Fishing Log: Mok Oogl Island

Fisher icon.png Lv. 56   Fishing Log: Mok Oogl Island
The Sea of Clouds - The Gauntlet - Mok Oogl Island (15-7) (Floating Islands)
Fishing Log
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Fish Details
Heavens Coral Icon.png
Heavens Coral (Level 60)

Gathering Book Required
Bait: Giant Crane Fly
Conditions: Snagging, 12am-5:59am Eorzean Time
Unlocked via Abalathia's Spine Folklore Book
Weather: Fair(Fair) or Clear(Clear)
Moogle Spirit Icon.png
Moogle Spirit (Level 60)
Bait: MoochGiant Crane Fly
Mooched from:
Scorpionfly Icon.png
Scorpionfly (Level 60)
Bait: MoochGiant Crane Fly
Mooched from:
Starflower Icon.png
Starflower (Level 60)
Bait: Red BalloonGiant Crane Fly
Weather: Fair(Fair) or Clear(Clear)
Vampiric Tapestry Icon.png
Vampiric Tapestry (Level 60)
Bait: Mooch
Mooched from: