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Fishing Log: Northwest Caliban Gorge

Fisher icon.png Lv. 79   Fishing Log: Northwest Caliban Gorge
Fishing Log
Northwest Caliban Gorge-Fishing.jpg
The Tempest Fishing Logs
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Fish Details
Hoodwinker (Level 430)
Bait: Short Bill Minnow Icon.pngShort Bill MinnowSquid Strip Icon.pngSquid StripVersatile Lure Icon.pngVersatile Lure
Weather: Fair Skies(Fair Skies)
Lancetfish (Level 80 ★★★)
Gathering Book Required Tome of Ichthyological Folklore - Norvrandt
Bait: Squid Strip Icon.pngSquid Strip
Conditions: 12AM-2AM
Weather Chain: Fair Skies(Fair Skies)Clouds(Clouds)
Fisher's Intuition triggered by: Mora Tecta (x2)
Unlocked via Norvrandt Folklore Book