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Island Eggplant Knight (Mount)

Island Eggplant Knight (Mount) Icon.pngIsland Eggplant Knight (Mount)Flying Mount 
Hailing from the selfsame land as the Tomato King, the Eggplant Knight shared a crate with the sovereign when they were shipped out. However, he fell overboard when the vessel encountered rough seas, and drifted for days before being deposited on a desert island. Among other feats, he prides himself on having played a key role in the founding of the West Mandra Empire.
Island Eggplant Knight (Mount) Patch.png

I thought ye were a feral turnip, a murderous eggplant, or summat like that!
- Tiny Trader

Requires: Island Eggplant Knight
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Music: File:BGM Ride MJI.ogg
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