Iron War Axe

Iron War Axe Icon.pngIron War Axe  Aetherial Item.pngTools icon.pngQuest Icon.pngLevequest Icon.pngGil Icon.png
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Requires MRDWAR
Level 15
Item Level 15
Statistics & Bonuses:
Physical Damage 11 HQ Icon.png 12
Magic Damage 10 HQ Icon.png 11
Auto-attack 11.73 HQ Icon.png 12.8
Delay 3.2
DPS 3.43 HQ Icon.png 3.75
Strength +3 
Vitality +2 
Skill Speed +2  HQ Icon.png +3
Materia: Materia-slot.pngMateria-slot.png
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Sells for Gil Icon.png x 15 HQ Icon.png17
Blacksmith Icon 5.png
Blacksmith (5) + Grade 2 Dark Matter Icon.png Grade 2 or Gil Icon.png 30
Converticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Projectableicon.png Desynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
Model-Iron War Axe.png
Acquisition Uses
Divider5.png Divider5.png
Sold by Merchants (10)
NPC Cost Location
Faezghim Gil Icon.png x 744 West Hawkers' Alley (6,5-12)
Geraint Gil Icon.png x 744 Rosewood Stalls (14.6-9.7)
Jealous Juggernaut Gil Icon.png x 744 Sapphire Avenue Exchange (13.9-11.0)
Merchant & Mender (Aleport) Gil Icon.png x 744 Aleport (26.2-26.1)
Merchant & Mender (Camp Drybone) Gil Icon.png x 744 Camp Drybone (13.3-23.4)
Merchant & Mender (Camp Skull Valley) Gil Icon.png x 744 Camp Skull Valley (22.5-22.7)
Merchant & Mender (Candlekeep Quay) Gil Icon.png x 744 Candlekeep Quay (21.4-38.7)
Merchant & Mender (Moraby Drydocks) Gil Icon.png x 744 Moraby Drydocks (25-35)
Merchant & Mender (Swiftperch) Gil Icon.png x 744 Swiftperch (34.8-31.3)
Merchant & Mender (The Golden Bazaar) Gil Icon.png x 744 The Golden Bazaar (10.8-16.7)
Reward from Quests (1)
Quest Level
Brutal Strength 15
Potential Reward from Levequests (7)
Levequest Level
A Glamourous Life 15
Barley Legal 15
Beasts of Bourbon 15
Field Testing 15
First to Reave 15
Sucked Dry 15
Tail in Tow 15
Recipes using Iron War Axe (1)
Item Skill
Inferno Axe Icon.png Inferno Axe
Blacksmith Icon 5.png
Used in Supply Mission (1)
Supply and Provisioning Mission Item
Blacksmith Supply Mission (Level 17) x 1
Blacksmith Icon 5.png
Potential Results:
1~2 Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot
Ash Lumber Icon.png Ash Lumber
Clear Demimateria I Icon.png Clear Demimateria I
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