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Mob19 Icon.pngGelmorra  CITY-STATE

In the latter 7th century of the Sixth Astral Era, the second migration of Hyur came upon Eorzea, forcing Elezen from their lands and into the Black Shroud. The elementals looked upon these settlers as intruders, and sought to purge their presence from amongst the trees. Surviving the elementals' existence, and knew not what attacked them. In time, they realized what had befallen their people, and sought respite from the merciless onslaught in the caverns deep beneath the forest. They escaped annihilation—but at the cost of many Elezen lives.

Fifty years later, population growth pushed the Hyur to enter the forest as well. Upon finding people already ensconced underground, they challenged the Elezen for ownership of the habitable caves. Quarrel soon led to conflict, and the two races came to cross blades time and again.

Though this conflict raged for decades, overtures towards peace had begun by around the year 740. Realizing they had a common goal in avoiding the elementals' hostile gaze, the Hyur and Elezen put aside their differences. The two war-weary races sealed a pact, that both might prosper beneath the Twelveswood. The fruit of their alliance was Gelmorra, a great subterranean city. For nearly three centuries, the Elezen and Hyuran labored to expand their home, burrowing between natural caves and shoring up the passages with walls of stone. In time, Gelmorra's intricate network of tunnels would come to put any antlings' nest to shame.

Around 1020, however, a great change came over the Twelveswood. Since times of eld, the elementals had allowed the Ixal to live within their forest. Yet suddenly, they cast the beastmen from the Shroud. What caused such a radical change in the elementals? The commonly accepted reason is that the Ixal population had grown too great for their area of the forest to support. In enlarging their territory, the cleared new land without the elementals' consent. For this defiance, exile was their reward.

When the Gelmorrans learned of this, they realized that a chance was upon them to negotiate for land above ground. Those versed in the magic gathered, seeking a way to commune with the elementals through their art.

For a long while, the mages' attempts went unanswered. However, with perseverance came success. After fifty years of effort, they finally succeeded in relaying their wishes to the elementals. On the understanding that Gelmorrans would defend the forest, the elementals gave them permission to return to the light of day. As a blessing and proof of the accord, they bestowed a glowing light upon Jorin Lightheart, the Hyuran leader of the mages. Thus, the Gelmorrans abandoned the caves, and began building a home amidst the Jadeite Thick. They christened this new city Gridania.

While the Hyur readily left the subterranean caverns behind, there existed those among the Elezen who refused to leave the home in which they'd dwelt for generations. Feeling betrayed by the Hyur as well as their fellow Elezen who went on to found Gridania, these stragglers struggled to maintain operations within Gelmorra.

However, Gelmorra only functioned by the camaraderie between Hyur and Elezen, and with most of its population gone, they city-state soon fell into disrepair despite their best efforts. While some of the Elezen chose to continue living in the dank, dark caverns others were forced to integrate. These Elezen became known as the Duskwight, and the fate of Gelmorra has remained a cause of much consternation and strife between their people and the Midlanders and Wildwood Elezen.
Region: The Black Shroud
Landmass: Aldenard
World: Hydaelyn
Weather: varies
Expansion: Original
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