I Make This Look Good

Achievementicon.pngI Make This Look Good
Obtain a complete set of Grand Company soldier armor consisting of a soldier's cap, a soldier's overcoat, a pair of soldier's gloves, and a pair of soldier's boots.
  • Speak to Jonathas with all four items equipped.
5 Achievement Points

The gear for this achievement is the cheapest, low level gear available from your Grand Company's Quartermaster.
Here is a complete list:
Soldier's Cap = Lominsan Soldier's Cap, Gridanian Soldier's Cap, Ul'dahn Soldier's Cap.
Soldier's Overcoat = Lominsan Soldier's Overcoat, Gridanian Soldier's Overcoat, Ul'dahn Soldier's Overcoat.
Soldier's Gloves = Lominsan Soldier's Gloves, Gridanian Soldier's Gloves, Ul'dahn Soldier's Gloves.
Soldier's Boots = Lominsan Soldier's Boots, Gridanian Soldier's Boots, Ul'dahn Soldier's Boots.
Once you speak to Jonathas, you'll get the achievement. You don't even need to Share a tale!