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Hostages to Fortune

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 50   Hostages to Fortune

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Deputy Postmoogle: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks - Mealvaan's Gate (x:10.5, y:11.4)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks → Arcanists' Guild

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements

Spacer2.png Disciples of War or Magic (Level 50)

Carrier Level 18

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice
Apkallu Omelette
Apkallu Omelette
Rolanberry Cheesecake
Rolanberry Cheesecake
Dzemael Gratin
Dzemael Gratin
Allagan Bronze Piece
Allagan Bronze Piece
Miscellaneous Reward
Carrier Level +1
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
The deputy postmoogle holds out a soil-stained letter, suspiciously blemished with beak marks.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Deliver the letter to Miah Molkot at Eugenia's Spire.
  • Assist the Gods' Quiver bow in Treespeak. 0/2
  • Speak with the Gods' Quiver bow.
  • Find the Ixali headwing in Treespeak.
  • Speak with Philota on the cliffs east of Fallgourd Float.
  • Report to Miah Molkot.
  • Speak with Philota in the Bobbing Cork.
  • Report to Miah Molkot.
  • Search for Philota's grandson north of Proud Creek.
  • Rendezvous with the Gods' Quiver bow at Eugenia's Spire.
  • Speak with Philota at the Bobbing Cork.
  • Speak with Miah Molkot.

  • The deputy postmoogle holds out a soil-stained letter, suspiciously blemished with beak marks.
  • The deputy postmoogle asks you to deliver a letter to the beautiful North Shroud, the playground of his own happy mooglinghood. Or to be more accurate, redeliver it: the moogle who preceded you was ambushed by the Ixal, and barely escaped with his pom-pom still attached. The deputy postmoogle bids you make a second attempt: brave the Ixali gauntlet to Eugenia's Spire, and place the letter in the unyielding hands of Miah Molkot, ferocious leader of the White Rams.
  • Miah scans the note, and licks her lips at the happy news within: her dear friend Philota and the lady's young grandson are to visit. But delight soon turns to alarm when she realizes that the day of their expected arrival has come and gone. Fearing the malign intervention of the Ixal, she bids you seek out her man in Treespeak, slaying any birdman you should encounter along the way.
  • In Treespeak, you meet with Miah's man─a Gods' Quiver bowman who has fallen into an Ixali ambush. You swiftly defeat his attackers, but the man is still reeling from the birdman assault. Offer the injured bowman your aid.
  • As you tend to the wounded archer, another Ixal leaps from the brush, swinging his axe. Just as he is about to strike, a familiar figure appears: Miah Molkot. Terrified at the fate that awaits him at the hands of the famous Black Cat, the Ixal proffers a deal: in exchange for his life, he and his comrades will find Philota and her grandson, and return them unharmed. He bids you speak with his leader by the river bend, to whom he will deliver Miah's friends.
  • You make contact with the Ixali headwing, but he refuses to honor his subordinate's unauthorized pledge. Instead, he presents you with an ultimatum for the White Rams: the Ixal hold Philota and her grandson hostage, and demand to be given free rein in the Twelveswood until such time as they complete a secret objective. As proof of their word, Philota is to be released in advance, on the cliffs overlooking Fallgourd Float. Go to her, and ensure her safety.
  • The Ixal spoke the truth: on the cliffside stands Philota, shaken yet unharmed. She confirms that the Ixal do indeed have her grandson in their clutches, and bids you return to Eugenia's Spire to enlist Miah's aid in the boy's rescue.
  • You report to Miah Molkot, who vows to devote her all to the rescue effort. She tells you how Philota's son was the leader of the White Rams before his untimely passing, and the child held hostage is his son in turn. For the Ixal to have kidnapped the boy is an insult to the White Rams' honor, and Miah will stop at nothing until those responsible are brought to her own personal brand of justice. She asks you to return to Philota, now resting at the Bobbing Cork, and assure her that her grandson will be saved.
  • Philota is reassured by Miah's zeal, but fears her personal involvement in this case may drive the White Rams' leader beyond her usual exuberance and into recklessness. She asks you to return to Eugenia's Spire, and urge Miah not to take any unnecessary risks.
  • You explain Philota's misgivings to Miah Molkot, but restraint is no longer an option for the maddened Miqo'te. Not only have the Ixal been taunting the White Rams by roaming the Twelveswood at will, using the boy as a shield, they now appear to be repairing to their own lands with the child in tow. Just as Miah is about to give the order to strike, a message comes from her scouts: true to their word, the Ixal have released Philota's grandson near Proud Creek. Fearing for his safety, Miah urges you to assist her men in finding the child before something more dastardly does.
  • Despite the White Rams' best efforts, it is your eagle eye that first picks out Philota's grandson. He explains to you how the Ixal who held him hostage were not an invasion force, but a rescue team, hunting for a missing hatchling. Furthermore, the chieftain who released the boy left behind some strange words that seem to relate to some forgotten past. But Proud Creek is no place to linger in thought─you link up with another of the search team, who agrees to convey the boy back to the relative safety of Eugenia's Spire. Rendezvous with them there, and report these latest developments to Instructor Molkot.
  • You meet with the bowman back at Eugenia's Spire, but all is not well. Despite the pleas of her soft-hearted subordinate, Miah Molkot is determined to take revenge on the Ixali rescue team, and strike them down before they reach the border─hatchling and all. The bowman urges you to speak with Philota at the Bobbing Cork and explain the situation, that she might convince the ruthless instructor to call off the attack.
  • You relay the events to Philota, who vows to do all she can to persuade Miah to be merciful. She asks you to return with all haste to Eugenia's Spire, and delay the attack until she arrives.
  • You return to the spire in time to hear Miah giving the final order to set upon the retreating Ixal. But just as the bowmen are about to depart, Philota arrives to relate a fateful tale from the past. Twenty years earlier, the White Rams, under the leadership of Philota's late son, released Ixali hatchlings to secure the safety of a young girl─a girl by the name of Miah Molkot. By the Ixali headwing's words, he could only be one of those hatchlings whose life was spared in exchange for hers. Unwilling to sever the ties of destiny put in place by her master so long before, Miah Molkot calls off the attack. And so, after twenty long years, a temporary truce returns to the Twelveswood.

Forename! The very vassal I was looking for, kupo! I need you to take a letter to Eugenia's Spire in the North Shroud. The wood where your dear leader─that's me─was born and raised!

It needs to be delivered to Miah Molkot, leader of the White Rams. Officially, they're an offshoot of the Gods' Quiver, but in practice they're Miss Molkot's private army. The Ixal call her the Black Cat─whenever she crosses their path, they're sure to meet with an unfortunate end, kupo!

Truth be told, this isn't the first time we've tried to deliver this letter. I entrusted it to another subordinate of mine─a delivery moogle on his very first mission. But he got chased away by the birdmen, and fluttered back, hiding his face under his pom-pom.

He simply wasn't cut out for such a trying task. But who is, I thought? Who best to dispatch into Ixal-infested forest, and explain the letter's lateness to the fiery-tempered Miss Molkot? Guess whose name sprang to mind... Here's the letter, Forename─off you pop, kupo!
Quest Accepted
Quest Completed
Quest Completed

You seek Miah Molkot? I am she. Instructor of the Gods' Quiver, commander of the White Rams, and bane of any feathered fiend who dares poke his beak in the Twelveswood.

<sniff> <sniff> I know you... We've spoken before, have we not? I trust you've bagged a few birdies of your own since last we met.

Forename, is it? What business do you have with meow? Apologies─a slip of the tongue. When I say “with meow,” I mean “with meow”... Grrr. Not meow─meow! ...Bah! What do you want!?

Let me see that... Oh, how wonderful! It's a letter from Lady Philota!

The woman is like a mother to me, you see. I lost my parents when I was young, and it was she who raised me from a mewling babe. Her son was a great hero─a leader of the White Rams before me─but he too was lost in the line of duty. Ah, but let me see what news she has...

Hmmm... She says she is to visit Fallgourd Float with her dear grandson. But by the dates she gives, she should be here at this very moment. It's strange that I have had no word of their arrival...

Perhaps she simply misread her calendar... After all, she speaks of the future, but these dates are past. Tell me, adventurerrr: when was the letter posted?

Grrr! Damn those incompetent moogles! Never trust anything with wings, I say! Then these dates must be true─they should be here already. I smell the filthy hands of those blasted birdies in this!

We must send out a search party! If they came via Gridania...might they have been ambushed in Treespeak? A band of Ixal raid the area, but they're usually too chicken-hearted to approach the paths. I have a sentry there watching their movements─go to him, and ask if he has seen anything untoward.

Oh, and if you should happen to meet with any wee birdies, none shall weep if you snap their scrawny necks!

I've half a mind to deliver this letter myself, kupo! Did I ever tell you that I was born and raised in that very area─the lush forests around Eugenia's Spire? Oh, those happy days, when my fledgling friends and I would leap from the tower and float gently to the ground! You should try it, kupo!

...But only after you've completed your delivery. The letter is addressed to Miah Molkot, commander of the White Rams. Please be aware that Miss Molkot is something of a force of nature─she may not appreciate the letter's lateness, kupo. You do have a full set of armor, don't you?
I shall remain here, and organize the search. Head to Treespeak, and speak with my man there. If any one of those birdies has touched a silver hair on Lady Philota's head, I'll tear out their gizzards and bathe in their blood!
Be careful, sir! He called for reinforcements! They shall be on us at any moment!
Squaaawk! Wounded featherless ones, you seek? Find them, my axe will!
Hold it right there, you squawking scum!
Squaaawk! Good Garuda! Miah Molkot, you are! Black Cat of the White Rams! My life, you will spare, yes? Squawk...?
You'll get no mercy from me! I'll rip off your beak and wear it as a hat! Remember our motto, soldiers: “All Ixal must die!”
Hold a moment, ma'am... Before I was set upon, I was watching this group of Ixal for some time─they seemed to be patrolling this area. Perhaps he knows something of what befell Lady Philota and her grandson.
Grrr. All right, I'll bite. Listen up, you beaky bastard! Answer me truly, and I'll grant you a painless death. Have you seen a lady and a young boy pass through this area?
...Squawk? Searching for white-haired elder and girlie-voiced hatchling, featherless ones are? Seen them, I have! Attacked by a nasty beastie, their caravan was. Ran from the beastie, they did, all frighty and shaking!
Grrr! You lie! The only beasties around here that would think of raiding a caravan are you and your craven kind!

Caw, caw, caw... No, no, Black Cat! Only the truth, I am telling! Worth more than mine, these featherless ones' lives are? Then, maybe...a deal we are making?

My life, you spare? Your featherless friends, I catch. Release them to you, we will, scratchless and sound. A deal, we have?
Catch them? And then hold them as hostages, no doubt! I say we kill the feathered fool right now, and teach these Ixal a lesson. Right, Forename?
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What will you say?

Rip his beak off.

There must be some good in him. Let's agree to the deal.

Heh heh. I like you, boy. (But not yet─we'll let him betray his own kind first. We'll track him to see if he really knows where Lady Philota is, then you and I can pull his wishbone...) ...Listen up, beaky! If we let you go, will you keep your promise?

There's no good in a birdman, just blood and bile. Believe me, I've checked. But mayhap you're right─we have little to lose by releasing this wretch, and possibly much to gain... All right, beaky! If you truly swear that you will return our friends to us unharmed, we agree to your deal.

Squaaawk! Spared, I am, by Molkot the Merciless? Believe it, I cannot! Well known to our kind, your cruelty is! And yet walk free, I do? Then on my honor, my word, you have!

With my headwing, I shall speak! Your smooth and wrinkly friends, together we will catch! Send word, we shall! Come to the river bend northwest of here, and your friends, we shall return!
Urgh... How I despise listening to their feather-brained prattle. The fool knows nothing, except how to delay his death with false promises. Still, I would have you follow him to this “headwing,” just to be sure. We shall return to the spire, to see if the other parties have met with more success.
I shall remain here, and organize the search. Head to Treespeak, and speak with my man there. If any one of those birdies has touched a silver hair on Lady Philota's head, I'll tear out their gizzards and bathe in their blood!

Squaaawk! Come to play, the Black Cat's dog has!

For his life, the sniveling wretch begged? No true Ixal, that one is! By my own talons, punished he shall be! His craven promises, never will we honor!

But to what I say now, listen well, featherless one: our hostages, your friends are! The old one and the young! See them again, you would? Then do my bidding, you shall!

Within your borders, we search! Unharmed and unhindered, you will leave us! When done we are─and only then─the hostages, we shall release!

We lie, you think? Then the truth, we prove! Set free, the wrinkled one will be! Across the river you will find her, on the cliffs over Fallgourd Float!

A lasting truce with you, we seek not! Pains me, it does, to show mercy to the hated Molkot! But our reasons we have, and our promises we will honor, if the Black Cat will do the same...
What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to follow that birdie to the river bend? Don't make me angry, Forename. Someone's going to die today, and I'd rather it didn't have to be you...
to you, adventurer. My name is Philota. Would you happen to be the young gentleman sent by Miah Molkot?

Then I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I was traveling with my young grandson from Gridania, but as we made our way through Treespeak, we were set upon by an angered treant and our carriage was overturned. My grandson and I managed to escape, but we were separated from our guard.

We fled into the forest, seeking shelter, but only found a nest of Ixal. They captured us, and bound our hands with rough twine. I feared we were to be offered to their god... Imagine my relief when I overheard them speaking of us not as sacrifices, but as hostages!

And then, without a word of warning, I was released. They marched me here, removed my blindfold, and bade me wait for Miah's envoy to collect me. I thank you, adventurer. But, my grandson... Is he still in the birdmen's clutches? We must send word to Miah right away!

I pray you, adventurer─return to Miah and relate to her all that I have told you. If anyone can save my grandson, it is she. Please, do not worry about me─I can make my way to Fallgourd Float from here. The guards there will protect me.
What!? The Ixal released Lady Philota on the cliffs overlooking Fallgourd Float? Those feather-brained fools... The area is swarming with banemites! Your explanations can wait, Forename─you must rescue Lady Philota!

Lady Philota is safe!? Thank the gods! But what of her grandson? Was he released, too?

What!? They plan to hold the boy hostage, to keep my claws from their craven necks!? Their skullduggery knows no bounds!

They say they will release the child when they have found...something? I ssspit on their lies! They seek nothing but our land, and would use the boy as a shield to secure their trespass! Nophica as my witness, they shall gain nothing but their deaths!

The birdies have picked on the wrong prey this time. The boy is the only child of Lady Philota's late son, once the leader of the White Rams. We are honor-bound to free him from their filthy claws! They'll rue the day they ever thought of laying their hands on one of ours!

You can tell Lady Philota that Miah Molkot will not rest until her grandson is safely returned, and the rills run red with birdman blood! Go to the Bobbing Cork, and let her know just that!

Miah plans to rescue my grandson herself? That is the best news I could hope to hear. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in this matter, young man.

I have known Miah since she was but a mewling babe, and believe me when I say that I have full confidence she shall devote every energy to rescuing my grandson. If anyone can rescue him from those brutes, Miah can.

Near twenty years have passed since the day we first met, back when my son was still the leader of the White Rams. Before he...was taken from us. A report came in that a settlement was under Ixali attack, and he raced to its defense.

By the time he and his men arrived, the Ixal had already captured the village. My son refused to abandon it to their clutches, and led a daring attempt to rescue the villagers. He finally succeeded in expelling the invaders, but their deadly work was done. Only one child emerged alive from the ruins─Miah.

My son took the orphaned girl under his wing, and taught her bowmanship. She came to idolize him as a master, and perhaps...a father. But now she is twice orphaned, and the Ixal hold her master's only son as a hostage. I can well understand her fury.

But, this anger of hers... I fear it may cloud her judgment in this case, and drive her to recklessness. I pray you, young man─return to her, and urge her not to be too rash in her plans. I could not live with myself were my grandson's safety to be bought with friendly blood...
Go to the Bobbing Cork, Forename, and let Lady Philota know that all is in hand. I'll save her grandson, and bring her the head of each and every birdie who dared lay a talon on him!

Lady Philota said that...? Even with her grandson held captive by the birdmen, she worries for the safety of our soldiers? Truly, the lady's consideration knows no bounds...

But I fear the time for restraint is past. It sickens me to sit by while the birdmen prowl our forests, using one of our own as a shield! Their band has just been sighted from this very Spire, and moving northwards.

Do you realize what that means? The dissembling birdies return to their logging grounds, with Lady Philota's grandson in tow! So much for their honor and honesty! We must pounce now, before they escape through Proud Creek and─ Mrrrowl?

Hold a moment, I have word from my scouts. ...Yes? You have them in your sights? Then on my order, unleash─

What!? They send a messenger? They say they've found what they were looking for, and will release the hostage immediately? ...Understood. Over and out!

Did you hear that, Forename!? The birdmen say they have released the boy...but in Proud Creek, of all places! Why, he would almost be safer in their evil clutches! You must go there straightaway, and find the child before something wickeder does!
Miah has always been such a...passionate young lady. It serves her well in her work, but I fear her personal investment in this may make her act rashly. I pray you, would you talk with her, and persuade her not to take any needless risks?

A-Are you a friend of Miss Molkot's? Thank you so much for coming to rescue me!

Oh, yes, I'm quite all right. They didn't hurt me...only my pride. I was such a fool, stumbling straight into that Ixali camp. I'm sorry for causing everyone to go to such trouble to rescue me. Miah wouldn't have let herself get caught so easily. Nor would my father...

I'm just thankful the Ixal were true to their word. I overheard some of what they were discussing: it seemed they were searching for a hatchling of theirs─the young of a chieftain who had disappeared from his nest. They had followed his trail into Treespeak.

They were readying forces to launch an invasion to recover the child, knowing it would lead to all-out war with Gridania. But then they somehow learned of mine and Grandmama's arrival, and resolved to kidnap us instead, to secure the truce that would allow a rescue party to search unhindered.

But there is something I don't understand... When the leader of the Ixal cut my bonds, he whispered something strange to me: “His promise, your father kept. And so the same, I shall do.” And then they were gone...

Young master! How good it is to find you safe! ...Is aught amiss?

The Ixal were on the search for a hatchling? So then they were not raiders, but rescuers...?

We must report these developments to Commander Molkot immediately. Let us rendezvous back at Eugenia's Spire. Come, child─follow me!
Quickly, Forename, to Proud Creek! Those feathered freaks have left Lady Philota's grandson alone in that den of danger! You must help my men to find him before it's too late!
Where, oh where, can that little boy be? And where, oh where, did I leave my spectacles...? Oh! You are Commander Molkot's man, are you not? I shall search over this way─you search over there.
My grandson has been released! Oh, joy! But...why is he not with you? ...Miah's men search for him in Proud Creek? Oh, sorrow! I can only pray that the elementals keep him safe until he can be found...
Please, sir, you have to stop her! The commander means to harry the Ixali retreat, and strike them all down!
And you would stop me!? Have you forgotten our motto? All Ixal must die!

I-I know, but...please, ma'am, I beg you to reconsider! This was not an invasion, it was a rescue mission! They were searching for a lost hatchling!

And after all, they did keep their promise─they released the boy! Surely it is only right that we should honor our side of the agreement and allow them to leave.
What agreement!? Those were their conditions, and they only had the nerve to give them because they were holding the poor boy hostage! They invade our lands, steal our children, and you would show them mercy? The only peace they'll get from me is that of the grave!

Sir, you must help me! Go to the Bobbing Cork, and bring back Lady Philota. She is the only one Commander Molkot will listen to!

There's something that bothers me about all this. It's what that Ixali chieftain said... Something of promises kept in years long past. If anyone knows what he meant by it, Lady Philota will.
Thank you again...Forename, was it? Though my rescue seems to have caused more trouble than it solved...
Well done, Forename! Now that we have the boy, the birdies want for a shield! And a birdie without a shield is ripe for the plucking!
My grandson is safe!? Words cannot begin to express my gratitude, but they are all I have to offer! Thank you, Forename, thank you! A thousand times, thank you!

My grandson is safe...? Thank you, adventurer! A thousand times, thank you! How can I possibly repay you for all you have done for my family?

...I see. It appears the situation is more complicated than we first thought. The Ixal that took us were a rescue team...and now Miah plans to attack them in their retreat, and the hatchling with them? And only I can stop her?

Perhaps I can, for I indeed have some knowledge of this “promise” the Ixal spoke of. How strange that their fates should be brought together again like this. The elementals work in mysterious ways...

Very well. I will talk with Miah. Would it be too much to ask you to do me a further kindness? Run ahead to Eugenia's Spire, and delay her from taking any drastic action. I will join you as soon as I can. The path is steep, and I am afraid I am not as young as I once was...

What was it again...? “His promise, your father kept. And so the same, I shall do.” Surely we cannot proceed with the attack without knowing what he meant. Perhaps Lady Philota would have some idea?

You will find her in the Bobbing Cork. Please, sir, I do believe she is the only one who'll be able to get through to the commander. You must bring her here before she puts an arrow through the hatchling's head!
“His promise, your father kept. And so the same, I shall do.” I'll never forget those words... But my father was the leader of the White Rams, the sworn enemy of the Ixal. What promise could he possibly have made?
They think they can invade our lands, kidnap our children, and get away scot–free!? I'll rip out their quills, and make them sign their own death warrants! With their own blood!

All right, you're the last of them! Join up with the forward squadron, and begin the attack! The poor wee birdies won't know what hit them!

What is it, adventurerrr? Don't tell me you object to my attack as well?
(- Philota -)
And so do I, Miah.
L-Lady Philota! What are you doing here? You have been through so much at the claws of the birdmen─you need to rest!
As do you, Miah. There is a story you must needs hear─a story begun long ago, but not yet concluded.
A story...? What story?

A tale from long ago, when my son led the White Rams as you do now. A time when we found ourselves caught in the same snare as the Ixal did this day, as if reflected in a glass.

There was a young girl, trapped behind Ixali lines. The White Rams put together a rescue team to save her, and prepared to strike at the heart of the enemy. The Ixal were surrounded, but their defenses were strong. All hope seemed lost...

Until, quite by chance, a separate raid led to the capture of several Ixali hatchlings, abandoned in their nests. So both sides came to hold younglings as hostages... Threat was answered with counterthreat, and both sides prepared for a bloody resolution.

Until my son reached out to the Ixal... He offered them a truce, and a promise: he would return their hatchlings, if the Ixal would withdraw, and spare the child.

Tell me, my dear... What was it the Ixali chieftain said to you? That your father kept his promise? And so he would keep his in return?

It can only be the will of the elementals that brought such a fate to pass... There can be no doubt─that chieftain was one of the Ixali hatchlings my son released that day.

It was my son's promise that lifted the siege on the village, and saved the child. A young Miqo'te girl, with an ink-black coat, and shining eyes...
My master bought my life...with his...?
After twenty long years, the threads of destiny that entwined on that fateful day have brought you together once more. Whether you sever those ties now, or tie them stronger, only your heart can decide.

To be bound to an Ixal, or to cut myself free... All right, soldiers...

Call off the attack! Send word to the vanguard: they are to escort the Ixal off our lands, but under no circumstances are the birdmen to be fired upon! Anyone foolish enough to disobey will answer to me!
(- Ireine -)
B-But, Commander! What about our motto: “All Ixal must die”?
Oh, they'll die all right! The minute they step their filthy feet back in the Twelveswood, I'll snap their twiggy wee necks and lap up their blood! Every clucking last one of them!
(- Isaudorel -)
Ma'am, yes, ma'am!

Hmph... I did so want to push my claws into their beady little eyes, but it's not for me to put an end to what my master began.

Forename... You came to me with a letter, but in the end you brought me something far more important─true compassion, the legacy of my master that I was far too quick to forget. There is only one thing I can say... Thank meow!
Quest Completed
With your successful delivery, your reputation as a letter carrier has grown!
It is too late... The commander has already relayed the order to ready the attack. There is nothing more I can do!
I know the Ixal are our enemies, but these ones are retreating, and a youngling goes with them. Couldn't we let them go, just this once?
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