Hide and Seek Shenanigans

This quest is 'Obsolete' and has either been replaced with another quest or removed from the game entirely.
Removed Icon.pngHide and Seek Shenanigans  OBSOLETE/REMOVED
Removed Quest
Removed Quest
Was Issued By: A'naidjaa
Used to Require Class: Carpenter
Was Quest Type: Non-Combat
Classification: Class Quest
Formerly Unlocked Quests: The Mouthes of Babes
Obsolete Quest Journal Entries

A`naidjaa has asked you to watch after the younglings while Marcelloix attends to more pressing affairs. Head through the door at the rear of the Oak Atrium, and visit the children in their workshop.

Marcelloix's pressing affairs continue, and you have been asked to watch over the children and make sure that they do not leave their workshop until they are called to eat. Talk to the younglings and try to keep them under control.

Talking to the children reveals only that they are extremely bored. They decide amongst themselves to engage you in a friendly game of hide-and-seek...well beyond the confines of the workshop. Search the town for the children and see them safely back to the Oak Atrium. Perhaps A'naidjaa would have some idea of where they have gone off too...

You find Nicoliaux, poorly attempting ot hide in the Acorn Orchard, But where could the others be? Parley with Nicoliaux and coax whatever information you can from him. Perhaps Sansa knows something as well.

The younglins hav ereveals that one of them is likely hiding somewhere near the Wailing Barracks. Find the sprat and end this game!

Sure enough, stuttering Ryd was hiding at the Wailing Barracks. But the game is not over yet... Parley with Ryd to discover what he knows of the other hiding children.

Powle has suggested that some of the other children may be hiding near the Quiver's Hold. But where...?

You discover Elyn hiding near the Quiver's Hold. Parley with her to learn whatever she might know. Also, it seems that Nicoliaux may be privy to the hiding spot of the last remaining child - Aunillie.

Aunillie never left the workshop - best hiding spot ever. You have successfully found all of the children and gathered them together safely. Return them all to the Oak Atrium workshop.

The call to eat comes and the children bolt for the mess tables. It seems everything worked out in the end. Speak to A'naidjaa to receive your reward.

Reflecting upon one of the toys made by the younglings, A'naidjaa expreses her desire to deliver such toys to the children of the other nations of Eorzea. She has asked you to take a collection of such toys south to Ul'dah, and deliver them to the children at Frondale's Phrontistery. She assures you the reward will be ample.

You deliver the toys to Nogeloix at the Phrontistery, who is extremely grateful for the Oak Atrium's charity. Further, he entrusts you with a delivery meant for MArcelloix. Return the the Carpenters' Guild and speak to A'naidjaa about that ample reward.

Upon returning, A'naidjaa shares with you recent rumors of a ghost which has been haunting the halls of the Oak Atrium at night. As a result, the terrified children have been unnervingly quiet and well-behaved. See that the package entrusted to you be Nogeloix is delivered to Marcelloix, whom A'naidjaa informs you is staying at the Roost.

After some urging, V'korolon reluctantly agrees to summon Marcelloix. While working with a rare species of lumber that contains a skin irritant, it seems that the skin and features of Marcelloix's face have been hideously disfigured. The package you have brought from the Phrontistery contains the treatment to cure the ailment, and pleases Marcelloix a great deal. Return to the Oak Atrium and speak wo A'naidjaa to receive your reward.