Imperial Hoplomachus

Imperial Icon.pngImperial Hoplomachus  Zoneicon.pngMob14 Icon.pngMob16 Icon.png
Enemy Humanoid
Level Range 42-60
Job(s) Gladiator
Gender Male
Imperial Hoplomachus.png
Those of the wandering races often find themselves at odds with even their own kind, whether these threats be from Imperials, cultists, heretics, or simple brigands. Many of these "species" are thus created not from a biological perspective, but from a game mechanic perspective for ease of classification.
Zone Level Drops Notes
Mor Dhona - North Silvertear (23-10)
  Levequest Icon.pngGo Home to Mama
 42-46 Aggressive.png

Mor Dhona - North Silvertear (24-11)
  Levequest Icon.pngGet Off Our Lake
 44-48 Legionary Visor Icon.png Legionary Visor Aggressive.png

The Sea of Clouds - The Blue Window (7-23)
  Questinvolvementicon.pngFamiliar Faces
 55 Aggressive.png

Northern Thanalan - Raubahn's Push (16-23)
  Questinvolvementicon.pngA Vermillion Vendetta
 58 Aggressive.png

The Fringes - The Striped Hills (22-12)
  Questinvolvementicon.pngA Friend of a Friend in Need
 60 Aggressive.png
Quests (9)
Name Level Starter Type
A Friend of a Friend in Need &000000000000006000000060 M'naago Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Familiar Faces &000000000000005700000057 Alphinaud Heavensward Main Scenario Quest
Hells Open &000000000000006800000068 Alisaie Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Hope on the Waves &000000000000007000000070 Yugiri Post-Stormblood Main Scenario Quests
On Lambard's Trail &000000000000005800000058 X'rhun Tia Job Quest
The Fortunes of War &000000000000006700000067 Conrad Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
The Hidden Truth &000000000000006100000061 Serpent Marshal Brookstone Sidequest
The Price of Freedom &000000000000006900000069 Alphinaud Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
With Tired Hands We Toil &000000000000006800000068 Alphinaud Stormblood Main Scenario Quest
Levequests (2)
Levequest Level
Get Off Our Lake 45
Go Home to Mama 45
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