I Melt with You

Map65 Icon.png Lv. 3   I Melt with You    15m
Zone: Lower La Noscea - Moraby Bay  (26-25)
Some creatures are best left alone. Cuachac is a giant jellyfish which consumes its prey by stunning it with its poisonous tentacles, then dousing it in a corrosive liquid which slowly reduces the prey into an easy-to-digest pile of gelatinous ooze. Cuachac is best not left alone. Cuachac must be slain.
Experience Gil Seals
Expicon.png420 Gil Icon.png6 Flame Seal Icon.png17
World: Hydaelyn
Landmass: Vylbrand
Region: La Noscea
Zone: Lower La Noscea
Area: Moraby Bay
Coordinates: 26-25
Level: 3
Type: Notorious Monster
Lickerish Lad - Today is the day! The miller's daughter will finally be mine!

Innocent Maiden - Oh, wherever could he be?

Lickerish Lad - Many have visited the maiden's garden, yet her flower remains unplucked. Today, that changes! Ah, milady. Will you forgive me for my tardiness?

Innocent Maiden - Out here, all alone... I was so frightened! Why did you wish to see me so far from town?

Lickerish Lad - Ah yes, let me explain, my love...

Innocent Maiden - Your love?

Lickerish Lad - Your eyes are like sapphires, your lips, rubies. And your breasts... Those br─

Innocent Maiden - What was that!?

Lickerish Lad - A-A-A monster! Save me!

Innocent Maiden - Save you!? Who's going to save me!?

Lickerish Lad - Do something! Anything!

Innocent Maiden - It's your fault we're out here in the first place! I'm going home.

Lickerish Lad - W-Wait!

Innocent Maiden - Don't ever call on me again, coward!

Lickerish Lad - B-But I never got the chance to tell you about your br─

Innocent Maiden - Hmph!

Lickerish Lad - <sigh> I wonder if she has a sister...

The two "allies" in this FATE don't actually fight, as they're both cowering at the edge of the cliff from Cuachac.