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Guide:Pop Culture References

Levequest Type Reference Source(s)
246 Kinds of Cheese Quote Charles de Gaulle: "How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?" External Link Icon.png
A Long and Winding Road Song Beatles: The Long and Winding Road External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
A Show of Ice and Fire Book George R. R. Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones Series) External Link Icon.png
A Shroom with a View Book/Movie A Room with a View External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
A Sky Pirate's Life for Me (L) Song Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
A Spoonful of Poison Song Disney's Mary Poppins: A Spoonful of Sugar External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
A Spy in the House of Love Book Anaïs Nin: A Spy in the House of Love External Link Icon.png
A Tall Odor Idiom A tall order External Link Icon.png
A Taste of Their Own Medicine Idiom A taste of one's own medicine External Link Icon.png
A Thorn in One's Hide Idiom A thorn in one's side External Link Icon.png
A Toad Less Taken Poem Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken External Link Icon.png
A Tree Grew in Gridania Book/Movie Betty Smith: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Ain't Nobody Got Time for Rats Meme/Quote Kimberly Wilkins: "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That" External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
All of These Bases Belong to Us (L) Meme All Your Base Are Belong to Us External Link Icon.png
An Offer We Can't Refuse Movie Quote The Godfather: "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Armoires of the Rich and Famous TV Show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Arms for the Poor Pun Alms for the poor
As Above, Below Maxim Hermeticism: As Above, So Below External Link Icon.png
As the Worm Turns TV As the World Turns External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Automata for the People Album REM: Automatic for the People External Link Icon.png
Awl about Who You Know Pun All about Who You Know
Awl or Nothing Pun All or Nothing
Axe Me Anything Pun Ask Me Anything
Baby, Light My Way Music U2: Ultraviolet (Light My Way) External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Bad Bromance Music Shane Dawson: Bad Bromance External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Bad to the Bone Music George Thorogood: Bad to the Bone External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Beasts of Bourbon Pun Beasts of Burden
Belle of the Brawl Pun Belle of the Ball
Bend It Like Durendaire Movie Bend It Like Beckham External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Best Served Toad Pun Best Served Cold
Better Shroud than Sorry Pun Better Safe than Sorry
Birch, Please Song Snoop Dogg: Bitch Please External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Blinded by the Wight Song Bruce Springsteen: Blinded by the Light External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Briar in the Hole Pun Fire in the Hole
Bridges of Qiqirn Country Book/Movie Robert James Waller: The Bridges of Madison County External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Bring Me the Head Knife of Al'bedo Derssia Movie Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Bug Looks Like a Lady Song Dude (Looks Like a Lady) External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Built This City on Blocks and Soul (L) Song Starship: We Built This City External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Bundle Up, It's Odd out There Pun Bundle Up, It's Cold out There
Call Me Mating Song Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Campaign in the Membrane Song Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Can You Spare a Dolabra Pun Can You Spare a Dollar
Can't Say No to Gnat Pun Can't Say No to That
Can't Sleep, Inquisitors Will Eat Me TV Simpsons: "Can't sleep! Clown will Eat me!" External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Citizens' Canes Movie Citizen Kane External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Coeurl Scratch Fever Song Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Convalescence Precedes Essence Maxim Sartre: Existence precedes essence External Link Icon.png
Copper and Robbers Pun Cops and Robbers
Coral on My Mind Song Ray Charles: Georgia on My Mind External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Cower to the People Pun Power to the People
Crab Life by the Horns Pun Grab Life by the Horns
Dance, Magic Dance Song (Lyric) David Bowie: Magic Dance External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Dancing with the Stars TV Dancing with the Stars External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Dandelion Don't Tell No Lies Song (Lyric) The Rolling Stones: Dandelion External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Darkly Dreaming Dexterity (L) Book Jeff Lindsay: Darkly Dreaming Dexter External Link Icon.png
Days of Chunder Movie Days of Thunder External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Do My Little Turn on the Stonewalk (L) Song (Lyric) Right Said Fred: I'm Too Sexy External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Do They Ore Don't They Pun Do They Or Don't They
Don't Fear the Reaper Song (Lyric) Blue Öyster Cult: (Don't Fear) The Reaper External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Don't Hit Me One More Time Song (Lyric) Britney Spears: ...Baby One More Time External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Don't Tear Down This Wall Quote Ronald Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" External Link Icon.png
Doublet Jeopardy Pun Double Jeopardy External Link Icon.png
Drakes' Misfortune Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune External Link Icon.png
Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars, Dreams of Dragon Fire Song (Lyric) Metallica: Enter Sandman External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Dress for Aggress Pun Dress for Success
Earth Sprites Are Easy Movie Earth Girls Are Easy External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
East Bank Story Musical West Side Story External Link Icon.png
Emerald Soup for the Soul (L) Book Chicken Soup for the Soul External Link Icon.png
Everybody Cut Footloose Song (Lyric) Kenny Loggins: Footloose External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Fashion Weak Pun Fashion Week External Link Icon.png
Feast of All Soles Pun Feast of All Souls External Link Icon.png
Field of Beans Movie Field of Dreams External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Fifty Shields of Blades (L) Book/Movie Fifty Shields of Grey External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
First They Came for the Heretics Poem Martin Niemöller: First they came ... External Link Icon.png
Fishing Off the Company Pier Idiom Fishing Off the Company Pier
Flower Power Slogan Flower Power External Link Icon.png
For Crumbs' Sake Idiom for Christ's sake External Link Icon.png
Freight and Barrel Pun Crate and Barrel External Link Icon.png
Fuss in Boots Character/Movie From Rags to Riches External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Gathering Light TV Guiding Light External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Get Me to the War on Time Song Get Me to the Church on Time External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Get Shirty Movie Get Shorty External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Glad As a Hatter Idiom Mad As a Hatter External Link Icon.png
Glazed and Confused Movie Dazed and Confused External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Grapevine of Wrath Book/Movie The Grapes of Wrath External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Green and Bear It Idiom Grin and Bear It
Gridania's Got Talent TV America's Got Talent External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Grippy When Wet Idiom Slippery When Wet
Hard Knock Life Song It's the Hard Knock Life External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
He's Got Legs (Levequest) Song (Lyric) ZZ Top: Legs External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Headbangers' Thrall TV Headbangers Ball External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Hearth Maul Character Darth Maul External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Heinz's Dilemma (L) Maxim Heinz dilemma External Link Icon.png
Hello, Cousin (L) Musical/Movie Hello, Dolly! External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
High Above Me, She Sews Lovely Song (Lyric) Tal Bachman: She's So High External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Horn of Plenty Various Horn of Plenty External Link Icon.png
Hot Tub Clime Machine (L) Movie Hot Tub Time Machine External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
I Am a Rock Song Paul Simon: I Am a Rock External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
I Came, I Sawed, I Conquered (L) Idiom Veni, vidi, vici (I came; I saw; I conquered) External Link Icon.png
I Kidd You Not Pun I Kid You Not
I Need Your Glove Tonight Pun I Need Your Love Tonight
I Ram What I Ram Pun I Am What I Am External Link Icon.png
I Was a Teenage Wailer Movie I Was a Teenage Werewolf External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
I'll Show You My Battle Shards Pun I'll Show You My Battle Scars
I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay (L) Song (Lyrics) The Lumberjack Song External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
I've Got You under My Skin Song Frank Sinatra: I've Got You Under My Skin External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
I, Gladius Book I, Claudius External Link Icon.png
Ingot We Trust Idiom In God we trust External Link Icon.png
It Peiste to Listen Pun It Pays to Listen
It's Always Sunny in Vylbrand TV It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
It's Not Lupus TV Show/Meme House: "It's Not Lupus" External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
It's the Circlet of Life (L) Song Elton John: Circle of Life External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Jack of All Plates Pun Jack of All Trades External Link Icon.png
Jackal and the Livestock Pun Jack and the Beanstalk External Link Icon.png
Just Call Me Late for Dinner Idiom Call me anything, but don’t call me late for dinner” External Link Icon.png
Just for Kecks Idiom Just for Kicks
Just the Artifacts, Madam Idiom Just the Facts, Ma'am External Link Icon.png
Keeping Claw and Order Idiom Keeping Law and Order
Killing Beasts Softly Song Killing Me Softly with His Song External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Ladies and Gentians Idiom Ladies and Gentlemen
Leek Soup for the Soul Book Chicken Soup for the Soul External Link Icon.png
Let the Sun Shine In Song The 5th Dimension: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Let's Talk about Hex Song Salt-n-Pepa: Let's Talk About Sex External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Life's a Stitch Pun Life's a Bitch External Link Icon.png
Little Orphan Candy Comic Little Orphan Annie External Link Icon.png
Live Freelance or Die Pun Live Free or Die External Link Icon.png
Look How They Shine for You Song (Lyric) Coldplay: Yellow External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Loose Lips Heal (Broken) Hips Pun Loose lips sink ships External Link Icon.png
Love in the Time of Umbra Book/Movie Love in the Time of Cholera External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Love's Crumpets Lost Play Love's Labour's Lost External Link Icon.png
Mad about You TV Mad about You External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Making Gloves Out of Nothing at All Song Air Supply: Making Love Out of Nothing at All External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Man with a Dragon Earring (L) Book/Movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Marl-ementary Procedure Pun Parliamentary procedure External Link Icon.png
Men Who Scare Up Goats Book/Movie The Men Who Stare at Goats External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Mercury Rising Movie Mercury Rising External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Mind over Muzzle Pun Mind over Matter External Link Icon.png
Moon in Rouge Pun Moulin Rouge External Link Icon.png
Mors Dagger Character Dagger Morse External Link Icon.png
My Own Private Shell Movie My Own Private Idaho External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
My Sole to Take Maxim/Prayer Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep External Link Icon.png
Necklet of Champions Book/Movie Breakfast of Champions External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Need for Mead Idiom Need for Speed External Link Icon.png
Needful Rings Book/Movie Needful Things External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Needles to Say Idiom Needless to Say
Needs More Prayerbell Meme Needs more cowbell External Link Icon.png Huluicon.png
Negative, They Are Meat Popsicles (L) Movie Quote The Fifth Element: "Negative, I am a meat popsicle."  Imdbicon.png
Nightmare on My Street Movie A Nightmare on Elm Street External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
No Bane, No Gain Pun No Pain, No Gain External Link Icon.png
No Country for Cold Men Book/Movie No Country for Old Men External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
No Egg to Stand On Idiom No Leg to Stand On External Link Icon.png
No Margarine of Error (L) Pun No Margin of Error
No Pain, No Grain Pun No Pain, No Gain External Link Icon.png
North Ore South Pun North Or South
Nothing Compares to Shrews Song Sinéad O'Connor: Nothing Compares 2 U External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Nutbreaker Suite Song Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Of Mice and Demons Book/Movie Of Mice and Men External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Omelette's Be Friends Pun Let's Be Friends
One of Our Naturalists Is Missing Movie One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Open Your Grimoire to Page 42 Song Lyric Regina : Loveology External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Our Man in Ul'dah Book/Movie Our Man in Havana External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Out of Body, Out of Mind Song Lyric Out Of Body (Out Of Mind) External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Packmen Video Game Pack-Man External Link Icon.png
Pan That Laid the Golden Egg Story Pan That Laid the Golden Egg External Link Icon.png
Pants Are Not Enough Books Socks Are Not Enough/Pants Are Everything External Link Icon.png
Pantser Corps Video Game Panzer Corps External Link Icon.png
Papal Dispensation Jurisprudence Papal Dispensation External Link Icon.png
Patience, Young Grasshopper (L) TV Quote Kung Fu External Link Icon.png
Peddle to the Metal Pun Pedle to the Metal
Peril Never Wore Safety Goggles (L) Meme Carol never wore her safety goggles External Link Icon.png
Persona non Gratin Pun Persona non grata External Link Icon.png
Plague on Both Our Forests Play Quote Romeo and Juliet: "A plague o' both your houses!" External Link Icon.png
Please Halone, Tell Me I'm Still Asleep Song Lyric Barenaked Ladies (Pinch Me): "Please God Tell me. That I'm still asleep." External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Point Them with the Sticky End TV Quote Game of Thrones: "Stick them with the pointy end." External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Quit Your Jib-jab Quote/Meme Mr. T: "Quit yo Jibber-jabber" External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Rage against the Scream (L) Band Rage Against the Machine External Link Icon.png
Red Letter Day Idiom Red Letter Day External Link Icon.png
Red Stead Redemption Game Red Dead Redemption External Link Icon.png
Reeking Havoc Idiom Wreak havoc External Link Icon.png
Renascence Man Idiom Renaissance Man External Link Icon.png
Rise and Dine Idiom Rise and Shine External Link Icon.png
Rivets Run Through It Book/Movie A River Runs Through It External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Road Worriers Idiom Road Warriors External Link Icon.png
Rodents of Unusual Size Movie Quote The Princess Bride: "Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist." External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Rolanberry Fields Forever Music The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Rope a 'Lope Idiom Rope-a-dope External Link Icon.png
Saw, Shank, and Redemption (L) Movie The Shawshank Redemption  Imdbicon.png
Shaken, Not Stirred Movie Quote James Bond:Shaken, not stirred External Link Icon.png
Shut Up and Take My Gil Meme Shut Up And Take My Money! External Link Icon.png
Sir, Dost Thou Even Heft Meme Do You Even Lift? External Link Icon.png
Sleepless in Silvertear Movie Sleepless in Seattle External Link Icon.png
So You Think You Can Lance? TV Show So You Think You Can Dance  Imdbicon.png
Spelling Me Softly Music Fugees - Killing Me Softly External Link Icon.png Youtubeplayicon.png
Stay on Target Movie Quote "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope: "Gold Five: Stay on target!  Youtubeplayicon.png Imdbicon.png
Still Crazy After All These Years Music Paul Simon:Still Crazy After All These Years External Link Icon.png
Storm of Swords Book George R. R. Martin: A Storm of Swords (Game of Thrones Series) External Link Icon.png
Strand by Me Movie Stand by Me External Link Icon.png Imdbicon.png
Supply Side Logic Maxim Supply-side economics External Link Icon.png

Quest Type Reference Source(s)
Criminal Crossings Game Animal Crossing External Link Icon.png
Black Squawk Down Movie Black Hawk Down External Link Icon.png
Rock the Castrum Song The Clash: Rock the Casbah External Link Icon.png

Quest Type Reference Source(s)
Metal Gears Rising Game Metal Gear Rising External Link Icon.png
Metal Gears Revengeance Game Metal Gear Rising: Revengence External Link Icon.png
Metal Gears Revengeance 2 Game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 2 (Attempted Sequel) External Link Icon.png

Item Type Reference Source(s)
Rarefied Applewood Staff Music Flo Rida - Low External Link Icon.png