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Guide:He Taketh It with His Eyes

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This guide is for the Level 50 FATE He Taketh It with His Eyes, through which adventurers can challenge the legendary beast Behemoth. The fight is vastly more demanding than regular FATEs and should not be challenged alone. Successful completion will yield tokens called Behemoth Horns (one for silver, five for gold) that can be exchanged for a heavy helm shaped like Behemoth, a light helm bearing a striking likeness to the beast, or a horned mask for mages. Additionally, there are three items for purchase that pay homage to Behemoth's fame in Final Fantasy XI, the Thundercloud, the Pixie Earrings, and the Ring of Lasting Shelter, fashioned to look like the Defending Ring. These six items cost five horns each. Additionally, four horns are used in the recipe for the housing trophy furniture Behemoth Wall Trophy, though the Leatherworker crafting the item must win the horns personally.

Locating He Taketh It with His Eyes[edit]

After a maintenance, a 72 hour window is opened during which Behemoth can spawn at any time. A prerequisite FATE called Behold Now Behemoth will activate outside of his dominion and must be successfully completed in order for He Taketh It with His Eyes to initiate. After this first FATE ends, Behemoth will retreat and those present must chase him back to his dominion and put him down. This second FATE is that which yields the token horns. After He Taketh It with His Eyes is completed, the window restarts, but the first 36 hours are a "cooldown" during which he will not appear; this process repeats until the next maintenance occurs.

Fighting Behemoth[edit]

Behemoth should not be engaged until a number of players have arrived, as his attacks do considerable damage. A group may be able to hold him, but will likely not defeat him in time. It is advisable to spend this time building a party. There's a good chance you may die, and a solo player will likely not be raised in a timely manner (if they are raised at all). Building a party also allows contribution scores to be pooled and grants the use of a limit break, which will be crucial for the end of this fight.

Once enough people have gathered, tanks may engage while Behemoth is surrounded and zerged down. Preventing him from excessively moving or changing direction will alleviate the death toll; kiting, especially, makes the fight much more chaotic. Though which of his abilities are tied to which effects is information yet obtained by this guide (list below), the main attack to be aware of for non-tanks is the generation of devastating tornadoes which will be signaled by circular AOE warnings throughout the field.

As a final thrash, Behemoth will cast Ecliptic Meteor and drop most of the FATE area to 1 HP, likely kill those who are already low on health.

Behemoth's Abilities to be Defined and Verified