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High-steppin' in the Holy See

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 68   High-steppin' in the Holy See

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Nashmeira: New Gridania - Acorn Orchard (x:10.1, y:11.8)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: New Gridania

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png65Dances with DuskwightsFeaturequest1 Icon.png Dances with Duskwights (Level 65)

Dancer Icon 3.png Dancer (Level 68)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Nashmeira is smiling at you expectantly.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Ranaa Mihgo in Ishgard.
  • Speak with Handeloup at the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly.
  • Speak with Ranaa Mihgo at the Gates of Judgement.
  • Defeat the foreboding aethers. 0/2
  • Speak with Ranaa Mihgo.
  • Speak with Ranaa Mihgo in front of the Adders' Nest in Gridania.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png70Save the Last Dance for MeFeaturequest1 Icon.png Save the Last Dance for Me (Level 70)

  • Nashmeira is smiling at you expectantly.
  • Mistress Nashmeira is pleased to announce that she has received good tidings from Ishgard─the Holy See has agreed to host a performance by Troupe Falsiam. While there are no indications that the dance of the damned has yet struck Coerthas, the troupe leader bids you be vigilant in light of the nation's war-torn past. With Nashmeira still nursing the injuries she suffered in Gridania, she bids you and Ranaa make the journey alone.
  • You arrive in Ishgard and meet up with Ranaa, who is having a difficult time adjusting to the colder climes, but nevertheless eagerly looking forward to the forthcoming performance. Together with your fellow rising star, you set off for the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly to pay your respects to your host Ser Handeloup, who has taken on the responsibility of organizing the show.
  • At the Congregation, Ser Handeloup cordially welcomes you and Ranaa to the Holy See. While he admits to feeling some initial surprise and skepticism regarding the so-called dance of the damned, he is more than happy to do what he can to aid in your efforts. It would appear Mistress Nashmeira left him strict instructions to assemble a group of particularly outspoken disgruntled citizens, in hopes that performing for them would afford you a chance to stave off the Totentanz before it can strike. You and Ranaa express your gratitude, then set off for the Gates of Judgement, where your audience awaits.
  • Despite being faced with your most intimidating crowd to date, Ranaa dances the Kriegstanz to perfection, drawing the aetheric manifestations of anger and hatred out from the hearts of the audience members. Stare down and chase away the shadows, that these unfortunate souls may feel a measure of hope and happiness once more.
  • You wield your techniques to perfection and dramatically dispel the shadows, bringing Troupe Falsiam's performance to a triumphant close. Take a moment to catch your breath and bask in your victory, then congratulate your dance partner Ranaa on a job well done.
  • As you and Ranaa celebrate the success of your performance, the townspeople surround you and shower you with praise for entertaining and inspiring them with your art. Likewise, the two of you express your appreciation for your admiring audience, and prepare to bid Ishgard farewell. Mistress Nashmeira awaits you in Gridania, where she is doubtless waiting to hear word of your triumph.
  • You return to Gridania only to find Mistress Nashmeira absent. As Kuihlud tells it, she has apparently moved on to Ala Mhigo to survey the current situation with the help of an old friend. You and Ranaa resolve to redouble your efforts in training until such time as Nashmeira summons you for your final performance.
※The next dancer quest will be available from Nashmeira upon reaching level 70.

It's not easy finding time to practice the new steps Mistress Nashmeira taught me while rehearsing for my daily performances, but knowing that I have a duty to perform gives me the strength I need to carry on.
They say the Shroud is home to many bards─minstrels who wield song and bow alike in battle. Though I have not seen their art in action, I cannot help but feel a common bond between them and our dancers.
Ah, Forename. Your timing is impeccable. I just received word from Ishgard─the powers that be have decided to welcome Troupe Falsiam with open arms.

Fortunately, there are no rumors to suggest that the Totentanz has already struck in the city, or any of the surrounding regions in Coerthas.

And yet, word has it that some of the less privileged residents of the city have grown increasingly vocal of late─not entirely unlike what we witnessed in Ul'dah. We must be vigilant.

And so I would like to ask you and Ranaa to make for the Holy See as soon as you are able. I would join you, but I fear my wounds are not healing as quickly as I had hoped. I would only slow you down.
Leave it to us, Mistress Nashmeira. No matter what shadows plague the people's hearts, they'll be no match for your two favorite protégés!
Come, Forename. Ishgard awaits us! Er, which way was it again?
Harsh climes await you in Ishgard, yes? I do hope Ranaa intends to pack some warmer clothes...
Whatever dangers await you in Ishgard, I have no doubt that you and Ranaa are more than up to the task.
Brrrrrr! Why, my arms and legs feel like they're going to freeze and snap off like icicles! How can you even bear this, Forename?
What will you say?
I've gotten used to it. Mind over matter.
Hmm. I suppose adventurers like you get to experience all sorts of climes in your travels. Perhaps with time, I'll get used to it, too!
Hah! I suppose I just need to grin and bear it, then. Oh well...once we start dancing, it should warm us up in no time!
Anyhow, our first order of business is to pay our respects to our hosts. I've been told that one Ser Handeloup awaits us at a place they call the Congregation. I take it that you know the way?
Well met, Forename! It is always a pleasure to welcome you back to Ishgard. Though I must say, I did not expect to see you return to us as a member of a traveling dance troupe.
Just wait until you see him on stage─he's a sight to behold! Oh, but forgive me. My name is Ranaa Mihgo, and I thank you for opening the gates of your fair city to Troupe Falsiam.
The pleasure is ours. I must confess that I found the report from our friends at the Twin Adder regarding this “dance of the damned” somewhat difficult to believe. But if even a great hero like Forename here would come all the way here for this purpose, I would be a fool to dismiss the threat.
And yet, I have questions. The instructions from your Mistress Nashmeira called for rounding up prominent members of the commoner class, and seating them front and center at your performance. I did not object, of course, but...whatever purpose is this meant to serve?
The Totentanz is a plague that spreads from one man's heart to the next, and those whose hearts weigh heaviest with anger, fear, and unease are often the first to fall prey to its clutches.
If we can assemble influential members of the community and free their hearts from shadow before disaster strikes, these men and women could in turn raise the spirits of their peers. Mistress Nashmeira believes this is our best hope for curtailing the spread of the Totentanz.
Where the leaders go, so others will follow. I suppose it is as logical a course of action as any.
Very well. I have already identified suitable personages and extended to them an invitation to your performance. The venue will be before the Gates of Judgement. We believed this location would be most accessible to those who live outside the city walls.
Thank you kindly, my good ser! Well then, Forename, we'd best get on our way! We don't want to keep our audience waiting out there in the freezing cold, do we? Oh, why did I remind myself about the cold... Brrrrrr!
Your audience awaits you before the Gates of Judgement─I will leave matters in your capable hands. That said, your friend─Ranaa, was it?─seems quite sensitive to the chill in the air. Perhaps she should consider donning a nice, warm coat when she's not performing?
Talk about an imposing audience─now let's give them a show to remember! Oh, and Forename...let's keep the true purpose of our performance to ourselves, all right?

We don't want to cause a panic, after all. If we can draw out and dispel the darkness before the Totentanz strikes, our task will be that much the easier. And besides, we want our audience to enjoy the show, don't we?

I must admit, I'm a bit nervous. But I know we'll be fine if we trust in each other. All right, here goes nothing─watch closely and follow my lead!
Ladies, gentlemen...fair citizens of the Holy See. Hailing from distant Radz–at–Han in the East, we are Troupe Falsiam. Today, we dance for you the Kriegstanz─an ancient art passed down to us from the days of yore.

Though the Kriegstanz was born on the battlefield, it is a dance that brings healing and succor. Your people suffered for too long the horrors of the Dragonsong War. Let our performance fill your hearts with hope and heal any scars that may still linger.

And now, without further ado, let the show begin!
I've never seen dancing like this before... It stirs the very depths of my soul!
Just watching her, I can feel all my pain and anger melting away...
Er, pay no mind to those ominous clouds! It's all part of the performance, you see. Yes, Troupe Falsiam spares no expenses in treating our audience to a spectacle for the senses!
That's your cue, Forename! Now sweep those nasty shadows away!
Don't worry about me─it's our admiring audience that needs you now!
When I received a sudden invitation to this performance, I didn't know what to expect. But that...that was simply remarkable! Ever since the show ended, my mind is clear, and all my troubles just don't seem so bad anymore.
And I the same. I must say, that last scene where that fearsome shadow-beast appeared was particularly dramatic and invigorating!
It's the strangest feeling. Even though my lot in life hasn't changed one bit, I feel like I'll be able to face tomorrow with my head held high. folks are far too kind. But I thank you, one and all! Never in my life have I felt so proud to be a dancer!
Nothing quite like seeing all those smiling, satisfied faces─don't you agree, Forename? Just the thought that we were able to bring a measure of happiness and hope to these proud, strong people makes all the hard hours of training worthwhile.

And can you believe it? We were even able to stave off the shadows before the Totentanz even struck! I do believe we've more than done Nashmeira proud.

I daresay our job here is done, so why don't we head back to Gridania and share the good tidings with everyone? I'll race you there!
I trust your performance in Ishgard was a success? As for us, I fear there's been something of an unexpected development...
Forename! It's Mistress Nashmeira! She...she's gone!
Settle down, Ranaa. Nothing ill has befallen our leader. She has simply taken a leave of absence, entirely of her own volition.

Said she had a matter to attend to with an old friend─the same friend who introduced her to our patron Master Gegeruju, if I recall.

She was reluctant to go into detail, but it would seem this individual is also familiar with the Totentanz, and has been researching the situation in Ala Mhigo on our behalf.

Miss Nashmeira means to join her there and scout out a suitable venue for our ultimate performance. She has asked that you and Ranaa continue training on your own until such time as she summons us.
Would it have killed her to at least wait for our report? Or does this mean that she actually...trusts us?

If Mistress Nashmeira believes in our ability to handle affairs, I suppose we owe her the same in return. Now that Ala Mhigo has finally been freed from the Garlean yoke, surely it's only a matter of time before its people are ready to welcome us with open arms.

If Mistress Nashmeira believes in our ability to handle affairs, I suppose we owe her the same in return. If recent rumors are to be believed, Ala Mhigo is on the verge of winning its battle for freedom. Surely it's only a matter of time before its people are ready to welcome us.

At the same time, much like Ishgard, it is a land whose people have known more than their fair share of suffering. We will need to be at our best to deliver them from the dance of the damned. You know what that means, Forename─we must train ourselves with greater discipline than ever before!
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