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Hearts of Gold

Sidequest1 Icon.pngNew Lv. 15   Hearts of Gold

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Ollier: The Gold Saucer - Round Square - Mt. Corel (x:5.5, y:7.1)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: The Gold Saucer → Round Square

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
080116.png15A Golden OpportunitySidequest1 Icon.png A Golden Opportunity (Level 15)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 15)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Wind-up Godbert
059876.png Everything Gold Can Stay
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Ollier stands at the ready to call upon the Gold Saucer's proprietor.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Godbert.
  • Speak with Ollier.

  • Ollier stands at the ready to call upon the Gold Saucer's proprietor.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • As promised, Ollier summons Godbert Manderville to give you a personal tour of the Gold Saucer. The elusive goldsmith seems more than eager to show off his creation, and suggests that you first head to the aetheryte plaza before continuing further.
※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • During the tour, you learn facts about the Gold Saucer that none but Godbert himself have been privy to and gain a newfound appreciation of the locale's history. Kipih Jakkya appears more than satisfied with the interview and is eager to begin her article. Before you depart, however, Godbert encourages you to visit Ollier, who has a parting gift to give you.
  • Ollier presents you with a gift to commemorate this rare opportunity, and encourages you to return whenever you please. It would be best to do so soon, however, while the MGP flows freely and the smiles come easily.

I trust you are ready for the interview? I shall call upon Lord Manderville, so please wait here until his arrival.

As for the Harbor Herald and the Mythril Eye, I ask that you follow me.

While none are as knowledgeable as Lord Manderville, our staff shall do their utmost to guide you upon an educational─and dare I say entertaining─journey of the Gold Saucer.
Ho ho ho! Apologies for the wait. I take it you're the eagle-eyed reporter from The Raven.
Quest Completed
Quest Completed
Accompanied by none other than my old friend Forename, I see! You haven't decided to doff the mantle of adventurer in favor of a reporter's quill and ink, have you?

Lord Manderville, 'tis a pleasure to make your personal acquaintance. My name is Kipih Jakkya of The Raven, and I have the honor of penning this exclusive interview with your esteemed personage.

This adventurer was kind enough to assist me on this project, so please consider him a temporary member of our staff.

Very good, very good! I am overjoyed to host you both at my darling Gold Saucer.

Naturally, I expect some initial awkwardness as I become accustomed to the process, but I shall do my utmost to bare both body and soul to your inquiries. Ask away!
Your candor is much appreciated, Lord Manderville. Now then, perhaps you might share with us some exclusive details regarding the Gold Saucer's creation?
Ohoho, a simple question! I thought you might ask me to divulge the secret of my family's peerless beauty, which has been carefully guarded for generations.
Y-Yes, well, I intend to get there in time, of course. But the objective of my article is to convey the charm of your establishment to my readers, and where better to start than with the tale of its inception?

Only a reporter most masterful looks past the beauty of the man to the beauty of what he has wrought. How delightful, indeed! Come, allow me to give you the grand tour whilst answering your question with pomp and circumstance.

Let us head for the aetheryte plaza, which rests in the heart of the Gold Saucer. From there I shall guide, and show you why House Manderville's ingenuity knows no equal!
Quest Accepted
This is a dream come true─a scoop to surpass all scoops! I've made my preparations, so whenever you're ready, just say the word.
Just a moment after I spied the mammet, I spied the reporter from The Raven picking it up. Oh, if only I didn't stop for refreshments...
It seems I was no match for you, adventurer. You found both mammets before I even had a chance to take the lay of the land. I know who to call upon next time I need to search for treasure.
Some of the following events cannot be skipped. You may wish to cancel any pending Duty Finder registrations.
Begin the tour?
Allow me to welcome you anew to the Gold Saucer! I, Godbert Manderville, am at your complete disposal. Simply tell me where you wish to go and you shall have my personal escort!

To Entrance Square.

To Round Square.

To Event Square.

To Wonder Square.

I've seen enough.

Never mind.
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Where will you go?
Pressing matters to attend to? Very well! I shall wait here until you wish to resume the tour.
Tour the area again?
Are you sure you wish to conclude Godbert's tour?
Conclude the tour?

Feeling tired already, adventurer? Well, let it not be said that The Raven neglects to allow its assistants proper time for rest. I'll accompany Lord Manderville on the rest of the tour and bask in what tidbits of lore he deigns to offer!

Very good. I believe I have more than enough information to write several articles!
It's been quite a while since I've spoken of my beloved Gold Saucer at such length. I do hope my ramblings did not bore you.
Far from it, Lord Manderville. I quite enjoyed your anecdotes, as I'm sure will each and every one of The Raven's readers!

Ho, ho, I am delighted to hear it.

We built the Gold Saucer to revitalize commerce and rekindle the spark of joy in people's lives.

Laughter and smiles are as much a lifeblood as food and shelter. This place serves to fulfill that all too elusive need.

Not only for our patrons, but for our workers who tirelessly keep the Gold Saucer operating smoothly. My greatest hope is for their happiness.
I see... A beacon of joy, guiding people to the smiles they've forgotten. I believe I can use that...

Five years after the Seventh Umbral Calamity ravaged Eorzea, the Gold Saucer rose from the sands of Ul'dah, serving as a beacon for all in the realm who sought leisure and diversion.

For the Calamity had dealt the city-states a grievous blow, and each and every citizen had worked tirelessly to see their homes healed. I built the Gold Saucer to be a place where the beleaguered could forget their worries for a time and remember the feeling of a smile upon their faces.

A noble purpose, to be sure─especially considering the amount of your own wealth you poured into reconstruction efforts.

To build a legendary monument of recreation during such trying times must have been a challenge, considering the resources and manpower necessary for such an undertaking.

But that is exactly why it had to be done! To give work to hands robbed of purpose by disaster and thereby construct the backbone of a thriving economy.

I owe a great debt to each and every person under my employ. It was only by their hard work and diligence that the Gold Saucer was able to aid Eorzea in her time of need.

As the cactus weathers hot desert climes, so too did my workers persevere with indefatigable spirit. For this reason, I chose the sabotender as our mascot, with the appellation “Senor” as a sign of respect for their contributions.

All of that being said, the Gold Saucer is no charity. Quite the opposite in fact! An operation of this magnitude would soon shrivel in the sun without the steady flow of profit.

There is much more I could say on the matter, but alas, we only have so much time! Let us return to the aetheryte plaza and perhaps consider a change of scenery.

Ho ho ho! Round Square, yes! So famous

...Ah, yes, of course! Mt. Corel soars majestic over its domain! Have you ever seen its like before?

I wager you haven't! For this peak that countless visitors climb and descend daily is a construction of my imagination. Do you know what inspired me?
Inspired? This was fashioned based on a model?
That it was, but I'm not surprised the name wouldn't ring familiar. Mt. Corel appears in a classic tale I used to enjoy immensely as a young lad.
Quest Completed

I very much look forward to hearing the story of the Gold Saucer from the man himself!

If there is any place you wish to see first, simply ask Master Godbert─you'll hear no objections from me.
Have you finished with your interview already, Master Surname? I was informed that Lord Manderville intended to commence his personal tour from the aetheryte plaza.
Welcome back. Allow me to thank you once again for answering our invitation.

The pleasure was all mine. It was an honor to hear such firsthand accounts from the Gold Saucer's founder.

I see now that this amusement center was designed with much care for the people it serves.

In fact, I'm thinking of entitling my article “The Gold Saucer: Where Hearts of Gold Reign.”

I hope it will convince more people to come and visit for themselves─and perhaps take with them a heart full of mirth.

Of course I haven't forgotten you, adventurer. I shall make sure to credit you in my article front and center!
Before you depart, allow me to present you with a small token of our appreciation. Our event will be underway for some time yet, so we hope you continue to enjoy all the Gold Saucer has to offer!
Quest Completed
I can feel the ideas bubbling to the surface already... I must start writing at once!
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