Gaius van Baelsar

NPC Icon.pngGaius van Baelsar  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Garlean / Male
Zone(s): Player7 Icon.pngThe Howling Eye
Player7 Icon.pngNorthern Thanalan - The Praetorium
Player7 Icon.pngEastern La Noscea - Agelyss Wise - Castrum Occidens
Affiliation: Garlemald
Title: Legatus of the XIVth Imperial Legion
Viceroy of Ala Mhigo
The Black Wolf

"He who cannot preserve the sovereignty of his nation is unfit to rule it."

Legatus of the XIVth Imperial Legion, Gaius is a pure-blooded Garlean of fifty-six summers possessed of a natural flair for wartime command, perhaps equaled only by his sensibilities as a governing administrator. Known as the Black Wolf, his many accomplishments include the conquest and political assimilation of five enemy cities. In subjugating Ala Mhigo, he employed subterfuge to stoke the fires of civil unrest, a masterstroke which led to the nation's capture without the need for a protracted siege. Though he remained in Ala Mhigo as the imperial viceroy, he began to move against Eorzea again shortly following the Calamity. Gaius fights as would become a hero of the Empire, valiantly wielding Terminus Est, a most difficult and deadly battle technique.

Heirsbane: Midas nan Garlond sent Heirsbane to his dear friend Gaius when the latter attained the rank of legatus. The gunblade is said to have spilled the blood of nine aspirants to the crown in times past.

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