has an eager volunteer for the position of her partner. Venture to the southeast of Tailfeather to inform Q'yantaa of the good news.
  • You find Q'yantaa staring diligently at a rock wall for reasons unknown and unexplained to you. After you inform her of Loupard's good news, she hurries off to Tailfeather before telling you exactly what it was she was doing. Return to Tailfeather and speak with Loupard to finally meet your potential replacement.
  • The partner that Loupard has found looks uncomfortable in the chocobo hunter's garb, and the disappointment is clear in Q'yantaa's expression. Since he seems hesitant to introduce himself, speak with him to lighten the mood.
  • It seems Q'yantaa has been busy using her hunter's instincts to find the best places for chocobo hunting, but she seems skeptical of her new partner's abilities. Once again, she asks you to help her hunt. Split up and investigate the trap locations for any signs of chocobos.
  • Try as you might, you fail to find any trace of chocobos in or around the traps. Return to Tailfeather and inform Q'yantaa of the bad news.
  • Q'yantaa seems surprisingly accepting of the fact that her instincts failed her, and instead she expresses her frustration at Gysol's tardiness. In a sudden show of compassion, her frustration turns to worry that her new partner might actually be in danger, and she resolves to go looking for him with you in tow. Accompany her to find the nervous hunter before some other beast does.
  • You find Gysol in a surprising situation: cooing over a chocobo hatchling which has apparently been separated from its parents. Despite Q'yantaa's protestations, Gysol resolves to take care of the chick himself, and to give up on chocobo hunting in favor of working in the stables. Return to Tailfeather and inform Loupard of this confusing hunting trip.
  • Loupard explains that hunters are not allowed to capture chocobo eggs or chicks, but decides to make an exception for Gysol considering that the chick would be helpless without him. With one more person in Eorzea realizing their dreams thanks to the Warrior of Light, you begin your search for Q'yantaa's partner anew.

Word of Q'yantaa's catch has been spreadin' around Tailfeather. Some say it's beginner's luck, but a few've expressed interest in joinin' with her to see a Miqo'te hunt for themselves. I've taken the liberty of findin' one I think might make a good match.

He's a fresh-arrived hunter that goes by the name of Gysol. I'm thinkin' we should have a li'l trial hunt to see if he and our budding prodigy get along.

'Course, I wouldn't be fool enough to let two greenhorns go out on a hunt unsupervised. That's why I need you to look after 'em. How about it, are you keen to go out huntin' with her again?

With any luck, she'll be off havin' adventures on her own in no time at all. Anyroad, I seen her leave the encampment just a couple of bells ago, off to the southeast. If you can find her, tell her to return to camp so we can get the introductions started.
Quest Accepted

Oh, partner! What brings you all the way out here? Any chocobo sightings I should know about?

You mean Loupard found me a real partner!? I wonder what kind of bow they use? Well, best head back to Tailfeather to start my hunting career!
Q'yantaa wandered off to the southeast, gods know what for...
Now that everyone's here, how 'bout we all play nice an' introduce ourselves? Gysol's a shy bloke─why don't you try strikin' up the conversation?
You mean to tell me that's my partner? I bet he's never even ridden a chocobo!
Is it true? Did Q'yantaa catch a chocobo on her very first hunt? I...I'm not sure I'm qualified...

Well met... I'm the gysahl green.

I came to Tailfeather in hopes of making my fortune, but... I didn't expect dragons and bandersnatches...

...But I don't plan on going home empty-handed! With Q'yantaa as my partner, we'll catch a chocobo that'll have those snobby Ishgardians groveling at our feet...right?

<sigh> Just when I thought I'd found a partner... Say, Forename, how about lending us a hand just one more time? I think someone might need it.

That's what I wanted to hear! There might be hope for us after all! While some other hunters were cowering in their smallclothes, I've scouted a few places that're just chock-full of chocobos.

I set up a few traps to the northwest of here. Scout out your respective areas and we'll meet back here to share our findings. Remember, a slow hunter is a poor hunter!
He might look nervous, but he'll warm up to you in no time!
You mean to tell me that's my partner? I bet he's never even ridden a chocobo!
Best of luck with these two!

You're back! So, how many chocobos did we catch?

My story's the same... Well, I guess a hunt can't succeed every time. Anyroad, where in the seven hells is Gysol? I reckon he saw some dragons and ran off...

<sigh> Well, it's not as if we can wait here till the next Astral Era. Besides, he didn't look the type who could defend himself, and the last thing I need is some rookie hunter's blood on my hands... Let's go look for him, Forename, before a bandersnatch gobbles him up.

He should be just to the east of the encampment... Godsdammit, how hard is it to find a reliable hunter in a hunter's camp!?
Best of luck with these two!
Q'yantaa, look at this! It's a chocobo hatchling... I wonder where its mother is? Have you ever seen anything like it?
Q'yantaa, your instincts were right─you really are a born hunter. Let's take this back to Tailfeather and show Loupard!
What!? That's just a hatchling; we can't expect to make any gil with that! Leave it here!

But this one was separated from its mother. It's bound to starve or get eaten if we just leave it here...

That's why I have to care for it until it grows as hale as Ishgard's mightiest steeds! Aye, I think...I think hunting might not be in my nature.

My mind is made up─I'll work in the stables while I raise this hatchling. And I have your hunting instincts to thank for helping me see my path, Q'yantaa!

Well, I've never been one to tell another how to live... I hope you're better at raising chocobos than you are at hunting them!

Well, I guess it's time to get back to Tailfeather. Gysol, I'll go with you to make sure you don't fall prey to any beasts along the way!
What in the seven hells is he doing!? The chocobos are over there!
Kweh! Kweh!

Gysol's told me he wants to raise chocobos now. It's too bad huntin' ain't his callin', but everyone here is free to make their own choices.

Now about the hatchlin' he brought along... Generally, we don't allow hunters to take eggs or chicks, since if we did, pretty soon the forest'd be nothin' but bandersnatches and dragons.

But it looks like this one's lost its mother, and Gysol seems right adamant about raisin' it himself, so...I think I can make an exception this time.
Thank you, Loupard! Q'yantaa, Forename, if not for you, my true calling would still be a mystery. Though short, I am grateful for our time together!
Well, looks like Q'yantaa's gonna have to wait a bit longer for her partner... I'll keep askin' around!
Quest Completed
Looks like the search for a partner continues...
I've told Loupard of my decision to work in the stables. Before long the chocobos I've helped raise will carry you across the realms!
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