Honorable Heroes

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 60   Honorable Heroes
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png16,740 Gil Icon.png813
Optional Rewards
Flaugnarde Icon.png x1 Loaghtan Cordon Bleu Icon.png x1 Spaghetti Pescatore Icon.png x1 Allagan Silver Piece Icon.png x1 
Informationicon.png Description
Papalymo has a mind to learn the Griffin's true intentions.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
Issuing NPC: Papalymo
Southern Thanalan -Broken Water -The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Landmark) (25-12)
Type: Main Scenario
Unlocks: One Life for One WorldMainquest1 Icon.png
Quest: Mainquest1 Icon.pngWhen We Were Free
Required Items
Weathered Shepherd's Tunic Icon.png Weathered Shepherd's Slops Icon.png Sack of Gil (Honorable Heroes) Icon.png
Lore & Dialogue
Loremonger:Honorable Heroes
NPCs Involved: TalebotAlphinaud
Items Involved: Weathered Shepherd's TunicWeathered Shepherd's SlopsSack of Gil (Honorable Heroes)
NPC Locations
Papalymo in Southern Thanalan at (25.1-12.7)
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Alphinaud in Southern Thanalan at (25.1-12.6)
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Yda in Southern Thanalan at (25.1-12.7)
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Alisaie in Southern Thanalan at (17-14.5)
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Talebot in Southern Thanalan at (19.9-15)
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Alphinaud in Southern Thanalan at (19.9-15)
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Alphinaud in Southern Thanalan at (19.4-11.9)
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Alphinaud in Southern Thanalan at (19.4-11.9)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png Alphinaud in Southern Thanalan at (19.4-11.9)
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  • Papalymo surmises that the Ala Mhigan posing as the Griffin may well be one of Resistance leader's closest associates, and party to his master's overarching plan. Like the Griffin himself, however, the man is wary of strangers, and will need to be lured out if you are to question him. That being the case, Papalymo would have you and Alphinaud pose as adventurers fallen on hard times who have been inspired by his words to take up arms for the Resistance. While he and Yda convince the masked impostor of your worthiness, you and Alphinaud are to purchase suitably filthy garments from a refugee named Talebot using the funds Papalymo has provided.
  • Talebot is more than happy to supply you with worn-out, dirt-stained garments in exchange for nothing more than a sack of gil and a promise to tell him nothing of your intentions. Having agreed to the man's terms, Alphinaud regards his new used tunic and slops with a mixture of excitement and horror.
  • Having obtained your disguises, you need only change and wait with Alphinaud outside Little Ala Mhigo until the false Griffin arrives. Of course, this may prove difficult should you somehow misplace the weathered tunic and slops...but considering the rather large sum you paid Talebot, he should have little reason to deny you another set.
  • Yda and Papalymo arrive at the appointed hour, along with the masked impostor and a single bodyguard. Swiftly dispensing with any attempt at subterfuge, Alphinaud accuses the Griffin and his Masks of conspiring to summon a primal. At once, the man identifies you all as members of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and rather admirably proceeds to refute your accusations, calmly explaining that the crystals were traded with the Amalj'aa in exchange for their aid in battle against the Garleans. When Yda scolds him for striking such a shortsighted bargain, however, he explodes in anger, declaring that the Griffin and his loyal Masks will do whatever it takes to win Ala Mhigo's freedom. Regaining his composure, he invites you to search his camp for the crystals if you doubt his word, and Papalymo accepts. But before the revolutionary takes his leave, he spares a moment to thank you for a kindness performed long ago by which he was saved, and for being a symbol of hope to the hopeless far and wide. “We shall not squander your gift,” he says, leaving you to wonder what responsibility you bear for the actions of those whose lives you have touched.
  • The repercussions of our actions can never be predicted in their entirety. In saving a life, do we doom a hundred more? And, if so, would the correct choice be not to intervene? Alphinaud has no patience for such questions of cosmic justice or morality this day, and would rather concentrate on the problems at hand─as you so often do. “This is no time for looking back,” he says, and a part of you agrees─and yet...

...He hired a chocobo porter, didn't he? By the Twelve, was the aetheryte not to his liking? <sigh>
Do you honestly think he's planning to liberate Ala Mhigo with the help of a primal? I mean, could he really be that stupid!?
In retrospect, their tale is not so surprising. We had reason to believe that they had escaped with the aid of Ala Mhigan refugees, after all. Still, Tataru will be delighted to hear we have been reunited─once we have attended to matters here, of course.
If, as you suspect, the Griffin is indeed plotting to summon a primal, we must needs obtain confirmation while there is yet time to act. To that end, I propose we question his double.

Given his role as the group's de facto mouthpiece, I should not be surprised if he were one of the Griffin's closest associates. And while he may not be aware of the most sensitive details, he can probably tell us the Masks' plans in broad strokes.

Like the man whom he impersonates, however, he is wary of outsiders. He will not expose himself without a suitable incentive.

My plan is as follows: you and Alphinaud will pose as adventurers fallen on hard times, inspired by his words to take up arms for a noble cause.
Yda and I, as members of the Resistance, will recount tales of your past achievements, and testify as to your usefulness in the struggles ahead. With our enthusiastic assurances still ringing in his ears, he will decide to welcome you in person, and we will arrange a meeting.
You will need to look the part that we might maintain the charade─until we have him cornered, at least. Here─this should be enough to purchase suitable garments from Talebot, and to have him rub a respectable amount of dirt on them for good measure. Any questions?
It all seems simple enough, thank you. And with that, Forename, let us be off!
Talebot has an assortment of affordable clothing which he sells to the refugees. The sum in that sack should more than suffice, but if it and my name are not enough to secure his cooperation, pay him double. I shall see that you are recompensed.
Our identities will be revealed, but it can't be helped. We don't have time for a cleverer approach.
Well, don't look at me. You are the one with the sack of gil.
...You do have the sack of gil, don't you?
Oh, don't mind me. Just waiting for our fashionably late bard... You seem rather busy, so I won't keep you.
Eh? You want to buy what? I don't know what you're up to, but I want no part of it.

Well, you're the ones with the gil, and seein' as you're friends of Papalymo...

There. Tunic and slops for the both of you, tailored and, er...treated to your tastes. Now, off with you, before someone sees us together.

...Don't tell me you lost 'em? Thal's balls, man! <sigh> I'll give you another set if you did─but let's not make a habit of this.
"Clothes maketh the man," as they say.
Right, then. I will go and change, and see you at the spot Papalymo marked on our maps.
Why are you not wearing the clothes Talebot gave you? They could be here at any moment!
If by some curious and inexplicable twist of fate you have mislaid them, go back to him and request another set. But for the love of the Twelve, do it quickly!
Well, look at us─a pair of down-at-heel adventurers seeking a chance to recapture past glories. Yes, this should suffice.
And now we play the waiting game...
My thanks, comrades.
You must be the esteemed adventurers of whom I have heard so much. I understand you have taken an interest in our cause.
A great interest, you might say.

Your words have certainly made quite an impression on my friend and I. The Resistance has long─and some would say wisely─avoided open engagements with the Garleans, but you and yours seem confident against the world in arms.

I can only assume you have good reason to be so bold. Why, one might even think you were planning to summon a primal.

Because that would do much to explain the sizable shipment of crystals you recently received from your smuggler friends─whom our Ishgardian allies have since detained, lest you wonder.
I'd like to hear more about the Griffin. The real Griffin. Your performance earlier didn't fool us!
Ah. The famous Scions of the Seventh Dawn. I should have known better than to think I could conceal the truth from you lot.

You are right. I am not the Griffin. But I speak with his voice, and it was at his behest that we procured those crystals.

You are wrong, however, if you think that we procured them to summon a primal.

We used them to reach an accord with the Amalj'aa. In exchange for crystals to summon their god, they will aid us in the fight for Ala Mhigan liberation.
You've got to be joking! Have you gone completely mad!?
When people find out you helped the lizardmen summon Ifrit, they'll turn on the Resistance! Ala Mhigo will never be free!
This isn't a faerie tale, girl. We don't have the luxury to play at being honorable heroes.
It's because the likes of you wouldn't sully your saintly hands that Ala Mhigo's been under the yoke for the past twenty years! But the Griffin won't stand for it, and neither will we! We're ready to do whatever it takes!
What proof do you have of this arrangement with the Amalj'aa?
What, aside from a lack of crystals? None. But the beastmen have a great big pile of the things, if you fancy looking. You might want to hurry, though─it'll not be long before they summon their god.
Search our camp if you don't believe me. We have naught to hide.
If there is a cache to be found, Yda and I will find it.
Then let us be off.

Are you perchance the Warrior of Light?

Aye, I thought so. You should know that a great many who have joined us did so because you saved them─because you showed them that one brave man can make a difference.

You saved me too, once. Helped a friend over in Quarrymill make some medicine I needed. But that was a lifetime ago...

On behalf of my brothers and sisters, I thank you. You gave us hope where there was none; courage and strength when all was lost. We shall not squander your gift.
I know that look, Yda, and I do not like it. You cannot seriously be contemplating taking up arms with that band of cutthroats?
I... I just...
If the Griffin and his men have their way, it is only a matter of time before the situation in Ala Mhigo comes to a head.

Your homeland's future teeters on a knife-edge, and any reckless action, however small, could have irrevocable consequences.

You mustn't lose sight of that, Yda. When the time comes, we must all make our choices, but we must do so in full possession of the facts. Now let us away─there is work to be done.
Quarrymill, he said? Do you remember...?

Forgive me. You cannot be expected to recall every name and face, and besides, it's not as if it matters.

I have long admired how you live in the present. How you focus on the problems at hand and always keep moving forward.

So let us keep moving forward together, Forename. We must find and secure those crystals─this is no time for looking back.
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