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Friends Forever

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Friends Forever

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Hamujj Gah: Southern Thanalan - Broken Water - The Sepulchre (x:24, y:14.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Little Ala Mhigo

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071221.png50Ash Not What Your Brotherhood Can Do for YouSidequest1 Icon.png Ash Not What Your Brotherhood Can Do for You (Level 50)

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Sable Death Mask
060033.png Sore Thumb
Miscellaneous Reward
Unlocks ability to purchase Sable Death MaskWind-up FounderWind-up VioletWind-up KobolderWind-up Sea DevilWind-up Dezul Qualan
Edit Friends Forever's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Hamujj Gah would make a plea to a fellow seeker of absolute martial perfection.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

Journal detail hr1 08.png Items Involved
Elegant Dress
Smoldering Scalebomb
Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
Hamujj GahYadovv GahSylvieLoonh GahMomodiTataramuVoyceSkaetswysEssyltSilbexioMemerigaShanga MeshangaFrixio
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved
Laughing Alchemist Cauldron

  • Hamujj Gah would make a plea to a fellow seeker of absolute martial perfection.
  • Hamujj Gah would see his hatchlings returned safely to the Ring of Ash. Consult with Yadovv Gah and formulate a plan of attack.
  • Though Yadovv Gah has no insight as to the whereabouts of the kidnapper and the abducted hatchlings, he suspects that the enigmatic Sylvie might, as she has requested your presence in Ul'dah. Overhearing your conversation, Loonh Gah offers to accompany you to the sultanate in place of Yadovv Gah, who would likely face another rude welcome were he to join you. Travel back to the city–state and meet Sylvie by the Gate of Nald.
  • Sylvie welcomes you back to Ul'dah and tells you that there is someone she would have you meet. Rendezvous with her by the Gate of Thal.
  • Sylvie introduces you to Shanga Meshanga, chairman of the Ashcrown Consortium, a benevolent organization dedicated to improving the lives of beastmen through the trading of crystals and other mutually beneficial commodities. Deeply disturbed by the recent abductions, Master Shanga offers to lend his aid to your investigation. In the meantime, Sylvie informs you that Momodi is looking for you at the Quicksand.
  • At the Quicksand, you reunite with Tataramu, Voyce, and Skaetswys, who have also come to Ul'dah to assist in tracking down the abducted beastmen. Your friends agree to split up and gather─in their respective areas of expertise─whatever information might be had on the perpetrators of the crime. Speak with Tataramu at the Ul'dah airship landing, Voyce at the Alchemists' Guild, Skaetswys at the Hall of Flames, and Loonh Gah at the Platinum Mirage, and see what clues they have managed to dig up.
  • You have spoken with all your comrades and compiled the clues that they were able to gather. Return to the Ashcrown Consortium headquarters and share the knowledge with Sylvie.
  • The truth behind the beastmen abductions is frightful indeed. Memeriga, an unscrupulous merchant known as the Deathmonger, intends to raise an army of undead beastmen. With time running short, seek out his hired blade, Nhaza'a Jaab, at his lodgings at the Platinum Mirage, that you might extract from him the whereabouts of his master. As you will require all the reinforcements you can muster, take the elegant dress furnished to you by Sylvie to Loonh Gah, that she might accompany you into the exclusive establishment.
  • Upon entering Nhaza'a Jaab's quarters, a brief scuffle ensues, and the fearsome sellsword easily brushes off Loonh Gah's attack. Despite having no real incentive to do so, Nhaza'a Jaab reveals that Memeriga may be found at the Invisible City, seemingly intrigued by the prospect of facing you and your comrades in a battle to the death. Meanwhile, Sylvie reveals herself as a sylph by the name of Silbexio, and you finally understand why the young girl was so passionate about seeking revenge for the lost beastmen. Silbexio offers to accompany you to the site of the final confrontation. Travel there and rendezvous with your sylph friend.
  • You arrive at the Invisible City, where Memeriga's dark plots are about to take shape. You and Silbexio charge the camp, where your path is blocked by the Deathmonger's contingent of bodyguards. Fortunately, your beastman allies arrive on the scene with impeccable timing, providing a much-welcome opening for you and Silbexio. While your comrades square off with Nhaza'a Jaab, fight your way through Memeriga's defenses and blast his cauldron to pieces using the smoldering scalebomb entrusted to you.
  • The smoldering scalebomb makes short work of the cauldron, foiling Memeriga's dread plot once and for all. In the meantime, your beastman allies are not faring as well in their battle against the Ebon Claw. Clutchfather Novv's attack is disarmed with ease, and it appears hope is lost. However, the true strength of the Beastman Alliance only truly emerges when they fight as one. Protected by Elder Frixio's magical shield, Hamujj Gah penetrates the Miqo'te sellsword's defenses and stuns him with a crushing blow. In the next instant, Sezul Totoloc tosses his weapon to Clutchfather Novv, who leaps to the sky. Given extra momentum by a bomb booster pack triggered by Gi Gu, he flies at Nhaza'a Jaab, striking a mighty blow. In utter disbelief at his own defeat, the battered sellsword stumbles over the walls to what seems like his demise...until the Miqo'te safely lands on Memeriga's airship, which he had commandeered as his personal escape vessel. Swearing revenge, he attempts to flee to safety, but is quickly brought down almost by accident when Gi Gu detonates a set of bombs that had found their way on board. Meanwhile, a contingent of Brass Blades has come at the behest of the Ashcrown Consortium to arrest Memeriga for his crimes. The battle is finally won. Take a deep breath, then speak with Silbexio and share in the joy of victory.
  • Silbexio reunites with Elder Frixio, who expresses his profound gratitude for your efforts. Thanking you for all that you have done to bring the beast tribes of Eorzea together, he takes his leave and departs for Little Solace. Silbexio─or Sylvie─would return to the Ashcrown Consortium and speak with you there. Return to Ul'dah and seek out your friend.
  • Having assumed once more the identity of Sylvie, your friend offers her gratitude for all that you have done. Despite the many tragedies and hardships she has suffered, she has emerged stronger than ever, with an unshakable belief that anything is possible when two parties put aside their differences for the greater good. Confident that the friendships that you helped form in your adventures with the beast tribes will show the way to a better tomorrow, she thanks you, and takes her leave.

We of the Brotherhood devote our lives to the pursuit of true martial perfection, as you well know. Yet is it enough for a single Amalj'aa to achieve the limits of his strength?

No, the martial prowess we achieve is passed down from father to son, father to son. So does our strength grow through generations, those that follow reaching heights of puissance their forefathers never knew.

This sniveling cur that would break this chain does us the ultimate dishonor. He will answer for the abduction of our young, and he will answer in blood.

Honored ally, you and Yadovv Gah must go forth and find this wretch. Go forth in courage, and know that when the time comes, your warleader will fight at your side, and our strength will be as one, a towering fist of rage to crush the life from our foe.
Quest Accepted

Honored ally, I am in your debt. The Ul'dahns' hatred for our kind runs even deeper than I imagined. Had the Brass Blades found me before you and your friend did, I fear I would have been forced to do...terrible things.

You have spoken with the warleader. Every moment the hatchlings remain in their abductor's clutches, our dishonor grows. We must take the fight to him, and do so with speed! And yet, we know not where he has fled.

...But perhaps your enigmatic friend does, for she has left for you a message. She would speak with you in Ul'dah, where I fear my kind are not welcome. You will go and hear her tale, yes?
(- Lloongah -)

And here I thought you one of us, Forename!

Running off without so much as a word? Is this how you treat a friend and ally? Your ancestors would turn in their graves!

I overheard your talk with the warleader. You pursue a foe the likes of which we have never seen─a man who embodies the essence of martial perfection for which we strive. Only a fool would pursue him alone!

On my honor as a warrior of the Brotherhood of Ash, I, Loonh Gah, would face him with you.
What is this madness, Loonh Gah!? The fiercest of our kin were bested easily by this man! If he has reached the peak of martial perfection, you have only begun your journey up the mountain!

And how will I ever reach my potential save by trying my skills against a worthy foe!? Besides, Forename travels to Ul'dah, does he not? You said it yourself. You would not be welcome there, but I─Amalj'aa within, but Miqo'te without─can move freely among its people.

I will hear no further challenges. Let us be off, Forename! This foray into the heart of civilization puts me ill at ease...but no matter! The battle that awaits us stirs the passions deep within my soul!

Loonh Gah's passion I will not deny, but her wisdom is often lacking. The warleader would not be pleased to hear of her true intentions. I shall devise a suitable justification for her absence.

Still, when that one has steeled her will, few if any in the Brotherhood can stop her. See that she does not come to harm, honored ally. Your friend awaits you at the Gate of Nald.
Aside from Loonh Gah and yourself, I thought your kind weak in body and spirit. And yet I am told that the fiercest warriors among our kin were no match for this man. Is the peak of martial perfection yet so far from our grasp!?

You come, and you bring a strong ally. This is inspiriting, indeed.

The sylphs, the Sahagin, the kobolds, the Ixal...and now the Amalj'aa. Our best efforts could not thwart the tragedy that strikes at each of Eorzea's beast tribes. And yet all is not lost...

For with each heinous act, the shadow that conceals our villains is lifted... Nhaza'a Jaab, the Ebon Claw... The Laughing Alchemists... The mastermind behind this dark plot will elude us no longer!

But first, Forename, there is something I must tell you, and someone you must meet. When you are ready, come to the Gate of Thal.
So this is Ul'dah─truly, every ilm as glorious as the stories say! Though these walls are so high, I must confess to feeling a bit...closed in.
Aside from Loonh Gah and yourself, I thought your kind weak in body and spirit. And yet I am told that the fiercest warriors among our kin were no match for this man. Is the peak of martial perfection yet so far from our grasp!?
Loonh Gah thinks herself a seasoned warrior, but to us, she is still but a hatchling. A hatchling with a bright future, but a hatchling nonetheless. Keep her safe, honored ally, that her burning flame is not quenched prematurely.
...Forename. Doubtless you wonder what this place is...who I am. Finally, the time has come that I may tell you. Allow me to welcome you to...

...The head offices of the Ashcrown Consortium─Eorzea's greatest purveyor of all things crystal!

I have the pleasure of being Shanga Meshanga, chairman and president of said consortium, and I have the honor of making your acquaintance. 'Tis rare that I am so blessed as to meet a like-minded soul.

Our dear Sylvie has told us all about your efforts to build trust and goodwill between Eorzeans and the five beast tribes. An admirable aim, and one I share.

The beastmen may be fearsome of appearance and eccentric in character, but are they truly so different from you and I? This is why I founded the Consortium. In purchasing crystals from amiable tribes in return for vital resources they require, I aim to aid them in becoming self-sufficient. In this way, I hope to foster a lasting friendship between our peoples.

...It does not hurt that this arrangement has proved quite profitable, as well. If I performed these acts simply out of the goodness of my heart, I'm like to see my Ul'dahn citizenship revoked!

All jesting aside, it goes without saying that few in the sultanate share my fondness for beastmen─and so I keep up appearances as a common trader. I would ask that you keep all that I have told you in the closest of confidence.
Forgive me for having kept you in the dark, Forename. As a humble assistant to Master Shanga, I did not feel it was my place to speak of the Consortium's true aims.

A bit too humble, I say. Though Miss Sylvie joined our ranks only recently, she has shown a remarkable commitment to the ideals we espouse. I consider her amongst the Consortium's most valuable members. She has proven particularly capable in the investigation of the beastman abductions.

If you would know the truth, these crimes are nothing new. The Consortium has been investigating similar reports from the beast tribes for some time, but to no avail. But over time, they grew more frequent, more bold...
I will never forgive them... Never...

Forename, was it? You are a rare man─one that sylph, kobold, Sahagin, Amalj'aa, and Ixal alike will look in the eye and call friend.

Far and wide has the Ashcrown Consortium searched, but I believe we have found our champion. Join us, friend, that we might bring this menace who would prey on innocent beastmen to justice.

Without you, our cause is lost. We...are lost... You will join us, won't you, Forename?

I thank you. Not long ago, a messenger arrived on behalf of Momodi at the Quicksand. It would seem she would speak with you about an important matter.
I do not understand all that was spoken, but it matters little. What matters is that we are one step closer to exacting vengeance on our hated foe!
So this is Ul'dah─truly, every ilm as glorious as the stories say! Though these walls are so high, I must confess to feeling a bit...closed in.
There you are, Forename. These three have been askin' all over for you!
It heartens me to see you well, Forename. I was afraid the kidnapper had stowed you away on an airship somewhere!
Lieutenant Skaetswys o' the Maelstrom, reportin' fer duty! I meant to bring Gi Gu along, but 'e gave me some excuse about 'avin' lost 'is walkin' shoes...

A pleasure to see you again, good sir! Thinking that my academic expertise might avail you in your search for the kidnapper, I decided to make the trip to Ul'dah.

Elder Frixio and the others danced wildly when I told them I might not return to Little Solace. I fear the overwhelming sorrow and loss at my departure has driven the poor things to madness. And yet, I knew it was my calling to join you!
These three will join us in battle, adventurer? Such allies are welcome indeed! Though we might do without the skinny fellow with the spectacles...

Since we last met, I did my own research into the Laughing Alchemists of whom Advisor Colson spoke. Sadly, reliable information on this organization is not easily come by...

What would they stand to gain from a mass abduction of the realm's beastmen? Their motives are a mystery wrapped in an enigma...
...As are the current whereabouts of their 'ired blade. I've got a feelin' that whatever they're plottin', we've got precious little time to put a stop to it.
Yes, it is clear that time is of the essence. In my estimation, the best course of action would be for us to split up and pursue different angles that might afford us further clues. Would we all be in agreement?
I will pay a visit to the airship landing. By speaking to the deckhands and examining the records, perhaps I can ascertain the destination of the Laughing Alchemists' vessel.
I 'eard from my superiors o' beastman abductions reported last year. No one thought much of 'em at the time, but in light o' recent events, I reckon they warrant a closer investigation.
I have a friend or two at the Alchemists' Guild. Perhaps they might be able to shed light on the Laughing Alchemists and their shady dealings.
I shall pursue this man they call the Ebon Claw. He is hiding right under my nose. I can smell it, and feel it in my bones!
Excellent, my friends! Whatever information we come upon, we will share with Forename here. Now let us get to work! Our beastman friends are counting on us!

Pray forgive me for treating you so coldly when we first met, Forename. slow to trust others, but you have proven yourself a true friend.

Master Shanga speaks true, I am sure of it. You will be the champion the Consortium has long sought, and together we will save the beast tribes of Eorzea from a grim fate!

You couldn't have come at a better time! I was just perusing the arrival and departure records, and sure enough, a series of entries quickly caught my eye.

To wit, numerous requests for emergency landing clearance for a vessel registered to one Memeriga, chairman of the Laughing Alchemists!

These entries grow more frequent over the past six moons or so, corresponding precisely with the recent outbreak of beastman abductions.

Memeriga... I have heard the name before, and heard things I would rather forget. A man of great wealth, few can─or are willing to─say how he came by his fortunes. Some rumors say he deals in black market weapons, some suggest far worse. In some circles, they even call him “the Deathmonger.”

I think we can safely say that we've found the man pulling the strings behind these beastman abductions. But two questions remain: to what end, and where might we find him?

Our friends have finished their investigations, as well? Splendid! Let us return to the Ashcrown Consortium offices and plot our next course of action.
From providing deadly force to both sides of a bloody conflict to selling beggars and orphans as glorified slave-soldiers─Ul'dah has its share of unscrupulous merchants, but none have made dealing in death their business quite like Memeriga.
Quite a motley crew o' friends you have there, Forename. And yet for some reason, when I look at you, I can't help but feel the strangest sort o' confidence. Whoever it is you're goin' after, I certainly wouldn't want to be him!

Oh, adventurer! I was wondering when you might show up. I've been perusing the pages of the guild ledger for all purchases made by the Laughing Alchemists.

Quite an assortment of rare and curious ingredients, I must say. Eighty hunks of rotted voidsent flesh, twenty bulbs of the narcissus phantasmus, fifty ponzes of lost soul entrails...

As much as this may shock you, friend, the alchemical arts fall somewhat outside my otherwise extensive area of expertise. An alchemist acquaintance of mine, however, informed me that the sale of such items on the open market is strictly prohibited.

As he told it, they have been known to be employed in the practice of certain...forbidden arts─the precise nature of which he seemed unwilling to relate in detail.

Forbidden arts... Elder Frixio forbade me from ever adorning myself in chocobo feathers again─by the gods!

Have the Laughing Alchemists devised an elixir to turn beastmen into beastbirds!? If so, I daresay we have a crisis of colossal proportions on our hands!

The others have finished their investigations? Wonderful! Come, friend! Let us hurry back to the Ashcrown Consortium before all of Eorzea is trampled under the feet of an army of crazed chocobeasts!
I know not what the Laughing Alchemists mean to do with their avian army, but the mere thought strikes fear into the very depths of my soul...

There ye are, Forename! Ye'll be 'appy to 'ear that I was able to...acquire...the records of all reported cases o' beastman disappearances over the past year.

'Ow, ye ask? Let's just say that Skaetswys 'as more than a few friends, an' not all o' them are as worthless as Gi Gu and 'is sorry lot.

Anyroad, 'ere's one case that caught me eye. Dated six moons ago or thereabout. An 'undred-odd sylph corpses unearthed in northern Thanalan, cause o' death unknown.

'Ad the bodies belonged to Ul'dahn citizens, ye can bet yer bottom gil this story would've graced the front page o' the Mythril Eye. But beastmen? Doubtless they'd turned 'ostile and were dispatched by some well-meanin' adventurers─or so was the reasonin' at the time.

But recent events put this incident in a whole new light. Sylphs in Thanalan? Aye, that's more than a mite suspicious. As was the state o' the bodies─not a single external wound. Poison, perhaps?

I'm no agent of enquiry, but I'd wager there's more than a passin' connection between this and the recent beastman abductions. We'll just 'ave to see what clues the others turn up, and work from there.

Already spoken with the others, 'ave ye? Well, then I reckon it's time we made our next move. Let's gather back at the Ashcrown Consortium and put our 'eads together.
We don't see too many sylphs where I come from, but from what I 'ear they're a fun-lovin', 'ard-workin' folk. Surely they deserved better than to die forgotten in a faraway land...

Forename! Through the twisted, tortuous streets of this city I have tracked our quarry. And at long last, I have found his lair!

Within the garish chambers of this place, the Platinum Mirage, the craven cur slumbers, using his misbegotten riches to shelter himself from our vengeance!

I demanded entrance so that I might meet the fiend in single combat, but that fool child over there had the gall to refuse me entry!

“We cannot confirm your membership without looking upon your face, milady,” she said. “Do come back when you have removed that ridiculous costume and have dressed a bit more formally.”

...Costume!? This battlemask is a symbol of my rebirth and resolve! It represents my transformation into an Amalj'aa soldier, ever strong and proud. I would die before removing it from my face for so petty a reason!

...Besides, these are the only garments I own. Well, Forename? You are more familiar with “civilized” life than I. How might I best approach this?

You have spoken to all the others? Excellent. We should return to the Ashcrown Consortium and plot our next course of action.
Is my appearance truly the people of this nation? Do they not know a true warrior when they see one!?
Welcome to the Platinum Mirage, Ul'dah's oasis of fortune. Be aware that entrance is limited to members, and that our dress code is strictly enforced.

Forename. The others have yet to return, but I fear our time grows short. Did they share with you their findings?

...I see. All signs point to the Laughing Alchemists and their chairman, Master Memeriga, as being the mastermind behind these terrible crimes.

What's more, he has been involved in shady dealings with the Alchemists' Guild, procuring various prohibited substances known to be used in forbidden arts...

In a seemingly unrelated event, the corpses of countless sylphs were unearthed in Thanalan six moons past, dead most likely from poison. Since that day, beastman abductions have been reported with increasing regularity across the realm.

...I hoped against hope that it would not come to this, but the evidence is overwhelming. Yes, they call the man Deathmonger─it would seem he has decided to truly earn the name.

Necromancy, Forename! The man has a mind to raise an undead army, born from the souls of our beastman friends!

We must find him at once and put a stop to his madness! You say that his hired blade has taken up lodgings at the Platinum Mirage.

Fortunately for us, Master Shanga is a member in the highest of standing. He should have no trouble securing entrance for us. Which leaves only the matter of Loonh Gah and the dress code...

I know not if this will meet your friend's liking, but it should serve its purpose just the same.

I shall be along in due time. Nhaza'a will pay for your crimes against my loved ones...
Is my appearance truly the people of this nation? Do they not know a true warrior when they see one!?
Welcome to the Platinum Mirage, Ul'dah's oasis of fortune. Be aware that entrance is limited to members, and that our dress code is strictly enforced.
From providing deadly force to both sides of a bloody conflict to selling beggars and orphans as glorified slave-soldiers─Ul'dah has its share of unscrupulous merchants, but none have made dealing in death their business quite like Memeriga.
I know not what the Laughing Alchemists mean to do with their avian army, but the mere thought strikes fear into the very depths of my soul...
We don't see too many sylphs where I come from, but from what I 'ear they're a fun-lovin', 'ard-workin' folk. Surely they deserved better than to die forgotten in a faraway land...

Forename. I have been keeping close watch on the entrance to this place. The craven cur has yet to show his face─I suspect that he still cowers within the comforts of his chambers.

Did you speak with Sylvie? Was she able to secure us passage within? The battle calls me, adventurer! I can contain my rage no longer!

Hmmm...? What are these flimsy rags, and why do you show them to me?

S-Surely you jest, Forename!

I...I am a warrior of the Amalj'aa! I would sooner see the flesh rent from my bones than clothe myself in these...s-soft, supple fabrics.

I truly...must...wear them...?

Many moons have I lived, yet never have I suffered such dishonor! Were the lives of my brothers not at stake, I would rend these rags in my hands and leave this dreadful place in an instant!

Very well, adventurer! I will wear these coward's tatters! But you must swear on your life that none back at home shall hear word of this madness!

Must you gape at me so? As if my shame did not cut deep enough already!

There had best not be anything else. ...There is something else, isn't there?

You cannot possibly face...

This battlemask was bestowed to me by the warleader himself! It is a symbol of my passion and pride─it marks me as a Brother of Ash! You may just as well ask me to rip the very flesh off my face! On this I shall not yield...the battlemask stays!

Gahhh! The shame...the indignity. Forgive me, Warleader...!

It is for the lives of my brothers, for vengeance against our foe, and for the pursuit of martial perfection that I subject myself to this dishonor!

You are a friend, but say one word and it will be your last.

Now let us go. Our fated battle with a mortal foe awaits within.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.

Forgive me, Forename. This is the second time I have deceived you., this a sylph of Little Solace.

This one's true name is Silbexio. The walking one Sylvie is a creation of this one's skin-changing magicks.

This one learned the ways and words of the walking ones. This one would walk among the walking ones and talk as walking ones talk, that these ones and walking ones might grow to understand each other.

Others felt as this one did. Together, these ones left Little Solace behind, seeking out the cities of walking ones. But these ones' journey was cut short. Laughing ones saw through these ones' disguises. These ones were ambushed in Thanalan.
The sylphs slain in Thanalan... Gods, ye were one of 'em!

...Yes. This one escaped, but others were not so fortunate. It was then that this one made a vow. This one would bring Laughing ones to justice. This one assumed the form of walking one Sylvie, came to this place, and befriended kindly one Master Shanga.

Master Shanga is kindly one, but Master Shanga is still walking one. This one was afraid to reveal this one's true face. So this one toiled in secret, pursuing clawed one at every turn...
The acts of these vile men would throw a spanner into all of our efforts in building trust with the beastmen. Let us hurry to the Invisible City and put an end to their plot once and for all!
The Invisible City...a desolate place home to naught but the lost souls of ages long past. Whyever would this Memeriga choose such a remote place to work his dark magicks?

...Doubtless a ghost town on the outskirts of civilization is exactly what the Laughing Alchemists had in mind. Why, just think of what would happen if something went awry with the experiment.

An army of undead beastchocobos running amok in plain view of the populace!? There would be panic!

...Er, yes, that sounds about right. Anyroad, the time for talking is through─it is time for action. We will inform the leaders of each of the respective beast tribe settlements, Forename, and join you at the Invisible City shortly after.

...And, ah, yes. I've been instructed to give you this.

I was told it was an explosive of sylphic make, enhanced somewhat by one Ba Go of the 789th Order, and then further modified for optimal throwing by the Ehcatl Nine.

Think of it as a collaborative effort by all of our beastman friends. I trust it will serve you well. Now let us go forth and put an end to Memeriga's mad plot!

That dress should serve to secure Loonh Gah's passage into the halls of the Platinum Mirage.

I shall be along in due time. Nhaza'a will pay for your crimes against my loved ones...
Welcome to the Platinum Mirage, Ul'dah's oasis of fortune. Be aware that entrance is limited to members, and that our dress code is strictly enforced.

This one has been waiting for brave one. Disguises will avail this one little here. This one will remain in this form and conserve strength for the battle ahead.

Walking ones who guard this place are some of deadliest swords in the realm, hired by Laughing one at great cost. This will not be an easy fight, not even for brave one. Is brave one ready to do battle?
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Is brave one ready?

To battle!

I require a moment...
This one is ever heartened by brave one's resolve. Quietly, now, that Laughing ones might be caught by surprise.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Who are you!? We are conducting a top secret experiment here! Begone from here before I turn you into a zombie...or worse!
The battle is joined!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
This one shall go in search of the captured ones. Walking one must destroy Laughing ones' cauldron before it is too late!
Gwahahaha! Kill them! Kill them all! They shall rise again as my eternal slaves!

Brave, brave Forename! This one...this one has no words to express depths of this one's gratitude...

Nomexio... Flaxio... Is every one watching? Laughing ones are no more... Finally...after so long...every one can rest in peace...
...This one has been watching Silbexio. Yes, watching very closely.
Elder one...? Elder one remembers this one?

How could this one forget? This one remembers the day Silbexio left Little Solace as if it were yesterday...

This one's heart was heavy. Yet deep down, this one knew. If any one could survive the harsh world outside the forest and build peace with walking ones, it is Silbexio, strong of will and pure of heart.

Silbexio was alone for so long...but no longer. Other ones will welcome Silbexio back to Little Solace as a hero to all sylphkind.
Elder one is too kind... This one is not strong... This one

Say no more, Silbexio. Silbexio must save strength for the journey home.

...Brave one. Brave one is friend not only to these ones, but to gilled ones and winged ones and scaled ones and furry ones, too. It is brave one that has brought all ones together.

This one will always remember this day. This day, this one learned what can be accomplished when ones of all shapes and sizes come together as one.
This one is forever in brave one's debt. This one would return one last time to the Ashcrown Consortium. Brave one will come, too, yes?

Welcome back, Forename. I was Sylvie when we first met, and it is as Sylvie I would express my gratitude to you now.

When I left Little Solace behind, I was a wide-eyed child, my mind and heart filled with wild fancies.

Your people and ours are not so different! We have our differences, but with time and open dialogue, yes─it is only a matter of time before we can all live in harmony!

...Then my friends were captured, murdered in cold blood by Memeriga's lackeys. I saw the meaningless hurt and hatred directed at beastmen here in Ul'dah. The depths of hatred I felt for your kind...I could not put them into words.

Then I met people like Master Shanga...and you. I saw man and beastman working, fighting together for the greater good. Slowly but surely, it all came back to me. It would not be easy, but perhaps my dream could still be achieved...

Observing the battle at the Invisible City, I know now more than ever that this is true. The bonds forged today will burn strong, a beacon of hope for all that would look beyond their differences to join their neighbor in the fight for a better tomorrow.

I know not if our paths will cross again, but I know this: Eorzea is a better place for your presence. Farewell, Forename...and thank you.
Quest Completed
You have achieved Allied reputation with the Brotherhood of Ash, the sylphs of Little Solace, Novv's Clutch, the 789th Order, and the Ehcatl Nine.

Furthermore, you now have access to a wider selection of wares from the vendors of all five beast tribes.

Through your efforts, the most prominent beast tribes of Eorzea have forged bonds of friendship that promise to remain strong through the years. You are truly a hero to beastmen across the realm!
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