Hunter-scholar (Eastern Thanalan)

NPC Icon.pngHunter-scholar
  Lalafell / Dunesfolk / Male

Zone(s): Eastern Thanalan - Drybone - Camp Drybone (14-24.1)
Occupation: Hunter-scholar

You'd better be an adventurer after an elite mark, or I'll have none of you.

Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Body Type Adult
(~36.2 inches)
Jaw Option 4
Eye Shape Option 3
Iris Size Large
Eye Color
Eyebrows Option 2
Nose Option 6
Ear Shape Option 1
Mouth Option 2
Ear Length

Hunter-scholar (Eastern Thanalan).png

Additional Dialogue
What do yo do here?

A silly kind of thing to ask a busy man! I hunt elite marks. That's obvious enough. If the gods are good and your aim is true, you shall be paid a bounty in Allied Seals. I'll tell you what I know of the marks, but tarry not! We all have things to kill today. My days are full of hunts, of course. Why, just yesterday I slew a rank A mark. The danger of a mark is so ranked: B, then A, and finally the dread yet elusive S.

Tell me about the rank B elite mark. (Gatling)
Hunt: Gatling
Tell me about the rank A elite mark. (Maahes)
Hunt: Maahes
Tell me about the rank S elite mark. (Lampalagua)
Hunt: Lampalagua
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