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Gloria in Eggcelsis

Map65 Icon.png Lv. 5   Gloria in Eggcelsis    15m

Zones: Middle La Noscea - Summerford  (21-18)
Lower La Noscea - The Gods' Grip - The Salt Strand (18-35)
North Shroud - Peacegarden  (27-21)
Central Thanalan - Spineless Basin  (24-30)
Eastern Thanalan - Drybone  (17-23)
Don your most sable of spriggan suits and crack, crush, shatter, and smash your way into Hatching-tide history. Leave no enormous egg unscrambled.
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png560 Gil Icon.png10 Flame Seal Icon.png28
Conditional Reward
Lucky Egg Icon.png x2 

World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Aldenard
Region: Thanalan
Zone: Eastern Thanalan
Area: Drybone
Level: 5
Type: Notorious Monster
Required Status: Hatching-tide (2015)
You must be turned into a Spriggan and have the 'Transfiguration' buff on you. Talking with the nearby Sylphic Sorceress will enable you to be transfigured. Attack the Enormous Egg with your new ability, 'Quickchant', and stand safe zone of the Egg's attack. The Egg does a 270 degree (centered around itself) attack, with a moving 90 degree safe spot. Just stand in the safe spot and spam Quickchant to win. At 70% and 35% health, several spriggan golems will appear and may knock you back. Just take care to not be knocked back into the AOE and you'll scramble the egg!

The egg's health varies depending on how many people were engaged in combat with it the previous time it was killed. The number of shots of Quickchant it takes to defeat it can vary from 62 to 115 shots or more.