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Island Onion Prince (Mount)

Island Onion Prince (Mount) Icon.pngIsland Onion Prince (Mount)Flying Mount 
Royalty among mandragora, this island-bred Onion Prince knew every comfort growing up. Such a pampered life led to boredom, however, and he took to whiling away the days in mischief. Dismayed by his son's behavior, the king sent him off to squire for a renowned hero, that he might learn something of responsibility and leadership.
Island Onion Prince (Mount) Patch.png

By the onion, in my rambling I forgot why I called you over!
- Bloezoeng

Acquisition: 12,000 Seafarer's Cowrie from Island Sanctuary
Requires: Island Onion Prince
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Music: File:BGM Ride MJI.ogg
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