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Flames Burn for Talent

Flames Burn for Talent.png

Foreign Flames to Make the Difference

The Foundation Day celebrations marked the commencement in earnest of recruitment efforts by the Immortal Flames. Although a proud Ul’dahn institution, it appears the Grand Company is banking heavily on Ala Mhigan refugees and adventurers to answer its call. More than a few folk are certain to be perplexed as to why the Immortal Flames would forgo Ul’dahn nationals in favor of foreigners. To unravel this mystery, let us hearken back to a proposition brought before the Syndicate that never saw the light of day.

It is commonly known that the Brass Blades, our keepers of the peace, are a band of organized mercenaries financed by influential figures in the sultanate. Chief among these benefactors are Lord Lolorito of the East Aldenard Trading Company and Prince Teledji Adeledji of the Mirage Trust—members of the Syndicate known by the masses as the Monetarists. Theirs is a faction which openly advocates an Ul’dah governed by those possessed of the means—that is to say, coin—to bring about change. Standing in opposition to this wealth-driven coterie is none other than Raubahn Aldynn, rekindler of the Immortal Flames and former champion gladiator, who remains loyal to the monarchy despite his seat in the Syndicate.

Prior to the reformation of the Immortal Flames, it was proposed that the Grand Company would fill its ranks by absorbing the existing contingents of the Brass Blades and the Stone Torches. However, this motion met with fierce resistance from the Monetarists and never came to pass. Thus refused access to local talent, the Immortal Flames had no recourse but to seek alternate routes to secure sword arms.

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As you are no doubt already aware, it costs a sultan’s ransom for foreigners to acquire Ul’dahn citizenship. Of the Ala Mhigans who have successfully amassed the funds to do so, the vast majority are career soldiers who risked life and limb to earn the privilege. It was to these men and women of proven steel and leadership that Flame General Raubahn Aldynn turned to lay the foundation of the rekindled Immortal Flames. Being of Ala Mhigan origin himself, it must have been the most natural of things to do.

At the same time, Aldynn put out the word that he welcomed transfers from other units, and in so doing was able to fan the Immortal Flames into a formidable force comprised of three brigades. Not content to stop there, the Flame General proposed that military exercises be held, his own people pitted against the Brass Blades and the Stone Torches. In so doing, it is believed that Aldynn means to raise the overall caliber of the sultanate’s soldiery.

Despite threatening to gutter out at an early stage, the Immortal Flames have roared into a respectable host. Yet doubt runs rampant among the populace whether it will suffice to stay the dual threat of the Garleans and the Amalj’aa. According to our sources, there is movement within the Grand Company to establish a reserve unit, one formed exclusively of foreigners. By expanding the sphere of recruitment to include those not of Ul’dahn nationality, the Immortal Flames hope to tap into a vast sea of talent. And tap it they will, from among doughty Ala Mhigan refugees and intrepid adventurers eager to prove their mettle.

Those who would be a part of history in the making, with body and mind forged of tempered steel—whatever your country or creed, you are invited to make yourselves known at the Hall of Flames.

Osaku Ysaku