Gigi (Hildibrand)

NPC Icon.pngGigi (Hildibrand)  Sidequest3 Icon.png

Zone(s): Mob14 Icon.pngThe Pillars  (11.9-9.3)
Mob14 Icon.pngFoundation  (8.0-11.0)
Mob14 Icon.pngThe Pillars - The Jeweled Crozier  (6.0-9.8)
Mob14 Icon.pngCoerthas Western Highlands - Riversmeet  (25.8-26.1-1.1)
Affiliation: Ul'dah

"I wIlL eNdUrE wHaTeVeR i MuSt To BeCoMe A rEaL bOy!"

Hildibrand found this clockwork automaton deep within the snows of the Coerthas western highlands. Amazingly, Gigi exhibits the traits of personality, but for some reason seems to have lost all his memories, rendering much regarding his origins a mystery. The mammet also appears to possess some faculty with the arcane, proof of his ability put on display when he restored a shattered vase in the blink of an eye.

This NPC is found in multiple locations. The map below shows where the NPC is first encountered.

Gigi (Hildibrand).png
Involved in Quests (1)

This Mammet, and the one that appears during the Goldsmith quests, share the same name but are not related.
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