Fourth Umbral Calamity

Mob19 Icon.pngFourth Umbral Calamity  HISTORICAL EVENT

The Fourth Umbral Calamity, also known as the Calamity of Earth, spelled an end to the Allagan Empire that ruled over the Three Great Continents some 5000 years ago.

After Meracydia fell to the Allagan Empire, it became larger than it had been in its entire history. Emperor Xande, however, was unable to savor his victory overlong. War had quenched his lust for blood, but with its end came a sense of emptiness. Experiencing death had shown Xande the very limits of life, and he would no longer be satisfied with the mundanity of reigning in a time of peace. An obsession with slaughter and destruction tightened its grip on Xande's mind and slowly drove him to madness.

The emperor bid the encapsulation of the neurolinked Bahamut in a massive iron sphere. The sphere would be launched into the heavens and set into motion around the moon, where it would use the wyrm's affinity for fire-aspected aether to gather energy from the sun in a form more concentrated than the weak rays which make their way to Hydaelyn's surface. With that energy, Xande would open a gate to the void the likes the world had never seen, and from beyond would he summon the very Cloud of Darkness herself so that she might rain her destruction upon the corporeal realm, eventually driving the world to that edge of death that the emperor longed to experience once again.

Unsurprisingly, very few Allagans shared the same twisted aspirations of Xande, and seeds of unrest quickly took root. Independent resistance cells joined together to form an army which drove the mad emperor and his few remaining loyalists out of the imperial palace and into the Crystal Tower. Unfortunately, this maneuver was too little too late. The satellite containing Bahamut was activated remotely by Xande, commecing the transference of aetherial energy. The voidgate would open soon.

Yet it never did, for Xande and his technologists had made a grave miscalculation. While the tower had been fortified to endure the increased energy flow, the land upon which it was built could not withstand the sheer force being applied to it. In a matter of moments, the ground began to crack, until it finally crumbled away, swallowing the Crystal Tower and Xande with it.

The resistance's victory, however, was short-lived. The Crystal Tower's collapse triggered a chain reaction of tremors which shook the entire realm, toppling mountains and literally tearing the land asunder. In mere moments, the Allagan Empire was laid to waste. Yet even as the Crystal Tower was sinking, Emperor Xande's most trusted aid, the technologist Amon, invoked powerful magicks and halted the flow of time within the structure. The tower and its denizens fell into a deep slumber.
Period: ca. 5000 Years Ago
Preceded by: Third Astral Era
Followed by: Fourth Umbral Era
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