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Immortal Flames Afire

Immortal Flames Afire.png

Flame General Sets Hearts Alight

The recently rekindled Immortal Flames held a ceremony the day past to relish the return of a proud Ul’dahn tradition. In attendance were citizens spanning the entire social spectrum, from preeminent personages in the Syndicate to lowly laborers. All present looked on with bated breath as former champion gladiator Raubahn Aldynn stepped up to make his maiden monologue as the Flame General.

Immortal Flames Afire2.png

With the selfsame efficiency that won him fame and fortune as a gladiator, Aldynn took his point and drove it home—right down to the hilt. A look of newfound understanding spread through the crowd as the magnificently muscled model of manhood spoke that the Garlean threat is a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to win great glory and profuse profit. He urged all Ul’dahns to cast their lot with the Immortal Flames, regardless of whether one is given to combat or crafting. Others still may contribute to the cause by way of wealth, for it is funds that fuel the fighting.

The Ala Mhigan native saw the citizens for their inner merchants, and strummed steadily on their heartstrings. His showmanship, acquired through years of pleasing people on the bloodsands, shone as he brought the event to an exhilarating end, deftly delivering a persuasive peroration.

All the while the speech was unfolding, The Mythril Eye kept its focus firmly fixed upon the reactions of Syndicate members. Prior Dewlala’s restrained response was in keeping with his neutral stance within the cabal, and came as no surprise. Chief Foreman Fyrgeiss of Amajina & Sons Mineral Concerns, however, raised a mythril eyebrow with his apparent approval of Raubahn’s speech—an unforeseen turn by a marked Monetarist. A man of hawkish humour, it was none other than he who founded the Stone Torches to supervise the security of mining operations. If he were to redirect his resources towards the Immortal Flames, the nation’s defenses would be substantially strengthened.

This leaves us with Prince Teledji Adeledji of the Mirage Trust and Chairman Lolorito of the East Aldenard Trading Company, both of whom wore flinty faces and abstained from announcing allegiance. It is broadly believed that a flow of funds from either party would have immense impact upon the arms market, and serve to fan the flames of frantic fluctuations in closely connected industries. The influence possessed by this duo of dignitaries is such that their movement will be meticulously monitored in the moons to come.

With fatalistic fears running rampant that the Seventh Umbral Era looms large, it is too easy to let ourselves be swept away in a tide of monetary meekness. However, if we hold to the Flame General’s ardent assertion that peril and profit are but two sides of the same coin, then our task is crystal clear: ensuring that the sole satisfactory side surfaces when that coin lands.

Havak Alvak