Gazelleskin Treasure Map

Gazelleskin Treasure Map Icon.pngGazelleskin Treasure Map  Key Item
Key Item
A timeworn gazelleskin map revealing the location of an unknown treasure.

※Level 70 full party (8 players) recommended.
Stack: 1
Acquisition Uses
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Miscellaneous Acquisition
  Received when Deciphering a Timeworn Gazelleskin Map.
Map Locations

Gazelleskin Treasure Map Treasure Map Icon.png
Potential Drops:
 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png Allagan Tomestone of Poetics x10 - 45
 Gil Icon.png Gil x3,000 - 105,000
 Nagxian Leather Icon.png Nagxian Leather x1
 Stygian Ash Icon.png Stygian Ash x1
 Taoist's Wool Icon.png Taoist's Wool x1
 Thavnairian Wool Icon.png Thavnairian Wool x1
 Nagxian Silk Icon.png Nagxian Silk x1
 Beech Lumber Icon.png Beech Lumber x4-5
 Bloodhempen Yarn Icon.png Bloodhempen Yarn x4
 Enchanted Koppranickel Ink Icon.png Enchanted Koppranickel Ink x3-5
 Gagana Leather Icon.png Gagana Leather x1-2
 Grade 1 Reisui of Dexterity Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Dexterity x3-6
 Grade 1 Reisui of Intelligence Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Intelligence x3-5
 Grade 1 Reisui of Mind Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Mind x3-5
 Grade 1 Reisui of Strength Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Strength x4-5
 Grade 1 Reisui of Vitality Icon.png Grade 1 Reisui of Vitality x2-3
 Growth Formula Eta Icon.png Growth Formula Eta x3-4
 Gyuki Leather Icon.png Gyuki Leather x1-4
 High Steel Ingot Icon.png High Steel Ingot x2-4
 High Steel Nugget Icon.png High Steel Nugget x2-3
 Koppranickel Nugget Icon.png Koppranickel Nugget x5
 Kudzu Thread Icon.png Kudzu Thread x4
 Kyanite Icon.png Kyanite x3
 Larch Lumber Icon.png Larch Lumber x4
 Moai Statue Icon.png Moai Statue x1
 Muud Suud Horn Icon.png Muud Suud Horn x3-4
 Oroshigane Ingot Icon.png Oroshigane Ingot x2
 Persimmon Lumber Icon.png Persimmon Lumber x4
 Pine Lumber Icon.png Pine Lumber x2-5
 Ruby Cotton Yarn Icon.png Ruby Cotton Yarn x5
 Slate Whetstone Icon.png Slate Whetstone x4-5
 Tama-hagane Ingot Icon.png Tama-hagane Ingot x3-4
 Triphane Icon.png Triphane x4
 Wind-up Namazu Icon.png Wind-up Namazu x1
 Navigator's Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Navigator's Glory - The Theme of Limsa Lominsa Orchestrion Roll x1
 Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania Orchestrion Roll Icon.png Born of the Boughs - The Theme of Gridania Orchestrion Roll x1
 The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul'dah Orchestrion Roll Icon.png The Twin Faces of Fate - The Theme of Ul'dah Orchestrion Roll x1
 Autumnal Ginkgo Tree Icon.png Autumnal Ginkgo Tree x1
 Ginkgo Leaf Pile Icon.png Ginkgo Leaf Pile x1
 Maple Leaf Pile Icon.png Maple Leaf Pile x1
 Moai Statue Icon.png Moai Statue x1
 Competent Craftsman's Tea Icon.png Competent Craftsman's Tea x2-4
 Commanding Craftsman's Tea Icon.png Commanding Craftsman's Tea x2-4
 Cunning Craftsman's Tea Icon.png Cunning Craftsman's Tea x3
 Fire Crystal Icon.png Fire Crystal x237
 Ice Crystal Icon.png Ice Crystal x173-220
 Wind Crystal Icon.png Wind Crystal
 Earth Crystal Icon.png Earth Crystal x163-234
 Lightning Crystal Icon.png Lightning Crystal x162
 Water Crystal Icon.png Water Crystal x184-208
 Fire Cluster Icon.png Fire Cluster
 Ice Cluster Icon.png Ice Cluster
 Wind Cluster Icon.png Wind Cluster
 Earth Cluster Icon.png Earth Cluster x196
 Lightning Cluster Icon.png Lightning Cluster
 Water Cluster Icon.png Water Cluster x192


1st wave 2nd wave 3rd wave Pattern
Territorial Belladonna Territorial Fluturini x4 Territorial Gazellehawk x4 Pattern C
1st wave Pattern
Territorial Antlion, Territorial Chapuli, Territorial Fly, Territorial Scarab Beetle Pattern D