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Guide:The Whorleater (Extreme)

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Although the fight begins with Leviathan in a center-north position of the vertical-rectangular arena, throughout the rest of the fight, his position and mechanics are based around ten spots that surround the platform. Each spot is linked to the one directly across from it; Leviathan's tail will always be directly across from his head, and he will dive across the boat from one spot to the one across from it. In the south-center position of the battlefield is a shield generator that must be interacted with twice throughout the fight at specific moments to defend against his special ability, Tidal Wave.

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Body Slam[edit]

Signaled by a geyser at one of the four outside corners (marked in red), Leviathan will rear out of the water and horizontally slam the platform, causing party members to slide towards him while dealing damage to those he hits directly. In the beginning of the fight, railings will prevent people (and corpses) from sliding over the edge, but these will disappear after the first Tidal Wave, making the skill of predicting body slam a necessity.

Whether the body slam comes from the north or the south is random, but the first will come from the west and alternate between west and east for the rest of the fight. By positioning yourself in the middle of the platform and facing the direction you know he'll be slamming from, you can see the waterspout in time to run in the opposite direction. If you inadvertently face the wrong direction, you can still hear the geyser behind you and discern which way to run.

Guide - Whorleater Extreme - Body Slam.png


A small, point-blank AOE will appear under each healer and do a small amount of damage to all standing nearby. For this reason, healers should stay primarily in the middle of the arena unless dodging other mechanics

Wavespine Sahagin[edit]

At first, Wavespines will only use Bilgestorm, a frontal cone weaponskill, and Stun Shot, which adds a short Paralysis debuff. However, if left alive too long, they will cast Hydro Shot on the deck. If this cast is completed, a large, circular pool appears on the platform that will adhere a damage over time debuff called Dropsy that ticks for about 1,500 HP. These will show up in pairs, but if the DPS engage them in a timely manner, they should be dead before Hydro Shot is used.

Wavetooth Sahagin[edit]

Wavetooth Sahagin will show up solo, but attempt to use Dreadwash (full-field short-term hysteria) and Dreadstorm (circular pool that causes hysteria if touched) at every available opportunity. It is advisable that this add be stun-locked and defeated swiftly. Oftentimes, a Paladin will tank the tail to remain relatively free for this purpose.

Grand Fall & Spinning Dive[edit]

This mechanic is the most difficult part of the fight for many players. Leviathan will submerge and then,

from a location signaled by a geyser, dive across the platform from one of the ten locations to the one directly across from it.


The Pull[edit]

There is nothing special about the pull itself; once engaged, Leviathan will simply stay in place at the north for a short time, spamming Attack on the tank until his rotation begins.

Phase One[edit]

He will then descend into the water and a geyser will appear over one of the width-ways (east-west) sides. This geyser marks the location from which he will body slam, so the party must run to the other side of the platform and prepare to slide towards him. After this, two Wavespine Sahagin will jump over the north edge of the Whorleater and begin to attack.

Battle Summary[edit]

└─ Body Slam

  • Summon Orbs
  • Wave
  • Length, Side, side, slam

Ability Reference[edit]

Attack Spits water in the face of a single target.
Aqua Breath Small AOE water spell targeted on the active tank.
Dread Tide Columnar AOE dealing moderate damage to the active tank.
Grand Fall A large, swirling AOE deals moderate damage and inflicts slow on multiple players across the field.
Waterspout A small, circular AOE appears under multiple players, doing negligible damage if these players are not stacked.
Veil of the Whorl Buff that grants Leviathan's head reflect against ranged damage.
Body Slam Signaled by a geyser, Leviathan rears out of the water and slams himself width-ways (east/west) across one-third of the field, destabilizing the platform.
Spinning Dive Signaled by a geyser, Leviathan jumps out of the water and dashes across the deck either length or width-wise.
Leviathan's Tail
Scale Darts Leviathan's tail fires several projectiles at a single target.
Mantle of the Whorl Buff that grants Leviathan's tail reflect against magickal damage.
Wavespine Sahagin
Wavetooth Sahagin

DREADSTORM - AOE Pool DREADWASH - Field Hysteria TIDAL ROAR - Wave Attack

AETHER DRAW - Removes resources from the elemental converter