Hypertuned Grynewaht

Icon.pngHypertuned Grynewaht  Zoneicon.png
Level Range 67-67
Zone Level Drops Notes
Yanxia - Doma Castle - Tenshu - Hall of the Scarlet Swallow  67 Aggressive.png
Hypertuned Grynewaht uses the following moves and mechanics:

Chainsaw: This does repeated damage in front of him when cast. Simply move away once it's done casting to avoid eating all the damage.

Delay-action Charge: Two large AoE markers will track a pair of players. Simply move away from other players to avoid harming them when it goes off. Later on in the fight it will target three players at once.

Gunsaw: One random player will be targeted by this and continually fired upon. Unlike Chainsaw it will continue to track so there's no avoiding it, but it pierces and will hit anyone in front of or behind you so avoid moving it over your party members.

Thermobaric Charge: One player will be marked with a proximity marker that tracks the player. After a few seconds the rings around the player will disappear and the proximity marker will remain there. Whoever's marked should move away from the party to drop it off before rejoining the party.

Clean Cut Magitek Chakrams will appear around the edge of the arena, and use this to slice across the arena. Pay attention to where the chakram appear for some forewarning about where to dodge.

Chain Mine: Just like Magitek Hexadrone, except the bits are Hypertuned Bits. This will split the arena into four quadrants, and usually used alongside Thermobaric Charge to restrict how far you can drop it if you're not prepared for it.

The most important parts to watch out for are placing Delay-action Charge and not striking your party with Delay-action Charge and Gunsaw. Dodge the rest as best as you can.

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