Garlond GL-II (Mount)

Garlond GL-II (Mount) Icon.pngGarlond GL-II (Mount)Flying Mount 
This prototype magitek vehicle was developed by Garlond Ironworks to be a mode of transportation for a new era. A compact-but-powerful twin-bank ceruleum engine provides effortless acceleration which, coupled with the rugged chassis, allows it to devour rough terrain─such as that one might see on a desert island.
Garlond GL-II (Mount) Patch.png

Latest technology! Revolutionary ideas!
- Razel Huizan the Stationary

Acquisition: 24,000 Seafarer's Cowries from Island Sanctuary
Requires: Garlond GL-II Ignition Key
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Music: 200pxIsland Paradise
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