Frumious Koheel Ja

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Mamool Ja
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Mamool Ja Mercenaries, hired since the Calamity, have taken a foothold in La Noscea and are showing a suspicious interest in the Arcanists' Guild. Could it be that they're looking into summoning for some nefarious purpose, or are they merely trying to broaden their horizons?
Zone Level Drops Notes
Upper La Noscea - The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) (13,13)  50 Aggressive.png
Uses the following moves
  • Batterhorn: Inflicts damage and knockback.
  • Fire Angon: Fire damage to a random party member.
  • Blazing Angon: Tosses a Sacred Spear into the ground, which periodically uses a skill likewise called Blazing Angon to inflict roomwide fire damage and apply a stacking Burns debuff which deals fire damage over time. DPS must destroy them. At around 33% he will use this twice in a row, leaving two spears to destroy.
  • Burning Memories: Targeted AoE damage on a random party member. Can be avoided.
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