House Durendaire

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One of the four High Houses of Ishgard, House Durendaire is arguably the greatest [1] as of the 5th year of the Seventh Umbral Era, with none flusher with coin and manpower. [2] Among their responsibilities are the protection of the Whitebrim Front [3] and the Observatorium [4], where Forlemort, brother to the Count de Durendaire, serves as its chief astrologian. [5] Known for its military might and superior dragoons [6], House Durendaire was tasked with defending The Dusk Vigil until its destruction in the Calamity [7], as well as reclaiming the Stone Vigil when it was lost by House Haillenarte shortly after. [8] In addition to these responsibilities, the house has also joined with their staunch allies, House Dzemael, to secure and rebuild the Falcon's Nest. [9]

On the Ishgardian flag, House Durendaire is represented by the Bell, the very same seen at Whitebrim.

Members: Carvallain, Charlemend de Durendaire, Drillemont, Eliassin, Forlemort, Jannequinard, Portelaine, Redwald
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