Goblin Gambler

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Level 5
"The goblins are short little monstrosities, though amicable enough. Time was they could often be seen throughout the streets of Ul'dah peddling wares. You will certainly know one if you come across them. They never take off their distinctive masks, and always bear seemingly unbearable packs on their back. But I fear you won't come across them. None have, in fact, for quite some years now. Some say they only make one great pilgrimage every hundred years to the cities of man. But who is to say? Perhaps the recent rise in adventurers such as yourself among us will bring them back once again."

~ Vavaki, Ul'dah

Strange gas masks and large backpacks are the trademarks of this tiny beastman race, the Goblins. Many are gatherers (Disciples of the Land) or crafters (Disciples of Hand) and they helped support the economy of Eorzea from outside any city walls. However, within the past few years, it seems that the entire race of Goblins has embarked on a pilgrimage undertaken by their people once every hundred years.

"With their oddly shaped gas masks and over-sized packs, goblins are one of the most easily recognizable beast tribes in Eorzea. For generations, commerce between the city-states and goblins was commonplace, making up an important facet to the economy, until one day, the whole tribe simply up and left, abandoning their cities and leaving no indication of where they were going or when they would return. Now, several decades later, the quirky beast tribe of crafters and gatherers has begun its migration back into Eorzea, but are the five races ready for them?" - from The Lodestone
Zone Level Drops Notes
Middle La Noscea - Summerford (23-21)  5 Bomb Toss Icon.png Bomb Toss Passive.png

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