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Hippo Cart (Mount)

Hippo Cart (Mount) Icon.pngHippo Cart (Mount)Flying Mount 
Drawing upon the design of chocobo carriages, a collective of Arkasodara youths invented this two-wheeled hippo-drawn cart. The sunshade cloth incorporates techniques used in crafting Corvosi flying carpets, and grants cart and hippo both the ability to soar the skies.
Hippo Cart (Mount) Patch.png

A hippo cart can outrun most anythin' in this jungle.
- Trna

Acquisition: Purchased for 18x Arkasodara Pana from Ghanta, Rank 7 (Sworn) required with the Arkasodara tribe.
Requires: Hippo Cart Horn
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Actions: Red Gulal (Mount Action)
Yellow Gulal (Mount Action)
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