It Kills with Fire (Limsa Lominsa)

This quest is 'Obsolete' and has either been replaced with another quest or removed from the game entirely.
Removed Icon.pngIt Kills with Fire (Limsa Lominsa)  OBSOLETE/REMOVED
Removed Quest
Removed Quest
Was Issued By: Guincum
Used to Require Class: Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic
Was Quest Type: Combat
Classification: Grand Company Quest
Formerly Required Quests: Till Sea Swallows All
Formerly Unlocked Quests: A Feast of Fools,
Ifrit Bleeds We Can Kill It
Obsolete Quest Journal Entries

First Storm Lieutenant Guincum has assigned you a mission of utmost import. An individual claiming knowledge of how to defeat primals has appeared in Gridania, an dnow the Order of the Twin Adder is proposing an alliance with the Maelstrom to vanquish the primal Ifrit. The lieutenant suspects this to be a Gridanian ploy, and has asked you to contact the visito, an elderly Elezen name Louisoix, and discern whether he is the genuine article. Make your way to the Apkallus Falls in Gridania, where he is said to be.

  • Only parties consisting of four Disciples of War or Magic of level 25 or higher will be allowed to battle the primal Ifrit.
  • All party members must have either completed on the the three "It Kills with Fire" quests or fulfilled the quest requirements for entering the battlefield.
  • Winning the battle with a party of four fully enlisted members of the same Grand Company will earn you greater rewards.

You have met and spoken with Louisoix at Apkallus Falls and learned that he presides over a fellowship called the Circle of Knowing. According to the wizened Elezen, the primals are draining the land of aether. They must be vanquished, lest the power of the crystals be exhausted and Eorzea reduced to a barren wasteland. For the first step, Louisoix requires that you put down the six mighty beasts identified below, and obtain the echo crystals they yield. More will be revealed once you have accomplished this task.

Eastern La Noscea:
Barometz, northwest of Camp Bloodshore (wind).
Slippery Sykes, southeast of Camp Bloodshore (water).

Wastern Thanalan:
The nest commander, northwest of Camp Horizon (earth).
Pyrausta, west of Camp Horizon (lightning).

The South Shroud:
Queen Bolete, southwest of Camp Tranquil (ice).
The jackanapes, southeast of Camp Tranquil (fire).

You have successfully obtained the six echo crystals, one for each of the elements. Make haste and report back to Louisoix at Apkallus Falls in Gridania.

Employing his magicks, Louisoix has merged the six echo crystals to create a harmonizing crystal, an object that grants the bearer entry into the Bowl of Embers, Ifrit's sanctuary. However, in order to summon forth the primal, you must first obtain the Inferno Flambeau. The sacred relic is said to be in the possession of the Amalj'aa Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah, who can be found within a cave situated south of Nophica's Wells in western Thanalan.

You have defeated Ifrit despite overwhelming odds. Your celebration is cut short, however, by the unexpected appearance of Legatus Nael van Darnus of the Vilth Imperial Legion. He proceeds to issue a grim warning concerning the coming of a crimson star which will purge the land of life. Make haste for Gridania and relay to Louisoix all that has transpired.

Upon returning to Gridania, you learn that your victory over Ifrit was only fleeting. To compound matters, the likelihood is high that the primal has absorbed the aether that spilled forth from the land, rendering him stronger even than before. With the aetherial gate leading to the Bowl of Embers permanently severed, Louisoix must search for other ways to deal with Ifrit. In the meantime, make your way to Maelstrom Command in Limsa Lominsa and appraise Storm Lieutenant Guincum of yourverdict.

Obsolete Quest Walkthrough
  1. Talk to Guincum to begin the quest.
  2. Speak to Louisoix.
  3. You must kill 6 open world NMs for various Echo Crystals.
  4. Return to Apkallu Falls to enter an instance.
  5. Speak to Louisoix to obtain a Harmonizing Crystal.
  6. Defeat Voidtongue Ahzabb Chah to obtain an Inferno Flambeau.
  7. Return, again, to Louisoix. Speak to him once for information, and again to be prompted to enter the Bowl of Embers.
    • You will only be transported to the Bowl of Embers if your current party of 4 Disciples of War or Magic level 25 and higher meet all the requirements to enter the bowl as well.
  8. Defeat Ifrit.
    • See discussion for strategies.
    • Beware of Ifrit's Hellfire. Once he is below a certain threshold, he will summon 4 Infernal Nails. Destroy these as soon as possible, as they empower Hellfire. If none of these are destroyed prior to Hellfire, the move will destroy the entire party.
  9. Speak to Louisoix again.
  10. Speak to Guincum to finish the quest.