NPC Icon.pngJonathas
Zone(s): Old Gridania - Apkallu Falls  (10-6)
Affiliation: Gridania
Title: Master of the Rolls

Hello there, young one. How very kind of you to offer a dodderin' old man like me a bit of company. Tell me, do you like tales? I do like a good tale, 'specially true ones told by them as lived it. If you have any of your own to share, I'd be all ears.


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Pre-Calamity Dialogue
When I was a young man, I had the honor of working as a court scribe. Aye, in the good old days when my eyes were keen and the royal family still held true power in Ul'dah.

Not a day seemed to go by that the royal palace didn't burst into a rainbow of colors with lavish functions and opulent feasts. Nowadays, though, it's the simple pleasures that common folk experience that delight me most.

Unlocking Seasonal Event Achievements Jonathas: Hello there, young one. How very kind of you to offer a doddering old man like me a bit of company. Aye, how very kind indeed.

Jonathas: Tell me, do you like festivals? Ah, but of course you do! I'm three score and ten if I'm a day, and not once have I met a soul who didn't enjoy a good rollick!...Now, where were we? Ah, that's right! Festivals!

Jonathas: As I was saying, I've got a soft spot for festivals. Love the bleedin' things, to tell the truth. Aye, the Twelve know I do. Why, simply listening to a lively young lad such as yourself recounting the merriment he's had is enough to get my old heart racing. And that's a rare treat for a fellow in the winter of his years.

Jonathas: Ah, but here's an idea: the next time you go to a festival, I'd be much obliged if you'd come here and tell me all about it. Aye, every last detail. Put a smile on this old man's face, it would, and earn you a few sweets in the process. Bet you'd like some sweets, eh?

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