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I am the Sunshine

Moonfire Faire Event Icon.pngNew Lv. 30   I am the Sunshine

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Haermaga: Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore - Hidden Falls (x:31.8, y:30.3)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Costa del Sol

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
080101.png30Allergic to SunshineMoonfire Faire Event Icon.png Allergic to Sunshine (Level 30)

Spacer2.png Any Class (Level 30)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Phoenix Riser Helmet
Phoenix Riser Suit
Edit I am the Sunshine's Miscellaneous Reward
Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Haermaga is eager to offer Costa Del Sol the protection of the Sunshine Savior.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives

  • Haermaga is eager to offer Costa Del Sol the protection of the Sunshine Savior.
※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • Reeve informs Haermaga that he has asked you to help him learn the ins and outs of helping people in need. The chaperone is keen on this idea, and revises Reeve's tasks, instructing him to keep watch over the people celebrating on the northeastern shores of Costa Del Sol. There, you are to offer advice on who is most in need of a heroic rescue, and how exactly Reeve should go about it.
※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • With your steady hand to guide him, Reeve is able to leave the shores of Costa Del Sol even safer than they were when he arrived. Every savior needs rest, however, and Beaudefoin soon arrives to take over watch duty. Reeve is eager to share tidings of his success with Haermaga, and asks you to accompany him.
  • Haermaga is pleased with Reeve's progress, and explains that his costume is modeled after the phoenix of legend. Just like that legendary bird, the chaperone hopes that Reeve can be reborn, and thus recover his lost confidence. This hope is soon tested when a shark appears on Costa Del Sol, and Reeve drives it back in a display of bravery that could move even the most cold-hearted miser. After the fight, Reeve stands dumbfounded at his own actions─he may require your help one final time to be led in the right direction.
  • Your arrival returns Reeve to his senses, and he is at last able to meet the eyes of the people he has just saved. While he looks to have suffered no more than surface wounds, Haermaga instructs him to visit the healer's tent. The chaperone asks you to stay behind to keep watch for any further fiends.
  • Your watch is uneventful, and Reeve returns with mask doffed and a smile on his face. For your part on bringing the young adventurer into his own, Haermaga makes you an honorary Sunshin Savior, rewarding you with the selfsame costume that gave Reeve the confidence for heroics. You are now free to enjoy the Moonfire Faire and all its pleasures, for the savior of the sands watches over you.

It seems our most pressing problem has been solved, eh? How're you feeling, Reeve? Up for the task ahead?



About that... As much as I'd like to jump right into the thick of things, there's is one doubt yet niggling at my conscience.

The incident with the merchant made me realize that it's one matter to want to aid those in need, but another matter entirely to know who wants to be aided.

Fortunately, I have Forename by my side─they seem to have an uncanny knack for finding troubled souls. I've asked him to take me under his wing for a bit, and I hope to be a quick study.

That's a capital idea, lad. Every adventurer has a few stories of being rewarded with scorn instead of coin. Strange as it sounds, a helping hand must be deft besides.

Well then, let's revise your tasks, eh? Give you a chance to sharpen that nose of yours to the scent of unrest.

Why don't you stand watch over the revelers gathered at the northeastern shores. If you spot trouble brewing, I want you to put a lid on it before it spills over.

Forename will attend you in a supervisory capacity. Before leaping into action, ask him for advice on who to talk with and what to say. He'll guide you well, I reckon.

Now then, off with you! The battlefield of adventure awaits─make me proud, you two, make me proud!

A guild member by the name of Beaudefoin is standing by to be relived of his duty. Speak with him first, then show the realm the measure of a Sunshine Savior!
Quest Accepted
Forename, under your guidance, I know I can make the Sunshine Savior the talk of Costa Del Sol!
Why if it isn't the Sunshine Savior, protector of the summer sands! Please, please, I release the beaches of Costa Del Sol to your stewardship!
The following event cannot be skipped. You may wish to cancel any pending Duty Finder registrations.
Relieve Beaudefoin of his duty?
Ah, yes, before I go, allow me to furnish you with this linkpearl. A crucial tool for a duo of strapping guardians such as yourselves. Godsspeed, saviors!
And now our watch begins! Go on, Forename, tell me what you see. If there is trouble lurking about, the Sunshine Savior shall rise to action!

A young Mi'qote lad and his lady companion look like a sellsword just stole their lunch.

A surly pirate lass is sizing up a nearby man. Quite intensely, by the looks of it.
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What do you see?
Grrgg...failed again. I'll never master the Nimble Warrior course. At this rate, I'll have to wait until next summer...

I know you can do it, Brother!

Hmm...but I've given you all the encouragement I can. If only there was someone else who knew just what to say to lift your spirits.
That boy looks absolutely crestfallen. From what I can gather, he's having some difficulties with the Nimble Warrior course. I know what it's like when success keep slipping out of one's grasp...
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What should Reeve do?

Show him how a Sunshine Savior does it!

Give him some words of encouragement!

Leave him be. He'll learn more by doing it himself.

You want me to attempt the Nimble Warrior course? I'm equal to the challenge, you can be sure, but that would mean leaving the others unprotected.

If you ask me, it looks like the lad needs a few words of encouragement to set him straight. Yes, that should do the trick. Forename, wait here─I'll be back in a flash!

You read my mind, Forename! Encouragement is my forte! A few carefully placed words should lift this lad over the obstacle in his path. Wait here─I'll be back in a flash!

I see the wisdom in that, truly I do. But I can't help but recall my own struggles─where would I have ended up if you and Master Haermaga didn't come along with a few kinds words?

Surely it couldn't hurt, could it? Wait here, Forename─I'll be back before you can think of a reason to object!

The pair were thankful enough, and the boy seemed once again eager to tackle the Nimble Warrior course. All in all, a success for the Sunshine Savior!

Bloody Carvallain, thinks he's too good for a pirate, does he?

I'll make him see, I will. If I just ask him all nicelike... “Fancy a stroll on the beach, Carvallain?” or somesuch... Bah, he'll just think I'm itchin' fer a duel!


She's mumbling to herself an awful lot. The menacing provocations of a pirate, no doubt. What do you think, Forename?
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What should Reeve do?

Just ask if something's the matter.

Don't worry about her. Worry about the man!

We should watch from a safe distance.
I think you have the right of it here. Truth be told, this has the look of something dangerous. I'd best insinuate myself into the matter before it takes a turn.
And now our watch begins! Go on, Forename, tell me what you see. If there is trouble lurking about, the Sunshine Savior shall rise to action!

A group of revelers are entranced by the Nimble Warrior course.

A muscular fellow is slumped over on the ground.
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What do you see?
(- Moba -)

Go on, jump! Jump like your life depends on it!

You'll never make it from there...! Watch out or you'll eat sand!
(- Mobb -)
Oh no, are you all right? That looked painful! I think I heard a snap...
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What should Reeve do?

Pay attention, Reeve!

Help them!

I'm coming!

Phew... Before I knew it, I was under the surface...

Some water got into my mask, and I thought I'd meet my end then and there... But somehow I found my bearings, and I was able to bring that man to shore! Fortune favors the reckless, eh?
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Beaudefoin should be patrolling the northeastern shores, assuming he hasn't caught a nap under some shade somewhere. Relieve him of his post, and I hope to soon hear tidings of your success!
This is it, Forename! It's time to prove myself worthy of being the Sunshine Savior!

Ah, there you are! The whispers of your deeds precede you─revelers up and down the beaches are taken with your bravery.

The one you saved even came to offer his personal thanks. By all accounts, your lost confidence has been restored and then some. I suspect you're ready to set off on your own, but I wouldn't force it upon you if you've got lingering reservations.
I... Well, truth be told, I wouldn't have been able to do it without Forename's help. And this mask, of course─donning it makes me forget the meaning of the word “impossible.”

Hmm... You have to realize that Forename won't be around forever, so inclined to adventuring abroad as he is. A savior needs to be able to carry their burden alone if they aim to be trusted by others.

Maybe we should start with this aversion to letting others see your face. Something tells me you weren't born this way. Am I right?

Aye. It happened when I was just getting my feet wet as an adventurer, you see. It was a routine job, even for an initiate...

We were guarding a merchant caravan, which naturally drew the attention of a terrible, slavering beast. Instead of sticking it with a spear like I was supposed to, I was the first one knocked out.

When I came to, I saw that my partner had been dealt a grievous wound and the caravan was in shambles─the job was an utter failure. For a blessing, none lost their lives, but I lost all standing in the eyes of my allies and employers.

They blamed me for the injuries and damage to their goods, and rightfully so. The memory of their scornful gazes is etched in my mind, and I see them every time I look another in the eyes.

So you coped with the memory by hiding behind a helm. It's starting to make sense...

You know, Reeve, there's a bit of meaning behind this design I neglected to mention before, but it seems luck's given me the perfect chance to fix that mistake.

See, it was meant to evoke the image of the phoenix. That legendary bird that serves as the symbol of rebirth, rising from the ashes over and over again in a blaze of rebirth.

Seeing your triumphs as a Sunshine Savior has made me sure that that same fire burns within you. And when it's flames are stoked, you'll be reborn, every bit the brave soul you were before.

All this time, I was wrapped in the phoenix's embrace... Yes, if there's a chance I too might be born anew, I must continue!

I'm heading back to the beach─this time without a mask!

Something on your mind? Did I lay it on too thick?

When you get to my age, you can't help but light fires under arses that need 'em. You get what I'm saying, eh?

And that lad needed something a little hotter than a piddling campfire, so I gave him a raging bonfire! Just had to work with the embers that were already there─that burning desire of his to help the downtrodden.
(- Moba -)
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
I know I yet have a long journey ahead of me, but I hope that I've taken at least a few bounding strides toward my goal.
That was so scary, but so exciting at the same time! I'll have to write this down in my diary!
Thanks to your bravery, no one came to harm. Thank you, thank you!

But I didn't─ Ah, never mind that. You're most welcome, of course.

I'm not sure what to call what just happened, but the word “miracle” comes to mind. Did I truly drive back that bloodthirsty shark?

That you did, and without a single hair on our guests coming to harm. As for yourself, I see nothing more than scratches, but it'd be best to get you looked at just in case.

とはいえ手傷は負っただろう? ボドゥフォアンに案内してもらって、手当を受けてくるといい。

You stay, Forename. We should keep an eye on things, lest any other seaborne predators decide on being bold today.
I only saw from a distance, but that was enough to take in the spectacle. Reeve really made stew out of that shark, didn't he? I would have never thought he was capable just a short while ago.
The lad looks unharmed─a small miracle, all things considered.
That was so scary, but so exciting at the same time! I'll have to write this down in my diary!
Thanks to your bravery, no one came to harm. Thank you, thank you!

Ah, you've returned. With the sun on your face and wind in your hair, no less.

Thanks to you two, talk of the Adventurers' Guild is on the lips of everyone in Costa Del Sol. As far as I'm concerned, we can consider the Sunshine Savior a rousing success and a boon for the guild.

Reeve here deserves a standing ovation for the bravery he displayed. Taking down a shark of that size and keeping the younglings is a feat very few can boast of, and puts you among very esteemed company.

As my vision dimmed, I heard Forename call out to me. It was his words that delivered me from the brink, and allowed me to go further still.

They might call me the Sunshine Savior, but you're the true hero of the day. You've given me the courage to go on alone, and for that there is no way I can repay you.

Indeed our savior had a savior of his own. A fact we're all grateful for, to be sure.

I'm of a mind to make you an honorary Sunshine Savior, suit and all. Wear it well, and don't ask me how many more of these I have stashed away.

Now, I encourage you to forget your worries and take in your fill of the festivities, for the Moonfire Faire is safe so long as Reeve here stands as your guardian!

それじゃ、俺はもう一度見回りに行ってきます。 大丈夫、たとえ何が来ようとも、浜辺の平和は……

俺が! 絶対に!! 護ってみせますから!!!
Quest Completed
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