Fishing Log: Azim Khaat

Fisher icon.png Lv. 70   Fishing Log: Azim Khaat
The Azim Steppe - Azim Khaat  (23-23) (Freshwater)
Fishing Log
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Fish Details
Guppy Icon.png
Guppy (Level 70 ★)

Gathering Book Required
Bait: Stonefly Larva
Conditions: 4pm-8pm
Unlocked via Othard Folklore Book
Weather: Clear Skies(Clear Skies) or Fair Skies(Fair Skies)
Duskfish Icon.png
Duskfish (Level 70)

Gathering Book Required
Bait: NightcrawlerMooch
Mooched from:
Unlocked via Othard Folklore Book
Weather Chain: Rain(Rain)  Clouds(Clouds)
Spikefish Icon.png
Spikefish (Level )
Bait: NightcrawlerSalmon Roe
Conditions: Surprise Offerings
Gigas Catfish Icon.png
Gigas Catfish (Level )
Bait: NightcrawlerSalmon Roe
Conditions: Catching Catfish
Water Fan Icon.png
Water Fan (Level )
Bait: Nightcrawler
Conditions: Waiting for Gyodo
Greasy Strangler Icon.png
Greasy Strangler (Level )
Bait: Nightcrawler
Conditions: Carving a Niche