Gilded Mikoshi (Mount)

Gilded Mikoshi (Mount) Icon.pngGilded Mikoshi (Mount)Flying Mount 
In order to secure enough coin to fund their seven-year festival, the Namazu sought the counsel of Rowena, who spoke thus: if you want to make great profit, sell wares of great worth. And what could be worth more than a gilded mikoshi borne by eight gilded Namazu?
Gilded Mikoshi (Mount) Patch.png

Wasshoi! Wasshoi! What am I doing? I do not know! I do not care! Whee!
- Namazu spectator

Acquisition: Bought from Edelina for 50,000,000 gil.
Requires: Gilded Mikoshi Flute
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Wasshoi Wasshoi!
Actions: Wasshoi (Mount Action)
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