Flame Private Stark

This NPC was part of the original release of Final Fantasy XIV.
Unless otherwise documented, the NPC is missing, and presumed dead, from the Calamity.
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Removed Icon.pngFlame Private Stark  MISSING
Missing NPC
Last Seen
Zones: Northern Thanalan
Locations: Bluefog
Last Words

Halt in the name of the sultana! What business do you have in Cutter's Cry?

Gender: Female
Race: Hyur
Clan: Midlander
Affiliation: Ul'dah
Occupation: Flame Private
Additional Dialogue
Inquire about Cutter's Cry

Flame Private Stark: Not from around these parts are you? There isn't a sprat this side of the Maiden who hasn't lost more than a few nights sleep after hearin' tales of the chimera of Cutter's Cry.
Flame Private Stark: For centuries, woodcutters bringing back logs from the Black Shroud would avoid bandits waitin' for them on the Lumberline by takin' the detour 'round Cutter's Pass─the route leadin' the men right past this cave. The smart ones would keep their distance, but every now and again, a dust storm or the like would force some poor soul to take cover within the dusty grot.
Flame Private Stark: But legend says any who entered would never return...victims of the three-headed horror that makes the caverns its lair─the chimera. Some say you can still hear the screams of those whom the chimera keeps alive...for the beast enjoys its meat fresh... 'Tis why the locals call the place Cutter's Cry...and I, for one, can attest to the appropriateness of that name, as can the Darklight Raiders─once Eorzea's strongest band of mercenaries...now, all dead and buried 'neath the chimera's sands.
Flame Private Stark: To ensure that the beast doesn't consider leavin' its lair and start snackin' on the smallfolk, the Flame General has ordered sentries posted all hours of the day. He has also restricted entry to the caverns to those deemed unable to...let us say, return in one piece.
Flame Private Stark: I have not been far beyond the entrance, but the caverns are a veritable labyrinth, some of the passages so narrow that they can only be traversed by sliding underneath the sand. Those scouting parties that have been fortunate enough to return also speak of the importance of splittin' up into separate parties before takin' on some of the creatures livin' down there...though splittin' up seems to me like the last thing I'd want to do with a chimera breathin' down my back.

Inquire about entry to Cutter's Cry

Flame Private Stark: The chimera isn't the only thing to fear in Cutter's Cry...and chances are that you'll be dead long before you even reach its den. Even the most experienced of warriors have fallen victim to the numerous quicksand traps and the ravenous myrmidon antlings...and even more have simply vanished altogether, lost for eternity in the never-ending web of passageways.
To enter Cutter's Cry, you must be in a party consisting of at least 8 Disciples of War or Magic with a level of 45 or higher.
Flame Private Stark: As do the Twin Adders and Ishgardians, I'll be castin' a special incantation on all who enter. After a set amount of time, the spell will automatically pull you out of the caverns and drop your body right here next to me...whether it be warm or cold. This ultimately saves us from havin' to go in and save your sorry arse in case of an emergency...or scrape it off the rocks, whichever fate it is the Spinner has in store for you.
All forays into Cutter's Cry are limited to 60 minutes (Earth time).
Flame Private Stark: Finally, I don't care how motivated you are to throw your life away in a futile attempt to slay an unslayable beast, you won't be granted immediate re-access to the caverns after returning from a previous foray. Don't ask me why, them's just the rules. If you don't like it, take it to the Flame General. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you.
After completing an expedition in Cutter's Cry, you will not be allowed to return immediately to the dungeon. To confirm how long you must wait before re-entering, check the Timers tab located under Attributes in the main menu.

Enter Cutter's Cry
Flame Private Stark: You don't look like one who would be swayed by the words of a sentry, so I shan't stand in your way. Good luck, and may the Twelve see you out safely.
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