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Halone {ha-low'-nay}, mover of glaciers and goddess of war, is the guardian deity of Ishgard. She commands the element of Ice and is associated with the first moon of the Eorzean calendar. Halone is the daughter of Rhalgr, and a bitter rival of Nophica. She is most often depicted as a relentless warrioress armed with a bronze greatshield. Her symbol is the three spears.
Elemental Resistances as Player Guardian
Fire Element Icon ARR.png + 0 Ice Element Icon ARR.png + 4 Wind Element Icon ARR.png + 3 Earth Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Lightning Element Icon ARR.png + 2 Water Element Icon ARR.png + 2
Pantheon: The Twelve
Title: The Fury
Subtitle: Mover of glaciers
Goddess of: War
Symbol: Three spears.
Gender: Female
Aspect: Ice
Patron of: Ishgard
Depiction: A relentless warrior armed with a bronze greatshield
Month: 1
Parents: Rhalgr

Siblings: Elder brother Byregot
Other: Oschon is a close companion. Nophica is her bitter rival.

Halone is likely based on the Hindu goddess Parvati, the female aspect of the god Shiva. In Hindu literature, Parvati is generally not viewed as a warrior goddess, rather often portrayed as having a calming effect on Shiva's rage. However, when Parvati is driven to wrath, she will create a new goddess version of herself to do her warfare for her. In one such tale, she created the goddess Durga, a relentless warrior who carried a legendary weapon in each of her multiple hands. In Northern India, Parvati is made manifest as a holy ice formation (along with Shiva and his son) called a lingam, which may explain Halone's connection with ice. While Halone is associated with the Fifth Moon of the Eorzean clandar, Parvati's holy Gauri Festival is observed during India's fifth lunar month. Parvati is often depicted holding a three-pronged spear called a trishula which may correspond to Halone's three spears.

Halone's holy symbol of three spears may additionally refer to the Three Great Spears of Japan (said to be the greatest spears under heaven) which go by the names Tonbogiri, Otegine, and Nihongo.

Worship of Halone by the Ishgardian Orthodox Church shares similarities with Roman Catholicism including Halonic rosaries and feast days.

  • Information in pre-release versions of FFXIV associated Halone with the 5th month of the Eorzean calendar.
  • The Ishgardian Orthodox Church is dedicated solely to the worship of the Fury as matron deity of Ishgard.
  • Halone Gerbera is a plant said to be beloved of the goddess.
  • Something or someone pertaining to Halone is referred to as "Halonic".
  • The mark of Halone is located at the Fury's Gaze in Coerthas Central Highlands. Before the Calamity, it was found on a location by the same name, but located west of the now-destroyed Camp Riversmeet.
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