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The Heavens' Ward, the personal bodyguard of the archbishop, serves at the pleasure of His Eminence and answers to none but him. Under normal circumstances, the knights of the Heavens' Ward exist outside the normal hierarchy of the Holy See, but when charged with carrying out the personal directives of the archbishop, they may act with his authority and issue orders to Temple Knights and others.

Traditionally, the knights of the Heavens' Ward do not engage in politics, as their duty to the archbishop supersedes all others. On occasion, they may act in ways which appear to favor one house over another. However, they do so only at the behest of the archbishop, and never of their own volition—though they have considerable latitude as to how precisely they carry out his orders. While a High House will, ostensibly, gain no political advantage should a son or daughter be inducted into the ranks of the Heavens’ Ward, it is nevertheless considered a great honor.

Because the Heavens' Ward can act with the authority of the archbishop, many presume that the easiest way to join their ranks is to earn the favor of the archbishop himself. However, after appointing Ser Zephirin to lead the current Heavens' Ward, Thordan VII instructed him to select the remaining members for their skill at arms only, without regard for their character or familial connections, which the young archimandrite then did, with the assistance of Ser Vellguine.

In keeping with the tradition established by King Thordan, the Heavens' Ward is comprised of twelve knights appointed by the archbishop himself. As a rule, married men are forbidden from joining the Heavens' Ward, and like members of the clergy of the Holy See, the knights must swear an oath of celibacy. Ultimately, they must dedicate their lives wholly to the service of the archbishop, the sole interpreter of the will of Halone.

Upon being inducted into the ranks of the Heavens' Ward, each knight receives arms and armor crafted for their personal use in the private workshops of the Holy Vault. [1]


  1. Ser Zephirin the Just
  2. Ser Vellguine the Unbreakable Stone Spear
  3. Ser Charibert the Stern
  4. Ser Grinnaux the Bull
  5. Ser Adelphel Brightblade
  6. Ser Paulecrain Coldfire
  7. Ser Haumeric the Valiant
  8. Ser Guerrique the Cleaver
  9. Ser Hermenost the Levinlight
  10. Ser Noudenet the Wise
  11. Ser Janlenoux of the Steel Oath
  12. Ser Ignasse of the Dragon's Tail
Members: Ser Adelphel, Ser Charibert, Ser Grinnaux, Ser Guerrique, Ser Haumeric, Ser Hermenost, Ser Ignasse, Ser Janlenoux, Ser Noudenet, Ser Paulecrain, Ser Vellguine, Ser Zephirin
  • The Heavens' Ward are seated around the archbishop by seniority, with Ser Zephirin and Ser Vellguine seated at his right and left, respectively, and Ser Janlenoux and Ser Ignasse seated farthest from His Eminence. [1]
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