Hunt: Guhuo Niao

Hunticon.pngGuhuo Niao
Name: Guhuo Niao x 1
Location: The Ruby Sea
Gil XP Allied Seals Centurio Seals
Gil Icon.png5,000 Expicon.png0 Allied Seal Icon.png0 Centurio Seal Icon.png100
Poetics Phantasmagoria Allegory Sacks of Nuts
Allagan Tomestone of Poetics Icon.png0 Allagan Tomestone of Phantasmagoria Icon.png0 Allagan Tomestone of Allegory Icon.png0 Sack of Nuts Icon.png0
“In the carnival tents of Kugane, I have seen hornbills trained to mimic the speech of men."

"Such a trick seems harmless enough, until you hear of the birds' wild cousin."

"There is a cunning cloudkin known as Guhuo Niao which has taught itself a sinister way of hunting. Whimpering and wailing in the voice of a swaddling babe, it lures in its unsuspecting prey. The victims are found torn and pale, their bodies all but drained of blood...”
— Wlveva
Spawn Conditions

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