Great Vessel of Ronka (Mount)

Great Vessel of Ronka (Mount) Icon.pngGreat Vessel of Ronka (Mount)Flying Mount 
This ancient Ronkan urn was discovered empty save for a peculiar flute, the sound of which caused the vessel to suddenly become thus occupied. “Where did it come from?” the curious may be compelled to inquire, but the wise know better than to question the divine.
Great Vessel of Ronka (Mount) Patch.png

The great serpent has spoken!
- Quinfort

Acquisition: Purchased for 18x Qitari Compliments from Yuqurl Manl, Rank 7 (Sworn) required with the Qitari tribe.
Requires: Ronkan Flute
Movement: Airborne (Flying)
Actions: Peculiar Light (Mount Action)
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