Visitors to Ishgard who traverse the Steps of Faith first arrive in Foundation, the lower level of the capital. Like the whole of Ishgard, it is shielded by the wards of Daniffen's Collar. Yet should the Dravanians find a way to breach these defenses, Foundation would serve as the last line of defense for the Pillars.
Region: Coerthas
Subregion: Ishgard
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn

Connections & Duties

Connection Coordinates
Zoneicon.png Coerthas Central Highlands (11-14)
Ishgardicon.png The Pillars (14-12) (12-9) (9-9) (8-8)
Zoneicon.png Coerthas Western Highlands (7-9)
Duty Coordinates
Dungeon Icon.png The Aery (7-10)

Zone Summary & Overview

Area NPCs Quests FATEs Levequests Hunting Log Targets Monsters Logging/Harvesting Mining/Quarrying Fishing Log Locations
Cloud Nine 2

Saint Reinette's Forum 5 1

Skysteel Manufactory 15 19

The Forgotten Knight 27 24

The Fury's Mercy 1

Foundation 147 323 363 5

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